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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English

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Mets by the Numbers: A Complete Team History of the Amazin' Mets by Uniform Number

1872.00 руб.*

Jon Springer, Matthew Silverman

Mets by the Numbers: A Complete Team History of the Amazin' Mets by Uniform Number

Big Bears Can!

965.00 руб.*

David Bedford

Big Bears Can!

When Momma Bear leaves the house, Little Bear wants to know if Big Bears can do all the things Little Bears can do... Are Big Bears too big to jump on the couch or swing from the curtains? Little Bear thinks so. But Big Bear says, "Yes, I can!" Big Bear also makes a big mess, and mommy is on her way home! Big Bear finds out though, that he is never too big for a hug when things go wrong! Reader's can touch and feel the fuzzy texture of the bears throughout the book!
Super Guards

164.00 руб.*

Paul Ladewski

Super Guards

Follow eight NBA favorites from their unique beginnings down the road to stardom. Everyone thought Alien Iverson was too small to be a basketball star, but he proved them all wrong. In high school, Steve Nash gave up soccer to follow his heart to the basketball court. Find out how these and other players became super guards!
Love Letters

592.00 руб.*

Mary Davis, Kathleen E. Kovach, Sally Laity, Jeri Odell

Love Letters

Love Notes, Cookie Schemes, Posted Dreams, eBay Encounter
Four generations of women find themselves intrigued by the written word. Will the friendships from the men on the other end of the correspondence be the key to their happiness? Laurel has just lost her father in a bank robbery of his own scheming. Ashamed of his behavior, the only solace she finds is in a sheet of music she discovers propped up on the piano in the church. Prudie is a headstrong college graduate who rebels against the 1950s conservative expectations on women. Alex is desperate for a wife and tries wooing Prudie through fortune cookies with special scripture verses inside. Will this bring such an unlikely pair together? Eighteen-year-old Bethany must provide for her ailing mother. With no outlet to express her private hopes and dreams, she begins leaving anonymous Post-it Notes around town… honest feelings she cannot tell to anyone but God. But someone guesses her identity. Joniga is an inexperienced eBay buyer and antique store owner. Houston...
Ruby In Her Own Time

555.00 руб.*

Jonathan Emmett

Ruby In Her Own Time

Mother Duck and Father Duck are worried about Ruby. As the littlest duckling of the family, she learns to eat and swim long after her four sisters and brothers. Father Duck frets that Ruby will never catch up, but Mother Duck calmly reassures him that Ruby will flourish -- "in her own time." Readers of all ages who have ever felt like the biggest or the littlest, the slowest or the fastest, or somewhere in between, will root for Ruby as she takes wing toward independence, at last. Once you've met Ruby, you'll never forget her!
Nanotechnology: The Business

5631.00 руб.*

Michael T. Burke

Nanotechnology: The Business

For the new nanotechnology entrepreneur, starting up a venture requires concise navigation through a sea of developmental red tape. This predicament is true of any startup, nano or not, but is particularly exacerbated by the fact that nanotechnology is a new and potentially disruptive technology. The book presents an in-depth discussion of available corporate structures, delineating the advantages and disadvantages of each. It also describes an array of other issues the nano entrepreneur will encounter, from business plans and financing to budgeting, facilities procurement, and staffing. With a scope like no other book of its size, this handy guide equips nano entrepreneurs with the expertise needed to sail smoothly through startup and ensure successful operations after initial incorporation. Формат: 15 см x 23,5 см.
A Wedding in December

503.00 руб.*

Anita Shreve

A Wedding in December

At an inn in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts, seven former schoolmates gather for a wedding. Nora, the owner of the inn, has recently had to reinvent her life following the death of her husband. Harrison, who still hears echoes from a horrific event at Kidd Academy twenty-six years ago, has made a life for himself in Toronto with his wife and two sons. Agnes, now a history teacher at Kidd and still single, longs to tell a secret she cannot reveal. Bridget, the mother of a fifteen-year-old boy, has agreed to marry Bill, an old high-school lover, despite uncertainties about her health and future. It is Bill who passionately wants this wedding and who has brought everyone together for an astonishing weekend of revelation and recrimination, forgiveness and redemption. Формат издания: 11 см х 18 см.
My Terrific Tractor Book

1110.00 руб.*

My Terrific Tractor Book

Tractors come to life in this surprise-filled book. With pop-ups, tractor sounds, and other surprises, this book is a must for hands on learning.
Windows Server 2008 Networking and Network Access Protection (NAP)

7240.00 руб.*

Joseph Davies and Tony Northrup

Windows Server 2008 Networking and Network Access Protection (NAP)

Get the official resource for deploying, administering, and troubleshooting Windows Server 2008 networking and Network Access Protection (NAP) technologies, direct from the experts who know the technologies best. This definitive resource from award-winning MicrosoftA® networking author Joseph Davies and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) author Tony Northrup also offers expert insights direct from the Windows Server Networking team at Microsoft. You get detailed information about all major networking and network security services, including the all-new Network Access Protection (NAP), authentication infrastructure, IPv4 and IPv6, remote access, virtual private networks, IP security, quality of service, scalable networking, wireless infrastructure and security, DNS, DHCP, WindowsA Firewall, and more. You also get a companion DVD with a fully searchable eBook version of the book, plus eBook samples from Understanding IPv6 2nd Edition, Windows Server 2008 TCP/IP Protocols and...
Russian Cookbook

518.00 руб.*

Kyra Petrovskaya

Russian Cookbook

With this handy, easy-to-follow guide you can create over 200 hearty flavorful dishes that have delighted the Russian palate for generations. Here are complete recipes for such taste-tempting traditional fare as borsch, shashlik of salmon, Russian meat loaf with rice "zrazy," Russian squab in sour cream, potato kotlety, pirozhki and pirogi, blini, the traditional Easter dessert "paskha" and many more. Best of all, you need only ingredients from your local grocery to make a wide range of delectable dishes, from one-dish meals to sumptuous party spreads. In addition to the recipes you'll also find fascinating facts about the origins of Russian foods, whole sections on soups, meats, fish, vegetables and sauces; as well as helpful hints for saving time and money when buying and preparing food. There are a dozen ways to dress up herring, turn sour cream dishes into a gourmet's delight and use meat and vegetables to make healthy, filling salads. You'll even find a recipe for a useful...

Books in English



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