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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Художники, A-Z

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Form Radiating Life: The Paintings of Charles Rosen

5365.00 руб.*

Brian H. Peterson

Form Radiating Life: The Paintings of Charles Rosen

Charles Rosen (1878-1950) began his career as a photographer in western Pennsylvania but fell in love with painting while still a teenager. This interest led him to enroll at the National Academy of Design in New York, as well as the New York School of Art, where he studied under William Merritt Chase and Frank Vincent DuMond. Rosen began to develop an interest in landscape painting, and in 1903 he and his wife moved to New Hope, Pennsylvania, where he quickly became an important member of the Pennsylvania Impressionist school, producing large snowscapes and spring scenes. His New Hope canvases utilize a simple but elegant compositional style sometimes reminiscent of Japanese prints, and his mature landscape work demonstrates an interest in the decorative patterning of nature. Rosen eventually became dissatisfied with the landscape style, and under the influence of Modernist ideas his work changed radically. In 1920, he moved to Woodstock, New York, to teach at and...
Jenny Saville

6176.00 руб.*

Jenny Saville

At thirty-two, Jenny Saville has had a career most artists twice her age would envy. In 1992, the year she completed her studies at Glasgow School of Art, her graduation exhibition sold out. Most notably, one painting was bought by Charles Saatchi and, since then, her international reputation has grown at a rapid and steady pace.Jenny Saville is described as a "New Old Master" for the technical proficiency of her oversize nudes that have earned her comparisons to Rubens and Lucian Freud and universal praise from critics and art historians alike. For the conceptual underpinnings of her work, she has been hailed as one of the most interesting artists of the last decade. Her work has been shown alongside that of Damien Hirst and the other Young British Artists in the acclaimed and seminal survey of new British art Sensation at the Royal Academy (London, 1997) and the Brooklyn Museum of Art (New York, 2000).This is the only monograph devoted to the critically acclaimed young artist and...
Kim Gordon: Chronicles

2163.00 руб.*

Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon: Chronicles

A description of this artist's book is best summed up by Kim Gordon's own words: "Basically what the book consists of is a loopy text of me having a conversation with someone named Julia about Dylan's book Chronicles , at a Strokes gig. It's supposed to seem like an excerpt out of a novel. The text is short, only just over a couple pages. The rest [of the book consists of] pics of me from over the [years]. And the book is titled Chronicles Vol. 1 ." Paperback, 6.5 x 9 in./32 pgs / 32 color.
Felix Gonzalez-Torres

10027.00 руб.*

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, one of the most influential artists of his generation, lived and worked resolutely according to his own idealistic principles, determined to A¬make this a better place for everyone.A® He combined elements of Conceptual art, Minimalism, political activism, and poetic beauty in an ever-expanding arsenal of media, including public billboards, give-away piles of candy and posters, and ordinary objects--clocks, mirrors, light fixtures--used to startling effect. His work challenged the notions of public and private space, originality, authorship and--most significantly--the authoritative structures in which he and his viewers functioned. Editor Julie Ault has amassed the first comprehensive monograph to span Gonzalez-TorresA­s career. In the spirit of his method, she rethinks the very idea of what a monograph should be. The book, which places strong emphasis on the written word, contains newly commissioned texts by Robert Storr and Miwon Kwon among other notables, as...

3859.00 руб.*

Various Authors


This is the first complete monograph devoted to the works and theories of Orlan, without a doubt today's most challenging and thought-provoking performance artist. She began her highly unconventional career at the age of 17 with a series of works using photographs of her own body, which has become her art "medium," her primary creative voice. Working beyond the limits of body art, in her manifesto on "Carnal Art", Orlan wrote that her performances are "a selfportrait in the classical sense, yet realized through the technology of its time. Lying between disfiguration and figuration, it is an inscription in flesh." In 1999, using the operating room as a studio, she underwent a series of filmed plastic surgery operations to modify her own body-her canvas-including the placing of cheekbone implants under the skin of her forehead. Here is a detailed, analytical text including a biography, a chronology of her exhibitions, and critical studies of the significance of her...

392.00 руб.*

Marcello Venturi


Rizzoli Art Classics presents Manet, the next installment in this successful art series. With authoritative text by renowned cultural commentators, this lavishly illustrated monograph is the perfect companion for art history's most passionate fans. The book includes commentary by famous art historians; a critical essay on the artist's life and art; descriptive captions; a timeline; a "Writings" section with excerpts from noted art historians and historical figures; a list of museums where the featured paintings can be found; and a concise bibliography with suggested further readings. Формат: 17 см x 21 см.
Taken By Storm

4727.00 руб.*

Storm Thorgerson, Peter Curzon

Taken By Storm

Taken By Storm is a superb selection of British artist Storm Thorgersons work over the past 30 years. It features the best of Hipgnosis, Pink Floyd, and the Storm Studios and is a visual equivalent of a greatest hits album! Thorgersons prolific album art is presented in full-color and includes in-depth analysis of each image, including the themes and motivations that inspired the work as well as the practical details involved in producing each stunning image. Includes new material from the last five years, none of which has been previously published in book form. Great for music and art lovers alike!
Государственный Русский музей. Альманах, №41, 2004. The Department of Contemporary Art 1991-2001

676.00 руб.*

Государственный Русский музей. Альманах, №41, 2004. The Department of Contemporary Art 1991-2001

Издание — репрезентативная выборка, дающая адекватное описание состава и специфики коллекции Отдела новейших течений. Вводные статьи посвящены истории отдела, концепции его деятельности и созданию Музея Людвига в Русском музее. Основную часть издания составили расположенные в алфавитном порядке эссе о художниках. Книга дополнена списком изданий 1998-2001 года, перечнем избранных публикаций, посвященных творчеству отдельных художников, иллюстрированным списком организованных отделом выставок с 1990 по 2001 год и сведениями об общеобразовательных программах, разработанных сотрудниками Отдела новейших течений в искусстве. Формат: 18,5 см x 33 cм.
Gordon Matta-clark: Works and Collected Writings

8913.00 руб.*

Gordon Matta-Clark, Gloria Moure

Gordon Matta-clark: Works and Collected Writings

Gordon Matta-Clark, scion and rebel, died at 35 in 1978 and has since become a cult figure of late-twentieth-century art. Born in New York and trained in architecture at Cornell, he went on to question the field's conventions in vivid projects that excised holes into existing buildings or assembled deeds to New York City alleys and curbs. As the son of the Chilean-born Surrealist painter Roberto Matta and Anne Clark, and godson of Marcel Duchamp, with whom he played a regular game of chess in the Village, Matta-Clark had grown up inside the art world, also working an as assistant to mavericks like Dennis Oppenheim and Robert Smithson. His work and words, while sophisticated enough to make him an "artist's artist," and colossal and outgoing enough to draw public attention and affection, were always also grounded in social or political convictions. He addressed not only space and real estate (in other words, housing), but the ultimate in necessity and nourishment,! food. His "Pig...
Robert Indiana: The Artist and His Work 1955 - 2005

9565.00 руб.*

John Wilmerding

Robert Indiana: The Artist and His Work 1955 - 2005

Robert Indiana's paintings are quintessential pop art. His fascination with letters and numbers, billboards, and other vernacular signage has resulted in some of the most iconic images in modern American art. Indiana's famous LOVE paintings and sculptures are perhaps his most well-known works. Now, in this long-awaited survey of Indiana's art and designs, three leading art historians examine the different periods of his life and oeuvre. The volume includes his pop culture rootsA?A€A”his early paintings of road signs, pinball machines, the "American Dream"A?A€A”as well as his own writings and photographs. This important monograph assures Indiana's place in the art world alongside contemporaries Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Rosenquist.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Художники, A-Z



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