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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Религиозная литература / Religious Studies

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The Mystery of the Central Sun: from the scientific and metaphysical viewpoints

1206.00 руб.*

Peryt Shou

The Mystery of the Central Sun: from the scientific and metaphysical viewpoints

This is a first-ever English language translation of Peryt Shou's profoundly influential treatise, Das Mysterium der Zentralsonne (1912). A direct line can be drawn between Shou's observations in this volume about the mysterious Central Sun of Theosophy and the later writings of Nazi occultists who have actively promoted the increasingly popular Black Sun mythos. The hidden wellspring of post-war Nazi occultism is revealed here for the first time. An informative preface, numerous explanatory footnotes and a detailed appendix on the Central Sun concept in Theosophy round out the book and render its text accessible to modern readers.
Mother of God Similar to Fire

2906.00 руб.*

William Hart McNichols, Mirabai Starr

Mother of God Similar to Fire

In times of mingled hope and despair, of longing for the sacred combined with disillusionment, the image of Mary continues to hold tremendous appeal. Not only the mother of Jesus, but the quintessential Mother, the feminine face of the divine, fierce protector and gentle consoler, she serves as a source of inspiration, wisdom, vital essence of compassion and forgiveness. In Mother of God, Similar to Fire, priest-iconographer William Hart McNichols and mystical author, Mirabai Starr collaborate to help make the perennial wisdom and love of Mary vibrantly accessible. Selected images of Mary, illuminated by Starr s lyrical prose-poems, embrace such diverse expressions as the Black Madonna, Latina, Bosnian, Greek, Italian, and Native depictions of Mother Mary. In these images of Mary we are reminded of what matters most, of what endures when all else seems lost, of what grace may yet be available when we meet fear with love.
Jesuit Science and the Republic of Letters (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and T

4690.00 руб.*

Mordechai Feingold

Jesuit Science and the Republic of Letters (Transformations: Studies in the History of Science and T

Founded in 1540, the Society of Jesus was viewed for centuries as an impediment to the development of modern science. The Jesuit educational system was deemed conservative and antithetical to creative thought, while the Order and its members were blamed by Galileo, Descartes, and their disciples for virtually every proceeding against the new science. No wonder a consensus emerged that little reason existed for historians to take Jesuit science seriously. Only during the past two decades have scholars begun to question this received view of the Jesuit role in the Scientific Revolution, and this book contributes significantly to that reassessment. Focusing on the institutional setting of Jesuit science, the contributors take a new and broader look at the overall intellectual environment of the Collegio Romano and other Jesuit colleges to see how Jesuit scholars taught and worked, to examine the context of the Jesuit response to the new philosophies, and to chart the Jesuits'...
The Intersubjectivity of the Mystic: A Study of Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle

6512.00 руб.*

Mary Frolich

The Intersubjectivity of the Mystic: A Study of Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle

In the popular mind, the mystic is seen as the supreme solitary. This image, if accurate, would make the mystical quest marginal in an era when much theology has emphasized socially responsible praxis. Against the popular image, Mary Frohlich develops a theological model -- based on the writings of Bernard Lonergan and the "self-psychology" of Heinz Kohut -- that both respects mysticism's irreducible character and shows how it concretely transforms people and systems. She then applies this model to an interpretation of a classic expression of spiritual transformation, the Interior Castle of the sixteenth-century mystic Teresa of Avila.
Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God

2662.00 руб.*

Greg Graffin, Steve Olson

Anarchy Evolution: Faith, Science, and Bad Religion in a World Without God

Animals, Gods And Humans: Changing Attitudes to Animals in Greek, Roman and Early Christian Thought

15172.00 руб.*

Ingvild Saelid Gilhus

Animals, Gods And Humans: Changing Attitudes to Animals in Greek, Roman and Early Christian Thought

Ingvild S?lid Gilhus explores the transition from traditional Greek and Roman religion to Christianity in the Roman Empire and the effect of this change on the concept of animals, illustrating the main factors in the creation of a Christian conception of animals. One of the underlying assumptions of the book is that changes in the way animal motifs are used and the way human-animal relations are conceptualized serve as indicators of more general cultural shifts. Gilhus attests that in late antiquity, animals were used as symbols in a general redefinition of cultural values and assumptions. A wide range of key texts are consulted and range from philosophical treaties to novels and poems on metamorphoses; from biographies of holy persons such as Apollonius of Tyana and Antony, the Christian desert ascetic, to natural history; from the New Testament via Gnostic texts to the church fathers; from pagan and Christian criticism of animal sacrifice to the acts of the martyrs. Both the...

658.00 руб.*

Philip Wilkinson


Gods and prophets. A comprehensive who's who profiles the deities and holy figures of each faith. Rituals, rites, and festivals. Explores the religious practices and traditions of each belief system, from day-to-day devouonj to key events in the religious calendar. Religions of the world. Examines all of the world's major faiths, as well as the lesser-known beliefs of Africa and the Americas. The author Philip Wilkinson has more than 50 books to his credit, including DK's Illustrated Dictionary of Religion, and Celebration of Customs and Rituals of the World, which was endorsed by the United Nations. The birth of belief. The origin and history of each religion is traced from the moment of its founding to its spread across the world today.
Why Politics Can?t Be Freed From Religion

5985.00 руб.*

Ivan Strenski

Why Politics Can?t Be Freed From Religion

Religion. Power. Politics. Ideas and institutions that have been laden with a baggage of meanings picked up through the course of history – and which, unfairly or not, are often defined by these historic and social contexts. In this thought–provoking book, Ivan Strenski unpacks the central concepts and influences of religion, politics, and power, and provides a new theoretical framework to think about what they mean in today’s society. In addition to offering radical critiques of the religious and political perspectives of thinkers such as Talal Asad and Michel Foucault, Strenski moves beyond the theory in applying his intellectual framework to a variety of real–world issues, including insights into suicide bombers in the Middle East. Erudite and engaging, Why Politics Can?t be Freed From Religion provides a timely and highly original contribution to our understanding of these concepts. It tries to dislodge readers from conventional thinking about politics and religion,...
Transitions: Prayers and Declarations for a Changing Life

1587.00 руб.*

Julia Cameron

Transitions: Prayers and Declarations for a Changing Life

Through her revolutionary books and workshops, Julia Cameron has inspired thousands to pursue their creative dreams. A heartfelt book of empowering prayers and reflections for the soul in times of crisis and transformation. In this gift-sized book, Cameron shares beautiful prayers of empowerment followed by potent declarations and reflections on the nature of change and coping. They extend beyond affirmations to facilitate a powerful awakening of the potential of the human soul and to revitalize our abilities to transform our lives in the face of whatever the universe may put in our life's path. Transitions will help guide the soul and draw readers toward the source of their inner strength. Whether read in one sitting, or used over time, this is a book no thoughtful being will want to be without.
The Bible and the Ancient Near East

1798.00 руб.*

Cyrus H. Gordon, Gary A. Rendsburg

The Bible and the Ancient Near East

This up-to-date revision of a classic work draws on the latest archaeological and linguistic research to fill in the historical realities behind the great stories of the Bible. This account of the historical context for the Hebrew Bible explores the diverse origins of such stories as the creation and the flood in the cultures of the ancient Near East. The authors show the striking parallels in the foundational stories told in the Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Hebrew cultures of the time.

Books in English / Религиозная литература / Religious Studies



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