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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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REMODELING OUTLETS FOR POVERTY ALLEVIATION: Impact on Income of Lower Riparian Farming Community under Local Environment

7146.00 руб.*


REMODELING OUTLETS FOR POVERTY ALLEVIATION: Impact on Income of Lower Riparian Farming Community under Local Environment

Purpose of study was to quantify canal water distribution and its impact on income of the farmers in selected watercourse of 3-R distributary before and after the remodeling of outlets. The study was conducted on 3-R distributary of subsystem 6 in district Bahwalnagar of Punjab, Pakistan. Total 9 watercourses were selected of subsystem 6 of 3-R distributary. The subsystem 6 was divided into 3 reaches i.e. the Head, Middle and Tail reaches, and three watercourses were selected in every reach of field study. For every watercourse, Farmers interview at head, middle and tail ends was conducted and results are presented in this technical book. This book certainly enhance learning among researcher, scientists, students and farm mangers on the impact of remodeling of outlets on local community and helps planning research studies for the survival of humanity. The author appreciate the efforts of Barthlemy Chaton and his team in facilitating during book finalization and...
The Earth After Us: What Legacy Will Humans Leave in the Rocks?

3911.00 руб.*

Jan Zalasiewicz

The Earth After Us: What Legacy Will Humans Leave in the Rocks?

Geologist Jan Zalasiewicz takes the reader on a fascinating trip one hundred million years into the future--long after the human race becomes extinct--to explore what will remain of our brief but dramatic sojourn on Earth. He describes how geologists in the far future might piece together the history of the planet, and slowly decipher the history of humanity from the traces we will leave impressed in the rock strata. What story will the rocks tell of us? What kind of fossils will humans leave behind? What will happen to cities, cars, and plastic cups? The trail leads finally to the bones of the inhabitants of petrified cities that have slept deep underground for many millions of years. As thought-provoking as it is engaging, this book simultaneously explains the geological mechanisms that shape our planet, from fossilization to plate tectonics, illuminates the various ingenious ways in which geologists and paleontologist work, and offers a final perspective on humanity and its actions...
Business Law

10427.00 руб.*

James Marson

Business Law

This textbook is the ideal companion to any first business law course for the non-lawyer in the English Legal System. It covers a broad range of legal topics that impact on businesses and approaches them in a methodical way. Each area of the law is analyzed for its relevance to the business world, the key terminology is introduced and the relevant statutes and case law are analyzed. While a high level of referencing, footnoting and legal accuracy is maintained, the particular needs of the business student are addressed in the learning features employed, the accessible layout and two color design, and the wealth of online resources that offer self-assessment opportunities.
Violence Against Women: Vulnerable Populations (Contemporary Sociological Perspectives)

15042.00 руб.*

Doug Brownridge

Violence Against Women: Vulnerable Populations (Contemporary Sociological Perspectives)

"Violence Against Women: Vulnerable Populations" investigates under-researched and underserved groups of women who are particularly vulnerable to violent victimization from an intimate male partner. In the past, there has been an understandable reluctance to address this issue to avoid stereotyping vulnerable groups of women. However, developments in the field, particularly intersectionality theory, which recognizes women's diversity in experiences of violence, suggest that the time has come to make the study of violence in vulnerable populations a new sub-field in the area. As the first book of its kind, "Violence Against Women: Vulnerable Populations" identifies where violence on vulnerable populations fits within the field, develops a method for studying vulnerable populations, and brings vital new knowledge to the field through the analysis original data (from three large-scale representative surveys) on eight populations of women who are particularly vulnerable to violence.
Mastering Credit Derivatives: A step-by-step Guide to Credit Derivatives and Structured Credit

7472.00 руб.*

Andrew Kasapis

Mastering Credit Derivatives: A step-by-step Guide to Credit Derivatives and Structured Credit

This second edition of Mastering Credit Derivatives has been completely revised to include new movements in the world of finance. The first part of the book is set aside as a condensed, updated version of the previous edition whereas the next two thirds are dedicated to recent innovations such as Structured Credit Derivatives and Greeks and Tranche Sensitivity. The book is written on a purely need to know' basis, avoiding the archaic, theoretical and excessively mathematical concepts. Input from market practitioners offers valuable insight into where they believe the market is headed in the future. Derivatives is a huge area, thought to be worth trillions of pounds. With new products being constantly introduced, it is important to keep up-to-date with its rapid growth.
Bell Founding (Shire Library)

1306.00 руб.*

Trevor S. Jennings

Bell Founding (Shire Library)

The age-old craft of bellfounding involves specialised techniques and equipment that have been passed down through generations and are still used today. For centuries, the large bells in churches, clocks and public buildings throughout Britain have been cast, hung, and tuned by bellfounders and this book surveys the history of bell production and the development of moulding and casting techniques. To achieve the correct pitch each bell would be hand corrected with a hammer and chisel, an extremely noisy process which continued until the nineteenth century when the mechanised lathe was introduced. This book describes the intricate tuning process and the role of the bellfounder and specially prepared photographs illustrate the production process of some of the most famous foundries in Britain, such as those at Whitechapel and Loughborough.
Judgment and Decision Making (Bps Textbooks in Psychology)

3057.00 руб.*

David Hardman

Judgment and Decision Making (Bps Textbooks in Psychology)

"Judgment and Decision Making" is a refreshingly accessible text that explores the wide variety of ways people make judgments. An accessible examination of the wide variety of ways people make judgments, this work features up-to-date theoretical coverage, including perspectives from evolutionary psychology and neuroscience. It covers dynamic decision making, everyday decision making, individual differences, group decision making, and the nature of mind and brain in relation to judgment and decision making. It also illustrates key concepts with boxed case studies and cartoons.
The French Commercial Code in English, 2008

17103.00 руб.*

Philip Raworth

The French Commercial Code in English, 2008

This unique volume features an up-to-date expert English translation of the French Commercial Code and includes all amendments to the Code since June 2007. The Code includes all commercial matters, including corporate, anti-trust, and bankruptcy law. Areas with extensive coverage include general provisions on commerce, commercial companies and economic interest groupings, certain types of sales and exclusivity clauses, freedom of prices and competition, negotiable instruments and guarantees, the organization of commerce, and certain regulated professions. This edition also includes footnotes explaining hard-to-translate terms, an extensive glossary of French legal terms and a practical topic index. This translation is especially useful for non-French speakers requiring a precise understanding of those matters governed by the Code as well as for those practitioners needing to explain the Code to English-speaking clients. In addition to the full translation of the text of the Code,...
Excitations in Organic Solids (International Series of Monographs on Physics)

15424.00 руб.*

Vladimir Agranovich

Excitations in Organic Solids (International Series of Monographs on Physics)

During the last decade our expertise in nanotechnology has advanced considerably. The possibility of incorporating in the same nanostructure different organic and inorganic materials has opened up a promising field of research, and has greatly increased the interest in the study of properties of excitations in organic materials. In this book not only the fundamentals of Frenkel exciton and polariton theory are described, but also the electronic excitations and electronic energy transfers in quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots, at surfaces, at interfaces, in thin films, in multilayers, and in microcavities. Among the new topics in the book are those devoted to the optics of hybrid Frenkel-Wannier-Mott excitons in nanostructures, polaritons in organic microcavities including hybrid organic-inorganic microcavities, new concepts for organic light emitting devices, the mixing of Frenkel and charge-transfer excitons in organic quasi one-dimensional crystals, excitons and...
Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers

6621.00 руб.*

Kathleen Allen

Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers

KEY BENEFIT: Essential business lessons for turning today’s scientists and engineers into entrepreneurs in new technology companies. In today’s global and interconnected world, students with a science or engineering background have ample opportunity to mesh their technical know-how with the free market. Yet, these same students lack the basic business skills to make competent business decisions. This book seeks to make students’ first experience with entrepreneurship interesting and useful.KEY TOPICS: Technology Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers; Developing and Protecting Intellectual Property; Technology Entrepreneurship Strategy; Start-up Financial Strategy As the source of new discoveries and technologies, scientists and engineers are uniquely positioned to launch new business ventures based on cutting-edge discoveries. This book will teach those with no prior training how to start a company and grow their business through marketing and astute team building techniques.

Books in English / Все науки... / Технология



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