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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Учебная и справочная литература

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Longman Essential Activator

801.00 руб.*

Put Your Ideas into Words (LEA)

Longman Essential Activator

How does the Longman Essential Activator build vocabulary? *Students choose a word they already know such as better' *They use the clear headings to find the right meaning *They look at the different options clear definitions and plenty of examples make choosing the right word easy *Grammar and common error information help students use the new word correctly How does the Longman Essential Activator improve writing skills? *Students learn key vocabulary by topic with the colour Word Banks, and use the Writing Tips to structure essays correctly *Students can practise their writing skills using the Longman Writing Coach CD-ROM. The Coach guides students through the stages of writing a full essay which they can check against the model essay provided *You can click from any word straight to the definition in the Longman Active Study Dictionary which is included in full on the CD-ROM
One Village Makes a Difference: Pt. 001 (Footprint Reading Library 1300)

104.00 руб.*

Rob Waring

One Village Makes a Difference: Pt. 001 (Footprint Reading Library 1300)

This is a rich selection of engaging non-fiction, grouped into five themes: Incredible Animals, Fascinating Places, Remarkable People, Exciting Activities, and Amazing Science: One hundred individual readers, graded into eight levels - from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced - and ranging from 800 to 3,000 headwords; Carefully-controlled grammar syllabus that covers the most typically taught structures in coursebooks; Audio programme containing the full text of each reader; and Teacher support materials, including Teacher's Manuals and ExamView[registered] Pro Assessment CD-ROM. The Teacher's Book available for every level, includes: a step-by-step lesson planner for each title; photocopiable worksheets that provide complete teaching instructions, answer keys, a grammar presentation, and additional research and communicative activities; and, photocopiable quizzes. ExamView[registered] Pro CD-ROM is also available for every level.
AS Chemistry Planning & Resource Pack with OxBox CD-ROM

50428.00 руб.*

Sandra Clinton, Max Parsonage, Emma Poole

AS Chemistry Planning & Resource Pack with OxBox CD-ROM

AS Chemistry Planning & Resource Pack with OxBox CD-ROM offers many flexible ways to achieve learning and skills objectives, including unique electronic support through new OxBox technology. * Fully customizable to meet your individual needs * OxBox technology makes it easy to create and save your own lesson plans for truly personalized learning * Flexible, easy-to-use, and time-saving * Allows you to add additional resources at the click of a button *Easy to install
Beowulf: An Introduction to the Study of the Poem with a Discussion of the Stories of Offa and Finn

3348.00 руб.*

R. W. Chambers

Beowulf: An Introduction to the Study of the Poem with a Discussion of the Stories of Offa and Finn

Chamber's introduction to Beowulf is the most comprehensive study of the whole problem of this remarkable Anglo-Saxon manuscript. The original text remains unaltered since no major change of emphasis or interpretation is needed; but Professor Wrenn's new supplement and bibliography brings the book up to date.
English Together: Starter Book: Teacher's Guide

230.00 руб.*

Carol Skinner

English Together: Starter Book: Teacher's Guide

"English Together: Starter Book" is intended for young children taking their first steps in learning English as a foreign language. It is particularly helpful for those learners who need a gradual introduction to the English alphabet, simple words and sentences. The "Starter Book Teacher's Guide" provides: - Detailed lesson notes, including ideas for extra practice activities and games. - Guidance for using the alphabet section at the front of the pupils' book. - An easy to use reference chart for each unit, outlining new language and revision. - The tapescript for all dialogues, songs, chants and listening exercises. The "Starter Book can" be used either as a freestanding introductory book or as preparation for learners who will move on to use the "English Together" series (1: Holiday House, 2: Cliff Castle, 3: The Golden Globe). Components: English Together: Starter Book. English Together: Starter Book Teacher's Guide. ...
Surprise! Reader: Super and Duper Go to Ireland: For Primary 2: Super and Duper Go to Ireland: For Primary 2

116.00 руб.*

David Allan

Surprise! Reader: Super and Duper Go to Ireland: For Primary 2: Super and Duper Go to Ireland: For Primary 2

"Surprise! Readers" is a series of specially written stories for young children learning English. The aim of the series is to encourage students to enjoy reading for pleasure from a young age. The readers can be read in class or at home and have been carefully graded to meet the needs of students at both levels. There are four pages of fun activities at the back of each reader, including puzzles, matching tasks and colouring activities. Each reader also contains a picture glossary showing the meanings of words from the story which students may not know. The readers can be used to accompany any young learners course.
Longman Pocket Activator: For Intermediate Learners

445.00 руб.*

Longman Pocket Activator: For Intermediate Learners

This pocket edition of the Longman Language Activator helps expand student's vocabulary. Unique vocabulary finder. From key words and basic ideas to the word you need. Thousands of examples showing real usage. Spoken communication tips.
Elementary Vocabulary

337.00 руб.*

B. J. Thomas

Elementary Vocabulary

"Elementary Vocabulary" teaches, practises and tests the basic vocabulary of English needed by learners at elementary level. The varied and enjoyable exercises include gap-filling, matching, identifying and word-building. Over 1500 lexical items are introduced. "Elementary Vocabulary" can be used both in the classroom and by learners studying independently. Features include: dictionary practice. 16 topic areas including money, work, how to use a cassette player. related word groups such as basic adjectives, action verbs, opposites. practice in word-building, such as verbs from adjectives, compound nouns, suffixes. a section on common idioms such as verb phrases and prepositional phrases. a miscellaneous section with exercises on spelling, abbreviations, punctuation, reading numbers and dates. word games. Elementary Vocabulary includes an answer key.
In Company: Pre-intermediate: Student's Book

565.00 руб.*

Simon Clarke

In Company: Pre-intermediate: Student's Book

A fast-paced, multi-level business English course. The course develops key language skills through activities that reflect the real world of modern business. It has been specifically designed for the in-company language training sector.
IELTS Foundation: Student's Book

908.00 руб.*

Rachael Roberts, Andrew Preshous, Joanne Gakonga

IELTS Foundation: Student's Book

"IELTS Foundation" is a motivating and comprehensive course for students preparing to take the International English Language Testing System examination. Aimed at those in the IELTS band of 4-5.5, this topic-based book will train students in the skills required to increase their IELTS score. It provides clear and practical information on the IELTS examination, as well as teaching them the skills required to excel in each of the academic modules. Features of the Student's book: 12 topic-based units; Strategy boxes and Tip boxes offer suggestions on how to tackle the various IELTS tasks; Exam information boxes provide students with detailed advice on what to expect in each section of the exam; Extensive writing practice provides thorough support for Writing Tasks 1 and 2, with model answers for each question; Language focus sections deal with the grammar and vocabulary needed by IELTS students at this level; Pronunciation sections...

Books in English / Учебная и справочная литература



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