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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Реклама

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The End of Advertising as We Know It

2153.00 руб.*

Sergio Zyman

The End of Advertising as We Know It

There is only one rule: advertising must sell "This is Zyman the zealot, wielding howitzers, high explosives and earth–moving equipment. He demolishes myths, fancy theories, and reputations. He returns to the foundations of advertising, which he drills into rock. He builds–or rebuilds–the house of marketing from the ground up. It may not be pretty, but it sure feels storm–proof." ––Sir Martin Sorrell, Group Chief Executive, WPP "Reading Sergio Zyman?s new book, I understand why Time magazine named Sergio as one of the three best pitchmen of the 20th century–along with David Ogilvy and Lester Wunderman. I hope CEOs read this book. They will stop wasting their precious dollars on 30–second commercials and start doing some real marketing." ––Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, author, Kotler on Marketing and the forthcoming Marketing Insights A to Z "Sergio is one of the few who...
Planning for Power Advertising: A User's Manual for Students and Practitioners

2137.00 руб.*

Anand Halve

Planning for Power Advertising: A User's Manual for Students and Practitioners

This book is a sound and comprehensive introduction to advertising planning and branding. Intended for students of and beginners in advertising and marketing, it discusses key issues and market realities, many of which are ignored and neglected in developing markets. The structure of this book follows a stepwise process, which starts from the beginning of the advertising planning process to the end product, which is the creative brief. Each chapter discusses a conceptual principle, which is illustrated by relevant examples. Some key issues discussed in this book are: - planning for communication in a context; - Segmentation: studying and understanding the dimensions, demographics, and psychographics of the target group; - Differentiators and Motivators: discovering what can change the consumers' mind; " managing a brand over time, looking at the entire life-cycle of a brand. ...
Talk Is Cheap: Promoting Your Business Through Word of Mouth Advertising

672.00 руб.*

Godfrey Harris, Gregrey J. Harris

Talk Is Cheap: Promoting Your Business Through Word of Mouth Advertising

Dynamics of International Advertising: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives

4209.00 руб.*

Barbara Mueller

Dynamics of International Advertising: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives

Dynamics of International Advertising brings to light the unique challenges in developing and implementing successful campaigns globally. With a balance of theoretical and practical perspectives, this text takes the reader inside the dynamics of advertising as it functions within the international marketing mix. Filled with current examples and case studies, Dynamics of International Advertising addresses the key issues that advertisers must keep in mind to create effective communication programs for foreign markets: cultural norms and values, political environments, economic policies, social contexts, and more. Both the process and product of international advertising are addressed?from research and strategy development to creative execution and media planning. This is an ideal textbook for upper-division undergraduate and graduate students in specialized courses dealing with international advertising or marketing. It is also an effective supplemental text for...
Practice of Advertising

2939.00 руб.*

Adrian Mackay

Practice of Advertising

Practice of Advertising
Avoid Lawyer Advertising Hype

1330.00 руб.*

James Ballidis

Avoid Lawyer Advertising Hype

James Ballidis is the managing partner for the law firm of Allen, Flatt, Ballidis & Leslie Inc. in Southern California. He graduated from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles in 1985 and was immediately admitted to the California State Bar, the California Supreme Court and to District Courts of California. He is practicing trial attorney and is personally AV rated in Martindale Hubbell, an independent rating organization of all attorneys in the United States. He specializes in personal injury claims arising from motorized and non-motorized accidents including bicycle, automobile, truck and pedestrian collisions. He has successfully tried to verdict and settled hundreds of personal injury claims, including multimillion dollar verdicts for product defects and personal injuries from auto and truck collisions. The firm has also won several important appeals in bad faith conduct of insurance companies in the handling of injury, product and wrongful death claims. He is married...
Performance Safety: Lessons for Life

3022.00 руб.*

Randy DeVaul

Performance Safety: Lessons for Life

Book DescriptionPerformance Safety; Lessons for Life is a practical guide that illustrates Performance Safety principles with real-world solutions in safety training and practices, utilizing performance-based concepts. It serves as a bridge between safety, production, engineering, quality control, and maintenance organizations. The root cause analysis approach used in engineering and for troubleshooting in maintenance is also key in incident and injury investigations and performance management. Closing the gap with open communication between all groups provides much more efficient, optimum performance at all levels. This book provides managers with solutions to raise the safety bar for employees. The next solutions-based book is under development to emphasize open communication lines between systems and organizations that together play a vital and integral role in safety - a successful marriage between all the key components - safety, human resources, engineering,...
Contemporary Advertising

7190.00 руб.*

William F. Arens, Michael F. Weigold, Christian Arens

Contemporary Advertising

Contemporary Advertising is perhaps the most popular advertising text on the market. It is known for its current, real-world examples and clear writing style. As a result of market feedback and the author's knowledge of current trends in the field of advertising, the seventh edition places an increased emphasis on Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and the role of IMC in planning advertising strategy.
Advertising and Consumer Citizenship: Gender, Images and Rights

1977.00 руб.*

Anne M. Cronin

Advertising and Consumer Citizenship: Gender, Images and Rights

It is commonly accepted that we live in a society increasingly dominated by consumerism, where what we are is expressed by what we buy, and that advertising is one of the primary means through which we absorb these meanings. In this exciting and provocative study, Anne Cronin uses a close analysis of a variety of print advertising to highlight gender's organising function in the contemporary culture of the image and to explore the articulation between the sexed, classed and racialised construction of theconsumer which advertising creates and the figure of the citizen produced by contemporary political discourses of identity and belonging across Europe.
Identity Design That Works: Secrets for Successful Identity Design (Graphic Design)

2562.00 руб.*

Cheryl Cullen

Identity Design That Works: Secrets for Successful Identity Design (Graphic Design)

Today?s consumer is blitzed with millions of images every day. Companies hoping to grab that consumer?s attention need a memorable, eye-catching identity that will make a favorable and lasting impression in the consumer?s mind. That formidable job falls to graphic designers and advertising executives. This original book takes an intimate, in-depth look at the evolving realm of identity design and highlights the cutting-edge graphic design strategies that have set leading companies apart from the crowd. Author Cheryl Dangel Cullen argues that identity design in general has evolved from a straightforward exercise in communicating a company?s message to a more abstract, creative expression of a company?s attitude. She examines more than 20 successful identity campaigns, going behind the scenes to reveal what made each design work; why it was successful, from a consumer, content, and design perspective; and how each company has overcome a range of...

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Реклама



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