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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Sensorische Aktivierung: Ein ganzheitliches Forderkonzept fur hochbetagte und demente Menschen (German Edition)

4462.00 руб.*

Lore Wehner, Ylva Schwinghammer

Sensorische Aktivierung: Ein ganzheitliches Forderkonzept fur hochbetagte und demente Menschen (German Edition)

Sensorische Aktivierung ist ein neuartiges ganzheitliches Forderkonzept fur hochaltrige und demente Menschen, das die Aufrechterhaltung und Wiederherstellung wichtiger Alltagskompetenzen unterstutzt. Durch gezielte Lebensraumgestaltung, Kurzaktivierung im Pflegealltag und zusatzliche Forderangebote werden Lebensqualitat und Gesundheit positiv beeinflusst und das pflegende Personal entlastet. Dies tragt wesentlich zu einer optimalen Nutzung von Ressourcen und zu einer Verbesserung der Betreuungsstandards im Sinne einer qualitativ hochwertigen Pflege bei, in deren Mittelpunkt der Mensch steht. Kernstuck des Buches ist der umfangreiche Praxisteil, der einen Fundus an bereits im Berufsalltag erprobten Stundenbildern zur Gestaltung von Forder- und Aktivierungseinheiten bietet, die als 1:1 Anleitungen oder als Impulsgeber zur Entwicklung eigener Gruppen- und Einzelstunden genutzt werden konnen. Im anschlie?enden Materialteil finden sich Erhebungsbogen und Informationsblatter als...
Clinical Anatomy of the Horse

15862.00 руб.*

Hillary M. Clayton, Peter F. Flood, Diana S. Rosenstein

Clinical Anatomy of the Horse

This new volume is the first photographic atlas of equine anatomy to integrate illustrations of prepared specimens with correlative images of the same structures as visualised by each of the commonly used imaging modalities; radiography, ultrasound and endoscopy. Additional images illustrate the position and orientation of these structures in the living animal, as they would most commonly be encountered, either in the course of a physical examination (for example the viscera or reproductive organs in a rectal or vaginal examination), or as they present in the prone animal, during a surgical procedure. Thus the atlas has a true utility for the practitioner as well as the student. * The only atlas of anatomy that combines illustrations of gross anatomy with radiographic images, ultrasound and endoscopic views to give a complete appreciation of all the structures * Preparations of cross-sectional anatomy aid interpretation of diagnostic imaging such as ultrasonography...
Digital Forensics: Digital Evidence in Criminal Investigations

3659.00 руб.*

Angus McKenzie Marshall

Digital Forensics: Digital Evidence in Criminal Investigations

The vast majority of modern criminal investigations involve some element of digital evidence, from mobile phones, computers, CCTV and other devices. Digital Forensics: Digital Evidence in Criminal Investigations provides the reader with a better understanding of how digital evidence complements “traditional” scientific evidence and examines how it can be used more effectively and efficiently in a range of investigations. Taking a new approach to the topic, this book presents digital evidence as an adjunct to other types of evidence and discusses how it can be deployed effectively in support of investigations. The book provides investigators/SSMs/other managers with sufficient contextual and technical information to be able to make more effective use of digital evidence sources in support of a range of investigations. In particular, it considers the roles played by digital devices in society and hence in criminal activities. From this, it examines the role and nature of...
The Immune System 3e

12564.00 руб.*

Peter Parham

The Immune System 3e

"The Immune System, Third Edition" is designed for use in immunology courses for undergraduate, medical, dental, and pharmacy students. This class-tested and proven textbook synthesizes the established facts of immunology into a comprehensible, coherent, and up-to-date account of how the human immune system works and the effects it has on the health and survival of individuals and populations, making generous use of medical examples to illustrate points. The reader-friendly text, full-color illustrations, and section and chapter summaries make the book accessible and easily understandable to students. The Third Edition is a major revision and includes two new chapters: Innate Immunity (Chapter 2) and Principles of Adaptive Immunity (Chapter 3). Former Chapter 12 has been divided into three chapters: vaccination (Chapter 14), transplantation (Chapter 15), and cancer (Chapter 16). The number of end-of-chapter questions has been expanded and now include essay, multiple choice, and case...
Yes/No Medical Spanish: Comprehensive Handbook of Clinical Spanish

3799.00 руб.*


Yes/No Medical Spanish: Comprehensive Handbook of Clinical Spanish

Communicate more effectively with your Spanish-speaking patients! This pocket-sized guide translates A & P and other healthcare scenarios you encounter everyday into questions that require only Yes or No responses. From registration through discharge, its the reference you ll turn to first to deliver high-quality care in any clinical setting.
Nutrition And Healthy Ageing (British Nutrition Foundation)

6975.00 руб.*

Nutrition And Healthy Ageing (British Nutrition Foundation)

This title presents a report of the British Nutrition's Task Force on nutrition and healthy aging. Contributing authors are well known and respected. This title offers essential information for those involved in providing diets and supplements for geriatric care. It includes the BNF's conclusions and recommendations for healthy aging.
The 21st Century Health Care Leader

4988.00 руб.*

Roderick W. Gilkey

The 21st Century Health Care Leader

Today?s health care leaders find themselves in an industry that bears little resemblance to the one they learned about in school. Although the economic and political mandates for decreasing costs and improving quality are apparent, health care executives, administrators, caregivers, and policy makers must learn to continually redefine their roles as leaders to stay ahead of the competition. The 21st Century Health Care Leader brings together today?s most influential and successful health care professionals whose valuable insight will assist current and future leaders in exchanging reactivity for proactivity, remaining effective, and transforming their organizations. With a foreword by James C. Collins, The 21st Century Health Care Leader is a collection of new thought from many of the country?s leading practitioners and scholars in health and human services. In thirty–seven original chapters, these distinguished contributors describe the skills and competencies that will be...
Current Consult: Medicine 2007

2298.00 руб.*

Maxine A. Papadakis, Stephen J. McPhee

Current Consult: Medicine 2007

Practical clinical solutions for more than 850 disorders are just seconds away in Current Consult: Medicine 2007. Developed by the expert editors and clinicians of the bestselling Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment, this updated resource is your at-a-glance diagnostic and treatment guide to the problems regularly encountered in hospital and practice settings. Turn to any topic, and you'll find the latest clinically pertinent coverage of all aspects of adult inpatient and outpatient care. Формат: 21,5 см х 27,5 см.
Photosystem II: Photon, Cofactor (biochemistry), Cofactor, Plastoquinone, Redox, Cytochrome B6f Complex, Rieske Protein, Photosystem, Photophosphorylation, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

4707.00 руб.*

Photosystem II: Photon, Cofactor (biochemistry), Cofactor, Plastoquinone, Redox, Cytochrome B6f Complex, Rieske Protein, Photosystem, Photophosphorylation, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Photosystem II is the first protein complex in the Light-dependent reactions. It is located in the thylakoid membrane of plants, algae and cyanobacteria. The enzyme uses photons of light to energize electrons which are then transferred through a variety of coenzymes and cofactors to reduce plastoquinone to plastoquinol. The energized electrons are replaced by oxidizing water to form hydrogen ions and molecular oxygen. By obtaining these electrons from water, photosystem II provides the electrons for all of photosynthesis to occur.
Cerebrum 2009: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

1841.00 руб.*

Dana Press

Cerebrum 2009: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

New advances in brain science will directly affect our lives, from the courtroom to the classroom to the living room. Cerebrum has long been the leading magazine for distilling these developments into concise, intelligent prose accessible to a general reader; as a result, its articles by scientists and scholars are often cited in prominent publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, and the Washington Post. Assembled here is a new array of articles from Cerebrum’s Web edition that collects the most cutting-edge developments in brain science in one essential volume. The featured articles offer thought-provoking analyses and expert perspectives on such topics as the causes and effects of identity disorder, the dangers of unidentified traumatic brain injury, and explanations for why the mind is sometimes foggy after heart surgery. Other timely articles explore the brain and politics, conflicts of interest in science, the use of the technology to map brain...

Books in English / Все науки... / Медицина



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