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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Дом и сад

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The Jewelry of Southeast Asia

3999.00 руб.*

Anne Richter

The Jewelry of Southeast Asia

a??Centuries of gems, precious metals, and rare materials . . . color photographs reveal the true artistry of our Eastern neighbors.a??a??Booklist From the magnificent royal gold jewelry of Burma and Thailand to the simple adornments worn by remote hill peoples, Anne Richter explores the complex cultural landscape of what are now Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Necklaces, buckles, pendants, belts, buttons, ear ornaments, hairpins, anklets, torques, and bracelets are presented in a superb array of images. Richtera??s understanding of the underlying symbolism sheds light on Asian cultures, while the aesthetic appeal of the items will make this volume irresistible to all jewelry lovers. This new edition in paperback of the book first published in 2000 concentrates on the color plates and their illuminating captions. A new introduction discusses how the historical background has influenced the jewelry. 354 color...
Making Wood Trucks & Construction Vehicles

1973.00 руб.*

Reg Martin

Making Wood Trucks & Construction Vehicles

An old favorite gets a fabulous freshening up, with full-color images throughout - but the projects remain as wonderful as ever, appealing to children of all ages. Bulldozers, dump trucks, loaders, and forklifts, each with a variety of moving parts: all these toy vehicles are included for the making, with plenty of diagrams, very detailed instructions that proceed logically and clearly from part to part, and images of the final product. Try a box trailer with a semi-cab, doors, axles, wheels (with simulated tread, if you like), and mud flaps. They're fun to craft and fun to receive.
The Art of Fine Woodturning: Projects & Inspiration for Every Turner

2301.00 руб.*

S. Gary Roberts

The Art of Fine Woodturning: Projects & Inspiration for Every Turner

Woodturners eager to reach the next skill level will find this guide invaluable! Anyone who can do spindle turning, and form open bowls and lidded boxes, will move on to even finer things with these hints on sanding, finishing, indexing, and designing, as well as techniques for crafting 33 fabulous items. Here's everything needed to turn novices into master turners on the lathe - Including easy-to-follow and detailed dimensional drawings for each project. Enjoy working on a thread dispenser with a hidden drawer, tall handled urn with a lovely lightness and fragility, music box with a carved ballerina doll, and flying bird carousel. The lively personal narration accompanying each project provides a wealth of invaluable information gleaned from years of experimentation.
Rpertoire de Bibliographies Spciales: Curieuses Et Instructives, Contenant La Notice Raisonne, 1 Des Ouvrages Imprims Petit Nombre D'Exemplaires; 2 De (French Edition)

3638.00 руб.*

Gabriel Peignot

Rpertoire de Bibliographies Spciales: Curieuses Et Instructives, Contenant La Notice Raisonne, 1 Des Ouvrages Imprims Petit Nombre D'Exemplaires; 2 De (French Edition)

Rpertoire de Bibliographies Spciales: Curieuses Et Instructives, Contenant La Notice Raisonne, 1 Des Ouvrages Imprims Petit Nombre D'Exemplaires; 2 De (French Edition)
From Concept to Form in Landscape Design

4617.00 руб.*

Grant W. Reid

From Concept to Form in Landscape Design

One of the most difficult tasks for a designer is to translate concepts into specific and detailed organizations of space. From "Concept to Form in Landscape Design", Second Edition provides vital, functional techniques that make the transformation easier and more effective. This perceptive resource examines both traditional and nontraditional methods of landscape design, providing the conceptual and philosophical foundations for ideas and their visual expression. The revised and expanded Second Edition includes: A new chapter dealing with the creative thought process for generating ideas; Precise case studies showing sequential form evolution; Hundreds of detailed photographs to assist in visualizing various techniques; Inspiring images from nature for naturalistic form development; Atypical design examples as impetus for innovation; Accompanying web site with projects for classroom students and...
Embellished Fashions

1908.00 руб.*

Mickey Baskett

Embellished Fashions

Fashion magazines show them, top boutiques sell them, and everyone wants them: blouses with beaded necklines; jeans and jackets encrusted with jewels; and pretty dresses adorned with embroidery, studs, and ribbons. The price tags for these gorgeous garments may not be user friendly - but the techniques are. Thanks to this lavishly illustrated manual, anyone can use iron-on motifs, appliqu?s, decorative stitchery, cutwork, paint, and other embellishments to dress up plain garments for a night on the town. It takes only basic skills to whip up a Sweet Flowers & Pearls Sweater, Feathered Fringed Purse, Lacy Sophisticated Suit, and Bejeweled Belts. Beautiful photos of over 45 restyled creations provide inspiration. So why hesitate? There's a t-shirt out there just waiting for its makeover!
Planning the Most Memorable Wedding on Any Budget

1482.00 руб.*

Kelly Wright

Planning the Most Memorable Wedding on Any Budget

Attention: Your Grand Wedding Might Make People Think That You Have Really Spent A Fortune... But You Can Chuckle Silently...! Are You Worried About Burning A Huge Hole In Your Bank Account Once You Start Planning Your Wedding? Fret Not! Discover Some Of The Most Helpful Tips To Make Your Wedding Grand, And Yet Keep Your Savings Intact! Finally! Discover How To Have A Truly Elegant And Memorable Wedding On A Limited Budget! Learn Some Lesser-Known, But Intelligent Strategies That Would Not Burn Your Fingers In The Process Of Planning Your Marriage... And Yet Make It Super-Successful And Memorable! Your wedding is the most exciting day of your life; but sticking to a wedding budget is not that easy. Far easier is spending more than you planned to. Take the guidance of the book "Planning the Most Memorable Wedding on Any Budget." In 140 pages written in a simple, interesting manner, this book teaches couples how to create and stick to a wedding budget, and thereby...
Precious Sunbonnet Quilts

2801.00 руб.*

Betty Alderman

Precious Sunbonnet Quilts

Popular Mechanics 500 Simple Home Repair Solutions

1838.00 руб.*

Norman Becker

Popular Mechanics 500 Simple Home Repair Solutions

500 questions… 500 smart solutions! From worn shingles, leaky windows, and squeaky floors to musty odors, slow heating furnaces, and sump pit drainage, every house has something that needs repairing, changing, or upgrading. And Norman Becker, the engineer who writes Popular Mechanics "Homeowner's Clinic" column, can help homeowners fix the problem. He presents an amazing range of must know information in an accessible question and answer format all taken from real life situations. Three easy to follow sections Exterior, Interior, and Electromechanicals cover all areas of the home environment: shingle moss on the roof, wood destroying insects in the foundation, stained bricks, gurgling sinks, plus paved areas, landscaping, basement crawl spaces, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, squeaky floors, stuck doors, and more.
The Crafter's Guide to Glue: Techniques & Projects

1923.00 руб.*

Pattie Donham

The Crafter's Guide to Glue: Techniques & Projects

It's hard to think of anything more useful than glue when it comes to crafts, but sometimes we may take glue for granted. Try to imagine an artistic world without glue! It's pretty much a necessity. If you're a craft fanatic you owe it to yourself to gain a full understanding of glue's properties and uses. This new glue guide helps you do just that. With tips and advice for effectively and creatively using glue, there are special sections devoted to fabric and leather projects, paper crafts, glass projects, jewelry and crystals, fashions in a flash, and home decor quickies. Best of all is that several recipes are included so you can make your own glue at home!

Books in English / Дом и сад



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