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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Portraits of a People: Picturing African Americans in the Nineteenth Century (Jacob Lawrence Series on American Artists)

3778.00 руб.*

Gwendolyn Dubois Shaw

Portraits of a People: Picturing African Americans in the Nineteenth Century (Jacob Lawrence Series on American Artists)

Recently, a number of cutting edge African American artists have investigated issues of race and American identity in their work, relying on the use of historical source material and the subversion of archaic media. This scrutiny of little known, yet uncannily familiar, racialized imagery by contemporary artists has created a renewed interest in the politics of nineteenth-century American art and the role of race in the visual discourse. Portraits of a People looks critically at images made of and by African Americans, extending back to the late 1700s when a portrait of African-born poet Phillis Wheatley was drawn by her friend, the slave Scipio Moorhead. From the American Revolution through the Civil War and on into the Gilded Age, American artists created dynamic images of black sitters. In their effort to create enduring symbols of self-possessed identity, many of these portraits provide a window into cultural stereotypes and practices. For example, while some of these pictures...

1804.00 руб.*

"Russia" in New York and Bilbao

Издание, вышедшее к выставке "Россия!", с огромным успехом прошедшей в Нью-Йорке (США) и Бильбао (Испания) и включавшей в общей сложности более 300 шедевров из Русского музея, Государственной Третьяковской галереи, художественных музеев России и частных коллекций, дает возможность представить масштабность и диапазон выставки. Включает статьи известных российских искусствоведов о развитии русского искусства с древних времен до настоящего времени, иллюстрированный каталог с краткими аннотациями и биографии художников. В альбом иллюстраций вошли иконы XII-XVII веков, произведения живописи и скульптуры XVIII-XX веков, предметы декоративно-прикладного искусства, а также инсталляции, выполненные в 2000-х годах XXI столетия. Многие произведения, особенно из художественных музеев России и частных собраний, опубликованы впервые. Формат: 25 см x 31,5 cм.
Edna Hibel: An Artist's Story of Love And Compassion

7367.00 руб.*

Millie Clarkson, Edna Hibel, Theodore Plotkin

Edna Hibel: An Artist's Story of Love And Compassion

This all-encompassing biography of Edna Hibel includes stories of her Boston childhood and shows the development of her unique artistic style from the discovery of her talent in the fourth grade throughout her career as an artist. Displaying her perseverance and determination in spite of all odds, Hibel has produced a volume of brilliant works of art. Some of her accolades include: the Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts, the Very Special Arts Presidential Award, six honorary doctorates, and honors from Pope John Paul II. Millie Clarkson details Edna Hibel's career not only as an artist, but also as a humanitarian and international diplomat, including the background of how she has accomplished so much through the support of her loving family and friends. Letters from her family as well as Hibel's comments throughout the book provide a multi-dimensional perspective of the artist.
Angels and Demons in Art (Guide to Imagery Series)

2749.00 руб.*

Rosa Giorgi

Angels and Demons in Art (Guide to Imagery Series)

This sumptuously illustrated volume analyzes artists' representations of angels and demons and heaven and hell from the Judeo-Christian tradition and describes how these artistic portrayals evolved over time. As with other books in the Guide to Imagery series, the goal of this volume is to help contemporary art enthusiasts decode the symbolic meanings in the great masterworks of Western Art. The first chapter traces the development of images of the Creation and the Afterworld from descriptions of them in the Scriptures through their evolution in later literary and philosophical works. The following two chapters examine artists' depictions of the two paths that humans may take, the path of evil or the path of salvation, and the punishments or rewards found on each. A chapter on the Judgment Day and the end of the world explores portrayals of the mysterious worlds between life and death and in the afterlife. Finally, the author looks at images of angelic and demonic beings ...
Heide Fasnacht

1775.00 руб.*

Nancy Princenthal

Heide Fasnacht

Book DescriptionSeen from a certain perspective, or at a certain magnification, all that is solid melts into air -- or clouds of atoms, or drifts of luminous vapor. Bodies, whether of land, water, or flesh, are unstable aggregates; they are accidents, caught only by coincidence in forms we recognize. For several years, Heidi Fasnacht has been tracking the energy released when that familiar cohesion is ruptured, and the always-present world of particles in collision is made manifest. Thus her images, intwo dimensions and three, of detonations, implosions, geysers, volcanoes, fireworks, ticker tape parades, sneezes The drawings are meticulous but lively, heavily worked but crisp and fresh. They are based on photographs and executed in pencil, the strokes short and deliberate, though in some passages, the surface is smudged or scuffed. Patterns associated with various techniques in mechanical reproduction, including parallel hatchmarkers and raster dots, come into play. ...
Velazquez Portraits: Jeronima de La Asuncion, the Lady With a Fan, Juan de Pareja, Portrait of a Man, the Needlewoman

1157.00 руб.*

Velazquez Portraits: Jeronima de La Asuncion, the Lady With a Fan, Juan de Pareja, Portrait of a Man, the Needlewoman

Chapters: Jeronima de La Asuncion, the Lady With a Fan, Juan de Pareja, Portrait of a Man, the Needlewoman, Philip Iv in Brown and Silver, Portrait of Innocent X, Portrait of the Count-Duke of Olivares. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 30. Not illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: Mother Jeronima de la Asuncion (or Jeronima de la Fuente) (May 9, 1555 October 22, 1630) was the foundress of the first Catholic monastery in Manila and the Far East. De la Asuncion's monastery became known as the Monastery of Santa Clara in Intramuros, Philippines. For De la Asuncion's efforts as the first founding missionary woman in the Philippines, the Vatican had issued an apostolic decree for her beatification in 1734. De la Asuncion's monastery in Intramuros was also immortalized in the novel, Noli Me Tangere, written by Jose Rizal. Jeronima de la Asuncion was born...
Innocence and Seduction: The Art of Dan DeCarlo

4530.00 руб.*

Bill Morrison, Dan DeCarlo

Innocence and Seduction: The Art of Dan DeCarlo

The first career retrospective of the great Archie comics artist. Dan DeCarlo was one of the greatest artists working in humor comics in the latter half of the 20th century. He was without a doubt the most prolific, and for that reason was often referred to as "The Jack Kirby of humor comics." But he might have been likewise compared to pinup artist Gill Elvgren for his ability to render the female form in a way that was at once funny, charming, and unbelievably sexy. DeCarlo worked mostly on wholesome all-American features like Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica and My Friend Irma, but he populated these innocent stories with his irresistibly attractive women. This unique blend of hilarious homespun humor and libido-sparking art made DeCarlo's work outshine the competition. For nearly six decades, DeCarlo entertained the world with his special talents. Though best known as the definitive Archie Comics artist and creator of Josie and the Pussycats, DeCarlo also brought...
Beyond the Visible: The Art of Odilon Redon

5984.00 руб.*

Jodi Hauptman, Marina Van Zuylen, Starr Figura, Odilon Redon

Beyond the Visible: The Art of Odilon Redon

Caught between description and dream, the felt and the imagined, French artist Odilon Redon, whose career bridged the 19th and 20th centuries, transformed the natural world into nightmarish visions and bizarre fantasies. Closely allied with the Symbolist movement, Redon offered his own interpretations of literary, biblical, and mythological subjects; created a universe of strange hybrid creatures; and presented landscape in a singular way: we see grinning disembodied teeth, smiling spiders, melancholic floating faces, winged chariots, unfamiliar plant life, and velvety black or colored swirls of atmosphere. With a recent gift from the Ian Woodner family, The Museum of Modern Art is now the site of the most significant body of the artist's work outside France, and this book will showcase the full range of Redon's varied oeuvre--charcoal "noirs," luminous pastels, richly textured canvases, literary collaborations, and experiments in printmaking--and will illuminate the hold his...
The Forest Lover

1613.00 руб.*

Susan Vreeland

The Forest Lover

In her acclaimed novels, Susan Vreeland has given us portraits of painting and life that are as dazzling as their artistic subjects. Now, in The Forest Lover , she traces the courageous life and career of Emily Carr, who?more than Georgia O'Keeffe or Frida Kahlo?blazed a path for modern women artists. Overcoming the confines of Victorian culture, Carr became a major force in modern art by capturing an untamed British Columbia and its indigenous peoples just before industrialization changed them forever. From illegal potlatches in tribal communities to artists' studios in pre-World War I Paris, Vreeland tells her story with gusto and suspense, giving us a glorious novel that will appeal to lovers of art, native cultures, and lush historical fiction.
The Complete Peanuts 1957-1958

3695.00 руб.*

Charles M. Schulz, Charles M. Schulz

The Complete Peanuts 1957-1958

The New York Times best-selling series continues! As the 1950s close down, Peanuts definitively enters its golden age. Linus, who had just learned to speak in the previous volume, becomes downright eloquent and even begins to fend off Lucy's bullying; even so, his security neurosis becomes more pronounced, including a harrowing two-week "Lost Weekend" sequence of blanketlessness. Charlie Brown cascades further down the hill to loserdom, with spectacularly lost kites, humiliating baseball losses (including one where he becomes "the Goat" and is driven from the field in a chorus of BAAAAHs); at least his newly acquired "pencil pal" affords him some comfort. Pig-Pen, Shermy, Violet, and Patty are also around, as is an increasingly Beethoven-fixated Schroeder. But the rising star is undoubtedly Snoopy. He's at the center of the most graphically dynamic and action-packed episodes (the ones in which he attempts to grab Linus's blanket at a dead run). He...

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Художники, A-Z



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