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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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The Contemporary British Society Reader

3590.00 руб.*

Nicholas Abercrombie

The Contemporary British Society Reader

This exciting new reader brings together some of the best recent sociological writing on British society. The volume features carefully selected extracts from books and journals, which have been chosen for the high quality of their sociological analysis and their relevance to understanding social change. Thematically organized, the volume gives wide coverage to a range of key topics in sociology, including globalization, class and inequality, gender, ethnicity, the media, leisure and consumption. It also provides students with an interesting introduction to a variety of social science research methods, from ethnographies and in–depth interviews to observation and surveys. Most of the chapters are based on recent empirical research, and therefore capture in detail some of the more distinctive features of life in Britain at the turn of the millennium. Read alone, or in conjunction with the third edition of the best–selling textbook, Contemporary British Society...
Untying the Knot: On Riddles and Other Enigmatic Modes

9938.00 руб.*

Galit Hasan-Rokem, David Shulman

Untying the Knot: On Riddles and Other Enigmatic Modes

This book collects eighteen previously unpublished essays on the riddle--a genre of discourse found in virtually every human culture. Hasan-Rokem and Shulman have drawn these essays from a variety of cultural perspectives and disciplines; linguists, anthropologists, folklorists, and religion and literature scholars consider riddling practices in Hebrew, Finnish, Indian languages, Chinese, and classical Greek. The authors seek to understand the peculiar expressive power of the riddle, and the cultural logic of its particular uses; they scrutinize the riddle's logical structure and linguistic strategies, as well as its affinity to neighboring genres such as enigmas, puzzles, oracular prophecy, proverbs, and dreams. In this way, they begin to answer how riddles relate to the conceptual structures of a particular culture, and how they come to represent a culture's cosmology or cognitive map of the world. More importantly, these essays reveal the human need for symbolic...
The Great Reset: How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post-Crash Prosperity

2089.00 руб.*

Richard Florida

The Great Reset: How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post-Crash Prosperity

We tend to view prolonged economic downturns, such as the Great Depression of the 1930s and the Long Depression of the late nineteenth century, in terms of the crisis and pain they cause. But history teaches us that these great crises also represent opportunities to remake our economy and society and to generate whole new eras of economic growth and prosperity. In terms of innovation, invention, and energetic risk taking, these periods of "creative destruction" have been some of the most fertile in history, and the changes they put into motion can set the stage for full-scale recovery.
Etiquette Guide to Japan: Know the Rules...that Make the Difference

1279.00 руб.*

Boye Lafayette De Mente

Etiquette Guide to Japan: Know the Rules...that Make the Difference

Etiquette Guide to Japan offers an inside look at the social norms of the Japanese-when to bow, how to propose a toast, when to pay the bill, the careful art of gift-giving, how to deal with public transportation, dating, weddings, funerals, and last, but not least, how to say good-bye at the end of your stay. If you want to save yourself from possible embarrassment during your stay in Japan, you will find the Etiquette Guide to Japan to be a much-needed companion.
Language Variation as Social Practice

4935.00 руб.*

Penelope Eckert

Language Variation as Social Practice

Linguistic Variation as Social Practice is a study of the speech of the adolescent population of a midwestern high school, relating individuals? subtle patterns of pronunciation and grammar to participation in the peer social order. Based on two years of sociolinguistic and ethnographic fieldwork in one school, supplemented by shorter periods of fieldwork in three other schools, the study focuses on the polarized social categories, the "jocks" and the "burnouts," that dominate social organization in all of these schools. This book describes the social categories, networks, and practices that constitute the local adolescent social order, relates these to wider patterns in the urban–suburban area, and ultimately to wider societal patterns. Linguistic Variation as Social Practice is an ideal text for advanced students of sociolinguistics and anthropological linguistics.
Culture of Mexico: Languages of Mexico, Religion in Mexico, Pre-Columbian art, Mexican muralism, Architecture of Mexico, Mesoamerican architecture, Mexican ... literature, Public holidays in Mexico

4054.00 руб.*

Culture of Mexico: Languages of Mexico, Religion in Mexico, Pre-Columbian art, Mexican muralism, Architecture of Mexico, Mesoamerican architecture, Mexican ... literature, Public holidays in Mexico

Mexico has changed rapidly during the 20th century. In many ways, contemporary life in its cities has become very similar to that in neighboring United States and Europe. Most Mexican villagers follow the older way of life more than the city people do. More than 75% of the people of Mexico live in cities of over 50,000 inhabitants. Large metropolitan areas include Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Puebla-Tlaxcala, while rural areas include Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Yucatan, Aguascalientes, Michoacan, and many more.
Rethinking Anthropology (London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology)

2263.00 руб.*

E. R. Leach

Rethinking Anthropology (London School of Economics Monographs on Social Anthropology)

Advertising Now. Online (+ DVD-ROM)

2876.00 руб.*

Editor Julius Wiedemann

Advertising Now. Online (+ DVD-ROM)

Ads in cyberspace: the best campaigns on the web today. This second installment in Taschen`s advertising series joins Advertising Now! Print and the forthcoming Advertising Now! Films to provide a complete study of commercial communication in the world today. Divided into chapters by subject (from food and beverage to electronics, clothing, and more), this tome examines the most effective and important online ad campaigns by exploring the work of the globe`s top award-winning agencies, including DM9, Tribal DDB, OgilvyOne, LOWE Tesch, and 2020 London. With each chapter containing an article from one of the agencies, you`ll learn not only what the biggest campaigns are, but also what it takes to create them. From Nike to Coca Cola, FIFA, and the WWF, these are the ads that are defining the face of online advertising. The book will come with a DVD featuring the navigation of most of campaigns as well as interviews with creative directors and films produced for the...
Space, the City and Social Theory

1841.00 руб.*

Fran Tonkiss

Space, the City and Social Theory

Space, the City and Social Theory offers a clear and critical account of key approaches to cities and urban space within social theory and analysis. It explores the relation of the social and the spatial in the context of critical urban themes: community and anonymity; social difference and spatial divisions; politics and public space; gentrification and urban renewal; gender and sexuality; subjectivity and space; experience and everyday practice in the city. The text adopts an international and interdisciplinary approach, drawing on a range of debates on cities and urban life. It brings together classic perspectives in urban sociology and social theory with the analysis of contemporary urban problems and issues. Rather than viewing the urban simply as a backdrop for more general social processes, the discussion looks at how social and spatial relations shape different versions of the city: as a place of social interaction and of solitude; as a site of difference and...
Sofi Pua

3571.00 руб.*

Sofi Pua

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Sofi Pua, as he was known popularly to his family,friends and community, was a leader in the traditional Samoan mould. He worked hard to get his family established in Auckland, but he was also concerned for the advancement of his own Samoan community in Auckland. In those days, in the early 1960s and 1970s, the Samoan community was not a large community. Amongst the Samoan community within Auckland at that time, felt that they needed to form a group that could coordinate a connection to community,city councils & Govt agencies. Thus, a Samoan Advisory Council was set up to coordinate issues and matters that the community needed answers and solutions to.

Books in English / Все науки... / Социология



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