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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Детская литература / Для самых маленьких

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Prince of Underwhere (Underwhere Series)

564.00 руб.*

Bruce Hale

Prince of Underwhere (Underwhere Series)

It's tough to be Zeke. He's got his hands full with his prissy, know-it-all sister; his mean cousin Caitlyn, who's house-sitting for his missing parents; and a bully making life tough at school. And now, thanks to a stinky, scruffy, good-for-nothing talking cat, he's also got to cope with zombies, midget freedom fighters, devious spies, superstar rappers, and a whole weird world beneath our own where people wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes.
Baby Einstein Discover the Day: Lift-A-Flap Sound Book

990.00 руб.*

Baby Einstein Discover the Day: Lift-A-Flap Sound Book

Lift-A-Flap board book with 6 spreads. Includes a peek-a-boo window with a sliding sash and 8 audio triggers. Explore baby's home with Baby Einstein characters.
Monkey Monkey Monkey

1325.00 руб.*

Cathy MacLennan

Monkey Monkey Monkey

An explosion of color and pattern, plus a mischievously appealing title character, will make this picture book a children’s favorite—and one they’ll pick up again and again!What does Little Monkey really want? A monkey-monkey nut! So he searches the jungle, high and low and all around. Along the way, he sees new sights, hears new sounds, and makes lots of new friends. But will he get the nut he’s looking for? Follow Monkey on this rollicking rainforest romp to find out! A tender, loving reunion with Mom and Dad makes the perfect end to this rhyming, rhythmic tale.
There's No Business Like Bartholomew Bunny's Business

949.00 руб.*

Penelope Dyan

There's No Business Like Bartholomew Bunny's Business

Everyone deserves to have their dreams come true, and there is really no reason why dreams can't come true. The trick is believing in yourself and believing in your dreams, each and every one of them. If you really believe in your dreams, and if you work hard and follow your heart, you can make them happen. You might have a big dream or a small dream. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that it is your dream, and you are the only one who really knows what your dreams are; and no one else other than you can make them come true. Bartholomew Bunny has to go looking for his dreams. His bunny mummy tells him to look into his heart. It seems everyone has some sort of advice for Bartholomew Bunny. Finally, Bartholomew Bunny figures out what he is supposed to do. Can you guess what that is? Penelope Dyan, author of 'Surfer Girl,' best teen book at the 2008 New York Book Festival and best teen book at the 2008 Hollywood Book Festival, a former teacher and...
Theodore and the Talking Mushroom

1663.00 руб.*

Leo Lionni

Theodore and the Talking Mushroom

Theodore, a little mouse, lives with a lizard that can grow a new tail, a frog that can swim under water, and a turtle that can close up like a box. But Theodore has no special talent—all he can do is run. When he discovers a mushroom that says “Quirp,” Theodore tells his friends that this is the only talking mushroom in the world, and that “quirp” means that he should be venerated above all animals. The word spreads, and Theodore is bestowed with a crown—until the truth comes out. When his friends learn that they’ve been deceived, Theodore discovers that he does have a special talent—running away very fast! First published in 1971, this fable about the dangers of lying to get self-esteem has not been available in any edition since 1980.Leo Lionni was born in 1910 and died in 1999. He won four Caldecott Honors for Inch by Inch, Frederick, Alexander the Wind-Up Mouse, and Swimmy. In 2007, he was honored with the Society of Illustrators Lifetime Achievement Award.From the Hardcover...
Nature Trail

179.00 руб.*

Nature Trail

Peppa and her family are so busy following animal footprints that they manage to get lost! How will they find their way back to the car to have their picnic?
Peepo! Farm

667.00 руб.*

Peepo! Farm

Peepo! Farm introduces babies to all the lovable animals on the farm. Each spread features a touch-and-feel animal such as a soft cow or a woolly sheep, along with a peephole leading to the texture on the next page.
A Tree for Emmy

1348.00 руб.*

Mary Ann Rodman

A Tree for Emmy

Emmy loves trees. She loves oak trees with acorns. She loves pine trees with cones, and willow trees with swishy branches. But best of all, Emmy loves the mimosa tree that grows in her grandmother s pasture. Emmy swings on its branches, plays with its fuzzy pink blossoms, and rattles its seedpods like maracas. But when Emmy decides she wants a mimosa tree of her own for her birthday, she is dismayed to find that many grown-ups do not share her enthusiasm. Garden stores only sell ornamental trees like plum or pear or tulip trees. Emmy is crushed until she discovers that the answer to her problem is growing right before her eyes! This joyful story of a spirited young girl s steadfast affection for a wild mimosa tree will appeal to all who cherish a special dream, and will help readers appreciate the natural world around them. Illustrator Tatjana Mai-Wyss s whimsical watercolor and collage illustrations capture Emmy s exuberant personality and the story s hopeful ending.
Dodger and Me

695.00 руб.*

Jordan Sonnenblick

Dodger and Me

What would you do if your best friend was: 1. Imaginary? 2. An oversize blue chimp in surfer shorts? (Potentially embarrassing, but hey, no one else can see him . . . right?) 3. Proposing a plan to help you improve your life? 4. Did we say imaginary? 5. Driving you crazy?!?!Now you have an idea of what Willie Ryan’s life is like when he meets Dodger. It’s the beginning of a lot of trouble—and a friendship you’ll never forget!
You Won't Like this Present as Much as I do!

371.00 руб.*

Lauren Child

You Won't Like this Present as Much as I do!

Lola wants to buy Lotta a special birthday present and thinks up all sorts of imaginative gifts, like a musical jump rope or wings so Lotta can fly. After Charlie reminds Lola that a good present is one Lotta can actually use and that actually exists, Lola settles on buying a doctor?s kit. Trouble is, now Lola wants the present for herself! Формат: 15,5 см x 23 см.

Books in English / Детская литература / Для самых маленьких



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