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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Tracing Traces from Present to Past: A Functional Analysis of Pre-Columbian Shell and Stone Artefacts from Anse a la Gourde and Morel, Guadeloupe, FWI ... Press - Leiden University Press Academic)

3966.00 руб.*

Yvonne Lammers-Keijsers

Tracing Traces from Present to Past: A Functional Analysis of Pre-Columbian Shell and Stone Artefacts from Anse a la Gourde and Morel, Guadeloupe, FWI ... Press - Leiden University Press Academic)

This comprehensive volume analyzes shell implements, as well as flint and stone tools, from the pre-Columbian sites of Anse a la Gourde and Morel, Guadeloupe, drawing on archaeological, ethnographical, ethnohistorical and experimental data. The results of a functional analysis of all artifact categories are presented, as well as a reconstruction of the technological system in the pre-Columbian period. Lammers-Keijsers also demonstrates the value of this integral approach in shedding light on the choices made in past tool use and the future study of different raw materials.
Oliver Cromwell: New Perspectives

3826.00 руб.*

Patrick Little

Oliver Cromwell: New Perspectives

A new evaluation and biography of Cromwell, which draws on the latest research to challenge the accepted view of his life, character and political career.
Inventing Wyatt Earp: His Life and Many Legends

2524.00 руб.*

Inventing Wyatt Earp: His Life and Many Legends

On October 26, 1881, Wyatt Earp, his two brothers, and Doc Holliday shot it out with a gang of cattle rustlers near the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona. It was over in half a minute, but those thirty violent seconds turned the thirty-three-year-old Wyatt Earp into the stuff of legend.In truth, however, the gunfight at the O.K. Corral neither launched nor climaxed a career that in the course of eighty-two colorful years took Wyatt Earp from an Iowa farm to the movie studios of Hollywood, where he worked as an advisor on Western films. Along the way he saw real-life action as a buffalo hunter, bodyguard, detective, bounty hunter, gambler, boxing referee, prospector, saloon keeper, and, on occasion, a superb lawman. This authoritative biography tells Wyatt Earp’s story in all its amazing variety—a story the celebrated lawman shares with the likes of Bat Masterson, Earp’s colleague on the Dodge City police force; the tubercular, gun-toting southern gentleman Doc Holliday; and Josephine...
1789: The Threshold of the Modern Age

3638.00 руб.*

David Andress

1789: The Threshold of the Modern Age

The world in 1789 stood on the edge of a unique transformation. At the end of an unprecedented century of progress, the fates of three nations—France; the nascent United States; and their common enemy, Britain—lay interlocked. France, a nation bankrupted by its support for the American Revolution, wrestled to seize the prize of citizenship from the ruins of the old order. Disaster loomed for the United States, too, as it struggled, in the face of crippling debt and inter-state rivalries, to forge the constitutional amendments that would become known as the Bill of Rights. Britain, a country humiliated by its defeat in America, recoiled from tales of imperial greed and the plunder of India as a king’s madness threw the British constitution into turmoil. Radical changes were in the air. A year of revolution was crowned in two documents drafted at almost the same time: the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the American Bill of Rights. These texts gave the world a new political...
Polymer-Based Nanostructures: Medical Applications (RSC Nanoscience and Nanotechnology)

23271.00 руб.*

Pavel Broz

Polymer-Based Nanostructures: Medical Applications (RSC Nanoscience and Nanotechnology)

This book combines both viewpoints and presents successful applications of nanotechnological constructs in medicine and the science behind the tools. Supramolecular nanometre-sized structures such as nanoparticles or vesicles built out of new synthetic polymeric materials have aroused enormous interest in recent years - both in chemical and pharmaceutical labs as well as in clinical medicine. They promise to be useful for novel or improved diagnostic and therapeutic applications for important diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cancer, infections, or autoimmune disorders. In the first part of this book, renowned researchers provide a detailed insight into both chemical and biological/pharmacological basics that have to be managed for successful applications of these nanostructures in human beings. In the second part, invited authors review the main literature in both diagnostic and therapeutic applications with polymer-based nanostructures that have already reached clinical practice...
Characterisation of Environmental Contaminants in Brewery Effluents: Wastewater Monitoring

6971.00 руб.*

Erouscilla Joseph

Characterisation of Environmental Contaminants in Brewery Effluents: Wastewater Monitoring

Environmental standards play an important role in maintaining the quality of our natural environment. This is even more significant when dealing with industrial effluent discharges. This work is geared towards the analysis of the type, source and path of contaminants, and their effects with regards to brewery effluents. This work was necessary to provide an independent and unbiased assessment of the state of the environmental quality for this particular industry, thereby enabling the assessment of effluent compliance with local environmental standards. Results have indicated that, with the exception of the heavy metal concentrations, none of the parameters investigated for the final brewery discharge were compliant with the proposed effluent standards. Some of the recommendations offered to assist in the remediation of the problems associated with the disposal of brewery waste include improved recycling techniques, effluent pre-treatment, and the adoption of in-plant quality criteria...
Climatism!: Science, Common Sense, and the 21st Century's Hottest Topic

4112.00 руб.*

Steve Goreham

Climatism!: Science, Common Sense, and the 21st Century's Hottest Topic

Climatism! is a complete common sense look at the science, politics, and energy-policy aspects of global warming. With more than 400 pages and 135 figures, Steve Goreham demonstrates that climate change is due to natural causes, not man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, a misguided mankind is engaged in a futile effort to control Earth's temperature, imposing draconian policies that will limit our freedoms and radically transform our way of life. A readable and down-to-earth book, yet packed with the latest scientific and economic data, Climatism! is a must read for anyone wishing to know the real story about climate change.
Next Generation SONET/SDH: Voice and Data

4968.00 руб.*

Stamatios V. Kartalopoulos

Next Generation SONET/SDH: Voice and Data

Edible Oil Organogels: Potential Applications in Food, Pharmacy, and Nutrition

7045.00 руб.*

Naomi Hughes, Alejandro Marangoni

Edible Oil Organogels: Potential Applications in Food, Pharmacy, and Nutrition

This work identifies four potential food and pharmaceutical applications of edible oil organogels and summarizes work that has been done to evaluate their applicability for these purposes. Background information on current applications of (inedible) organogels as well as oil structuring alternatives to the fat crystal network are reviewed prior to the discussion. Studies have shown that organogels do not significantly inhibit oil migration in multicomponent foods. In-vitro digestion experiments have shown that organogels may be useful in the controlled release of bio- active compounds. Clinical trials have shown that the replacement of conventional spreads (which contain unhealthy saturated and trans- fatty acids) with organogels may lead to measurable health benefits by decreasing the risk of coronary heart disease, type II diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. It has also been shown that phase separation of water in oil emulsions can be delayed by the formation of a gel...
Compact Oxford Thesaurus for Students

453.00 руб.*

Compact Oxford Thesaurus for Students

"The Compact Oxford Thesaurus for Students" is a brand-new title specifically designed to meet the needs of today's students. It is perfect for student reference and everyday study needs. The thesaurus text is accessible and easy to use, with the most useful and common synonyms placed first. Throughout the thesaurus text there are notes giving advice on commonly confused words such as imply/infer, and affect/effect. The thesaurus has been market-tested with both teachers and students. Of particular relevance is the centre supplement, which gives lots of practical information - to help students use a thesaurus and write more effectively. As well as the printed book, there is an Online Resource Centre, accessed via weblinks given in the book, which gives additional information. This portable and affordable thesaurus is an essential reference tool for all college and university students who need practical advice about language, and those who want to write effectively and with confidence....

Books in English / Все науки...



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