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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics

2265.00 руб.*

Ernesto Laclau, Chantal Mouffe

Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics

How is the present crisis of left-wing thought to be understood? To what extent does it call into the question the idea of social totality that underpinned Marxism and many other socialist theories? Does the concept of hegemony imply a new logic that goes beyond the essentialism of classical Marxist thought? These are some of the questions that this now seminal book attempts to answer. It traces the genealogy of the present crisis, from the nineteenth-century debates to the contemporary emergence of new forms of struggle, making it a classic text both for understanding hegemony and for focusing on present social struggles and their significance for democratic theory.
A Companion to African–American Philosophy

6243.00 руб.*

Tommy L. Lott

A Companion to African–American Philosophy

This wide–ranging, multidisciplinary collection of newly commissioned articles brings together distinguished voices in the field of Africana philosophy and African–American social and political thought. Topics covered include philosophic traditions; the moral and political legacy of slavery; Africa and diaspora thought; gender, race, and racism; legal and social philosophy; and aesthetics and cultural values. The volume provides a comprehensive critical survey of African–American philosophical thought by leading authorities. Addressing key themes, it will serve as a benchmark work of reference for courses in philosophy, social and political thought, legal studies, liberal studies, cultural studies, American studies, and African–American studies.
Moral Philosophy and the Holocaust

851.00 руб.*

Edited by Eve Garrard and Geoffrey Scarre

Moral Philosophy and the Holocaust

How far can we ever hope to understand the Holocaust? What can we reasonably say about right and wrong, moral responsibility, praise and blame, in a world where ordinary reasons seem to be excluded? In the century of Nazism, ethical writing in English had much more to say about the meaning of the word 'good' than about the material reality of evil. This book seeks to redress the balance at the start of a new century. Despite intense interest in the Holocaust, there has been relatively little exploration of it by philosophers in the analytic tradition. Although ethical writers often refer to Nazism as a touchstone example of evil, and use it as a case by which moral theorising can be tested, they rarely analyse what evil amounts to, or address the substantive moral questions raised by the Holocaust itself. This book draws together new work by leading moral philosophers to present a wide range of perspectives on the Holocaust. Contributors focus on particular themes of...
Philosophy of the Social Sciences

5487.00 руб.*

Patrick Baert

Philosophy of the Social Sciences

In this ground–breaking new text, Patrick Baert analyses the central perspectives in the philosophy of social science, critically investigating the work of Durkheim, Weber, Popper, critical realism, critical theory, and Rorty?s neo pragmatism. His lively account places key intellectual figures within the social and political contexts in which they were writing, and clearly shows how their views translated into empirical research. In the final chapter, Baert sets out his own pragmatist perspective on the potential of social research for critique, arguing that it can help researchers learn as much about their own presuppositions as their subjects of study. Philosophy of Social Science: Towards Pragmatism is both an authoritative textbook, and an original proposal for an exciting new research agenda. This lively textbook will be helpful to upper–level students looking for a detailed and yet lucid account of the main positions in the philosophy of social science. It will also...
One Book, The Whole Universe: Plato's Timaeus Today

9382.00 руб.*

Richard Mohr

One Book, The Whole Universe: Plato's Timaeus Today

The much-anticipated anthology on Plato's Timaeus. Plato's singular dialogue on the creation of the universe, the nature of the physical world, and the place of persons in the cosmos examining all dimensions of one of the most important books in Western Civilization: its philosophy, cosmology, science, and ethics, its literary aspects and reception. Contributions come from leading scholars in their respective fields, including Sir Anthony Leggett, 2003 Nobel Laureate for Physics. Parts of or earlier versions of these papers were first presented at the Timaeus Conference, held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in September of 2007. "The dialogue mounts space, time, principles of knowledge, mathematics, gods , souls , subatomic particles, plants, planets, metals, fish, birds, and goodness all within a single intelligible frame. Millenarian thoughts prompted by the new millennium aside, it is not surprising that the Timaeus is back. From the Conference...
American Indian Thought

1500.00 руб.*

Anne Waters

American Indian Thought

This book brings together a diverse group of American Indian thinkers to discuss traditional and contemporary philosophies and philosophical issues. The essays presented here address philosophical questions pertaining to knowledge, time, place, history, science, law, religion, nationhood, ethics, and art, as understood from a variety of Native American standpoints. Unique in its approach, this volume represents several different tribes and nations and amplifies the voice of contemporary American Indian culture struggling for respect and autonomy. Taken together, the essays collected here exemplify the way in which American Indian perspectives enrich contemporary philosophy. Scholars, students of philosophy, and general readers alike will benefit from this distinctive collection.
A Selected Collection of the Analects of Mencius

475.00 руб.*

Cai Xiquin

A Selected Collection of the Analects of Mencius

Отобранное Собрание Большого Учения аналектов, доктрин Мина и Менция. Эти четыре книги собраны, чтобы раскрыть миру сущность китайской традиционной культуры. Эти четыре книги показали свое великолепие более чем 2400 лет назад между Весной и Осенью и Враждующими периодами государств. Теперь они изданы в классической - современной китайской и английской версии в помощь людям, которые стремятся узнать основные идеи относительно конфуцианства.
Ideology: An Introduction

2762.00 руб.*

Terry Eagleton

Ideology: An Introduction

In the modern world, ideology has never before been so much in evidence as a fact and so little understood as a concept. In a book designed both for newcomers to the topic and for those already familiar with the debates, Terry Eagleton unravels the many different meanings of ideology, and charts the history of the concept from the Enlightenment to postmodernism. As well as clarifying a confused topic, this new edition of a now classic work is fully updated in the light of current theoretical debates.
Quotations from Confucius

386.00 руб.*

Cai Xiqin

Quotations from Confucius

Сборник избранных цитат из мудрых и содержательных изречений Конфуция. Каждый рассказ сопровождается иллюстрациями, относящимися к описываемому периоду жизни и деятельности мыслителя. Китайско-английское издание.
The Quantum Mechanics of Minds and Worlds

5857.00 руб.*

Jeffrey A. Barrett

The Quantum Mechanics of Minds and Worlds

Jeffrey Barrett presents the most comprehensive study yet of a problem that has puzzled physicists and philosophers since the 1930s. The standard theory of quantum mechanics is in one sense the most successful physical theory ever, predicting the behaviour of the basic constituents of all physical things; no other theory has ever made such accurate empirical predictions. However, if one tries to understand the theory as providing a complete and accurate framework for the description of the behaviour of all physical interactions, it becomes evident that the theory is ambiguous, or even logically inconsistent. The most notable attempt to formulate the theory so as to deal with this problem, the quantum measurement problem, was initiated by Hugh Everett III in the 1950s. Barrett gives a careful and challenging examination and evaluation of the work of Everett and those who have followed him. His informal approach, minimizing technicality, will make the book accessible and illuminating...

Books in English / Все науки... / Философия



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