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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Trace Elements in Soils

21126.00 руб.*

Trace Elements in Soils

Written as an authoritative guide for analytical chemists, geochemists, soil scientists, agricultural chemists and environmental scientists at postgraduate level and beyond, Trace Metals in Soils provides an up-to-date, balanced and comprehensive review of the field. The text is divided into four sections: Basic chemistry and general principles a?? presents an overview of metal inputs, current regulations, basic chemistry in soils, and analytical tests, tools and protocols for content determination. Long-term behavior of trace metals in soils a?? reviews issues and major sources of metal inputs which will remain important in the future. Remediation and management of metal contaminated soils a?? discusses environment-friendly cleanup technology for metal contaminated soils. Individual metals. The book presents the latest advances in the field, bringing together subject matter currently dispersed across many different journals in order to...
Holding Common Ground: The Individual And Public Lands In The American West

1960.00 руб.*

Holding Common Ground: The Individual And Public Lands In The American West

Book DescriptionIn this anthology thirty western environ-mental writers speak of their personal and often passionate feelings for the land, from the tundra in Alaska to the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico. Original contributions by well-known essayists such as Michael P. Branch, Louise Freeman-Toole, Sharman Apt Russell, Kathleen Dean Moore, and Robert Michael Pyle evidence that the very personal relationships to the physical land remain unchanged at a time of increasing pressure on public spaces throughout the West. Royalties from this book will go to the Lands Council of Spokane, Washington, and the Friends of the Clearwater of Moscow, Idaho.
Salt Evaporation Pond: Pond, Salt, Seawater, Brine, Evaporation, Dunaliella Salina, San Francisco Bay, Dead Sea, Useless Loop, Western Australia, Onslow, Western Australia, Concentrating Solar Power

3954.00 руб.*

Salt Evaporation Pond: Pond, Salt, Seawater, Brine, Evaporation, Dunaliella Salina, San Francisco Bay, Dead Sea, Useless Loop, Western Australia, Onslow, Western Australia, Concentrating Solar Power

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Salt evaporation ponds are shallow man-made ponds designed to produce salts from sea water or other brines. The seawater or brine is fed into large ponds and water is drawn out through natural evaporation which allows the salt to be subsequently harvested. The ponds also provide a productive resting and feeding ground for many species of waterbirds, including several endangered species. The ponds are commonly separated by levees. Due to variable algal concentrations, vivid colors, from pale green to bright red, are created in the evaporation ponds. The color indicates the salinity of the ponds. Micro-organisms change their hues as the salinity of the pond increases. In low to mid-salinity ponds, green algae are predominant. In middle to high salinity ponds, an algae called Dunaliella salina shifts the color to red. Millions of tiny brine shrimp create an orange cast in mid-salinity ponds. Other bacteria such as Stichococcus also contribute...

6243.00 руб.*

Murray Gray


Since the UN Convention on Biodiversity was signed, attention has been focused on protecting and enhancing biological diversity. However, this does not include the rocks, landforms and processes that form the physical elements of our own environment. These elements have their own diversity – a geodiversity. Geodiversity: valuing and conserving abiotic nature is the first book to focus specifically on the geodiversity of the planet and the threats to this diversity, to explain the value of inanimate nature and to assess the approaches that should be taken to conserve it. This text is unique in several ways: Reviews different approaches taken around the world, including USA, Canada, Europe and Australia Reviews new ideas including Natural Areas, Landscape Character, georestoration, landform design, sustainable use of geomaterials, Environmental Impact Assessment and Geodiversity Action Plans Compares geo– and biodiversity, es tablishes the need for...
Global Warming (Global Issues)

1603.00 руб.*

Natalie Goldstein

Global Warming (Global Issues)

This title offers an objective look at the controversial topic of global warming. It is an undisputed fact that the Earth's climate is changing, and although the scientific community continues to debate the exact correlation between human activity and climatic change, there is now almost universal consensus that humankind directly impacts Earth's climate - an idea referred to as global warming. Scientists are continuously gathering data that hints at a bleak future. Despite ever-increasing technological advances, recent events such as Hurricane Katrina in the United States and Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar reveal how vulnerable humanity is to the weather. This is the reason many scientists advocate that countries take an active role in limiting the damages they cause, expanding the global warming movement from an environmental issue to a political and social one. "Global Warming" offers a clear, objective account of the science behind climate change, the potential harm that industrial...
Understanding the Economic and Financial Impacts of Natural Disasters (Disaster Risk Management Series)

1898.00 руб.*

Charlotte Benson

Understanding the Economic and Financial Impacts of Natural Disasters (Disaster Risk Management Series)

Book DescriptionReported disaster losses have risen rapidly over the last few decades, triggering a growing awareness of the potential damage caused by natural hazards. However, there is limited knowledge or understanding of their broader macroeconomic significance or the problems they pose for long-term development. Drawing on evidence from Bangladesh, Dominica and Malawi, Understanding the Economic and Financial Impacts of Natural Disasters explores these macro-economic and development issues. Thereport examines the short and long-term economic and financial impacts of natural disasters, the factors that contribute to underlying sensitivities, and identifies opportunities for improving the economic management of risk and disasters as they unfold.Download DescriptionThis report explores the macro-economic and public finance implications of natural disasters, including the role of information and mechanisms for risk spreading, and drawing in particular on evidence from...
Salt: A World History

1761.00 руб.*

Mark Kurlansky

Salt: A World History

Los Angeles Times Book Review Kurlansky continues to prove himself remarkably adept at taking a most unlikely candidate and telling its tale with epic grandeur.
Introductory Mining Engineering

17408.00 руб.*

Howard L. Hartman, Jan M. Mutmansky

Introductory Mining Engineering

An introductory text and reference on mining engineering highlighting the latest in mining technology Introductory Mining Engineering outlines the role of the mining engineer throughout the life of a mine, including prospecting for the deposit, determinig the site's value, developing the mine, extracting the mineral values, and reclaiming the land afterward. This Second Edition is written with a focus on sustainability-managing land to meet the economic and environmental needs of the present while enhancng its ability to also meet the needs of future generations. Coverage includes aboveground and underground methods of mining for a wide range of substances, including metals, nonmetals, and fuels. Completely up to date, this book presents the latest nformation on such technologies as remote sensing, GPS, geophysical surveying, and mineral deposit evaluation, as well as continuous integrated mining operations and autonomous trucks. Also included is new information on landscape...
The State and the Global Ecological Crisis

1925.00 руб.*

The State and the Global Ecological Crisis

Book DescriptionCountering the current view of many environmental activists that sovereign nations cannot provide effective environmental governance, The State and the Global Ecological Crisis offers analyses and case studies that explore the prospects for "reinstating the state" as a facilitator of progressive environmental change rather than a contributor to environmental destruction. The authors recognize that, despite the new pressures of global economic competition and rapid technological change, the state remains the preeminent institution with the capacity and authority to secure environmental protection. The book explores the possibilities for the "greening" of the state, domestically and internationally, looking at states both as individual governments and in multilateral or regional regimes. It examines cases in North America, Europe, Australia, and the Philippines and analyzes the broader theoretical implications. The first part of the book focuses on domestic...
Garnaut Climate Change Review: Carbon sequestration, Biosequestration, Global Warming, Carbon Capture and Storage, States and Territories of Australia, ... Government of Australia, Climate Change.

3292.00 руб.*

Garnaut Climate Change Review: Carbon sequestration, Biosequestration, Global Warming, Carbon Capture and Storage, States and Territories of Australia, ... Government of Australia, Climate Change.

The Garnaut Climate Change Review was a study by Professor Ross Garnaut, commissioned by then Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd and by the Australian State and Territory Governments on 30 April 2007. After his election on 24 November 2007 Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd has confirmed the participation of the Commonwealth Government in the Review. The Review examined the impacts of climate change on the Australian economy, and recommended medium to long-term policies and policy frameworks to improve the prospects for sustainable prosperity. Some observers have remarked that the Garnaut Review would be Australia's version of the Stern Review. A number of forums were held around Australia to engage the public on various issues relating to the Review. The Secretariat to support the Review was based in the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet. The final report of the Garnaut Review was delivered on 30 September 2008.

Books in English / Все науки... / Экология



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