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Книги. Художественная литература. Учебники и пособия.

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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Драма

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702.00 руб.*



Semi Monde (Methuen Drama)

1549.00 руб.*

Noel Coward

Semi Monde (Methuen Drama)

Citizen-Saints : Shakespeare and Political Theology

3669.00 руб.*

Julia Reinhard Lupton

Citizen-Saints : Shakespeare and Political Theology

Book Description Turning to the potent idea of political theology to recover the strange mix of political and religious thinking during the Renaissance, this bracing study reveals in the works of Shakespeare and his sources the figure of the citizen-saint, who represents at once divine messenger and civil servant, both norm and exception. Embodied by such diverse personages as Antigone, Paul, Barabbas, Shylock, Othello, Caliban, Isabella, and Samson, the citizen-saint is a sacrificial figure: a modelof moral and aesthetic extremity who inspires new regimes of citizenship with his or her death and martyrdom. Among the many questions Julia Reinhard Lupton attempts to answer under the rubric of the citizen-saint are: how did states of emergency, acts of sovereign exception, and Messianic anticipations lead to new forms of religious and political law? What styles of universality were implied by the abject state of the pure creature, at sea in a creation abandoned by its...
Whelan Plays: 1 : The Accrington Pals, The Herbal Bed, The School of Night (Methuen Drama)

2765.00 руб.*

Peter Whelan

Whelan Plays: 1 : The Accrington Pals, The Herbal Bed, The School of Night (Methuen Drama)

Book Description First collection of plays by one of Britain's most-acclaimed contemporary playwrights. Whelan is expert at moving and often comical evocations of suffering and desire, whether in Elizabethan England, or in deserted Lancashire mill towns during the Great War. Peter Whelan was born in 1931 and lives in the English Midlands. One of the Britain's most popular living playwrights, he has worked very closely with the Royal Shakespeare Company.
Marlowe (New Casebooks)

10458.00 руб.*

Marlowe (New Casebooks)

Book Description This New Casebook offers a wide-ranging selection of essays on the major plays of Shakespeare's most notable contemporary playwright, Christopher Marlowe. Articles from the last two decades by major critics of English early modern drama, among them Stephen Greenblatt, Catherine Belsey, Jonathan Dollimore, Alan Sinfield, Michael Hattaway, Dympna Callagham, Emily Bartels and others, provide a variety of fresh, controversial and enlightening critical perspectives on five of Marlowe's plays: Tamburlaine the Great Parts I and II, The Jew of Malta, Doctor Faustus, and Edward II.
Just Voices They Are Not : The True Story Behind the Rescue Teams of the Rhode Island Nightclub Tragedy, February 20, 2003

1369.00 руб.*


Just Voices They Are Not : The True Story Behind the Rescue Teams of the Rhode Island Nightclub Tragedy, February 20, 2003

Book DescriptionThis book is part one of a series; detailing extraordinary skill, precise timing, and Human sacrifice surrounding the rescue teams, during the first moments of the horrific Station Nightclub fire that killed 100 unsuspecting concert fans in “Little Rhody.” The Author depicts a first hand account from the first two hours of a eight hour time-line never published until this release. As D.J.Telec discloses heartrending and dramatic details about Station Nightclub tragedy; he alsoreveals some of his personal character; humanizing a small portion of large Military secret that has been shrouded in total secrecy for more than twenty years. These two stories will intrigue the reader to stay in beat with very compelling and very true Human drama! 100 Pages. 100 Victims. 100 Percent of the proceeds will go to the Project Everlasting Endowment Fund for the Victims.
Othello (The Sourcebooks Shakespeare; Book & CD) (Sourcebooks Shakespeare Experience)

1886.00 руб.*

David Bevington

Othello (The Sourcebooks Shakespeare; Book & CD) (Sourcebooks Shakespeare Experience)

Book DescriptionThis remarkable edition features the full text of Othello, with glossary and performance annotations. An integrated audio CD showcases the deeper understanding and enjoyment that come from the power of performance. Hear....Read....See: - Hear the great Othellos of our time, from Paul Robeson to James Earl Jones - See production notes and photos alongside the text that takes you inside the stage experience - Read about the seminal 1987 production in South Africa, by the director herself, Janet Suzman - Hear an 1890 private recording of Edwin Booth reciting Othello's speech to the Senate - See photos from contemporary stage productions (including Patrick Stewart's 1997 photonegative version) and movie adaptations - Read and see how the 2005 cast from Actors of the London Stage approaches the play
Flori, a Pastoral Drama : A Bilingual Edition (The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe)

2949.00 руб.*

Maddalena Campiglia

Flori, a Pastoral Drama : A Bilingual Edition (The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe)

Book Description One of the first pastoral dramas published by an Italian woman, Flori is Maddalena Campiglia's most substantial surviving literary work and one of the earliest known examples of secular dramatic writing by a woman in Europe. Although acclaimed in her day, Campiglia (1553-95) has not benefited from the recent wave of scholarship that has done much to enhance the visibility and reputation of contemporaries such as Isabella Andreini, Moderata Fonte, and Veronica Franco. Asthis bilingual, first-ever critical edition of Flori illustrates, this neglect is decidedly unwarranted. Flori is a work of great literary and cultural interest, noteworthy in particular for the intensity of its focus on the experiences andperceptions of its female protagonists and their ideals of female autonomy. Flori will be read by those involved in the study of early modern literature and drama, women's studies, and the study of gender and sexuality in this period.
Bacon's Nova Resuscitatio or The Unveiling of His Concealed Works and Travels; The Exit of Shakespeare, Part 2

3329.00 руб.*

Walter Begley

Bacon's Nova Resuscitatio or The Unveiling of His Concealed Works and Travels; The Exit of Shakespeare, Part 2

Book Description1905. Other volumes in this set include ISBN number(s): 0766172112, 0766172139.Volume 2 of 3. Mr. Begley claims to have brought forward in these works a large mass of material, much of which is new, tending to show that young Francis Bacon was in those earlier years, of which Spedding knew so little, busily engaged both in poetical criticism and in philosophical speculations concerning poetry - an education and preparation for his own vast schemes for the common good.
Twelfth Night (The Shakespeare Folios)

3017.00 руб.*

William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night (The Shakespeare Folios)

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке / Драма



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