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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Secret Gardens of Hollywood : And Other Private Oases in Los Angeles

4687.00 руб.*

Adele Cygelman

Secret Gardens of Hollywood : And Other Private Oases in Los Angeles

Book Description This book offers a peek into the most beautiful private gardens of Los Angeles, one of the most verdant places on earth. Life here is meant to be lived outdoors and extravagantly, and these gardens reflect the town's larger-than-lifepersonalities who take pride in their extraordinary garden sanctuaries. The sunny, warm climate in L.A. allows garden designers to unleash their most creative gardening fantasies, using plants collected from all over the world. The twenty-five gardens in the book illustrate the remarkable range of styles in the area, from Joni Mitchell's whimsical Bel-Air garden retreat to a garden of rare succulent plants at Jack LaLanne's former residence to Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen's Southern-style country hideaway. Featuring all-new photographs by Erica Lennard, coauthor of the bestselling book The Art of Doing Nothing , this escape book is sure to appeal to gardeners and star-gazers alike.
Giuseppe Terragni: Transformations, Decompositions, Critiques

9144.00 руб.*

Peter Eisenman, Giuseppe Terragni, Manfredo Tafuri

Giuseppe Terragni: Transformations, Decompositions, Critiques

Peter Eisenman?s eagerly awaited magnum opus--forty years in the making--documents and investigates two of Italian rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni?s masterworks: the Casa del Fascio and the Casa Giuliani-Frigerio, both in Como, Italy. This far-reaching study--illustrated with finely delineated two-color diagrams, archival drawings from Terragni?s studio, and period photographs--employs what Eisenman calls critical and textual readings of both buildings. Eisenmandescribes the articulations and openings on the facades; notations providing the basis for his analysis. In the Casa del Fascio, the four sequential design schemes each record the previous state, encoding the process of transformation. In the Casa Giuliani-Frigerio, it is instead the process of decomposition that generates the facades. Also included in the book are an essay by Terragni, on the commissioning, design, and construction of the Casa del Fascio, and a critique by Manfredo Tafuri, the...
Buff & Hensman

7353.00 руб.*

Donald C. Hensman

Buff & Hensman

Book DescriptionCalifornia architects Conrad Buff and Donald Hensman produced an impressive catalog of work over their long partnership, including a contribution to Art & Architecture magazine's Case Study House Program, celebrity homes, and Ronald Reagan's Governor's Mansion. Buff and Hensman's houses epitomized the increasingly casual lifestyle that revolutionized social habits across the United States in the 1960s. An almost perfect climate in and around Los Angeles made it possible for the architectsto develop a wood-frame and glass-panel architecture that lends seamlessly with its surroundings. When California building code forced a change in their design methodology, they began a new phase of their creative life that reinvigorated their practice.This book is the first comprehensive look at their achievement, and includes commentary on their most important projects as well as a complete chronology of all of their work.
Troppo Architects

3961.00 руб.*

Philip Goad

Troppo Architects

Book DescriptionHistorically, the phrase going troppo came into prominence during World War II. It meant to be heat affected, one went off, a little mad in the heat of the tropics. This is the story of two architects who went troppo, but in doing so, found another state. For them it meant becoming acclimatised, not going off at all, but understanding the place. Going troppo was revealing?even enlightening?and it would provide the basis for a new practice of architecture in Australia?s Northern Territory.
Architecture in Detail: Volume 2

2590.00 руб.*

Graham Bizley

Architecture in Detail: Volume 2

Following on from Graham Bizley's successful Architecture in Detail, Architecture in Detail: Volume 2 presents 40 case studies of detailing on recent construction projects. Over 150 full colour drawings and photos provide a reference compendium for the professional architect seeking detailing inspiration. Originally featured in Building Design's In Detail magazine, the included projects represent some of the most interesting and innovative techniques in recent architecture. Graham Bizley's beautifully presented detail drawings allow the architect to easily see how ideas and techniques can be applied to other projects. The book is organised by building type for quick and easy reference. Accessible and diverse range of 40 detailing case studies from the UK, on big and small architectural projects; Presents Graham Bizley's concise and easy to understand drawings of detail in total clarity to consider for design solutions; Up to date UK projects from 2008 and...
Latin American Architecture 1929-1960

4017.00 руб.*

Latin American Architecture 1929-1960

Sustainable Cities (Regional Development and Public Policy Series)

6907.00 руб.*


Sustainable Cities (Regional Development and Public Policy Series)

Book DescriptionSustainable Cities simultaneously tackles two issues of immediate public concern which also find themselves high on the policy agenda: sustainable environmental development and urban development. The themes of the book - the bringing together of the insights of environmental science, the social sciences and management; the combination of problem analysis with practical application; and a critique of urban environmental problems concentrating on air and water pollution - are illustrated throughout with in-depth material and case studies taken from around the world and are approached from a variety of perspectives: economic, ecological and managerial. Each chapter has a concluding section pointing to key concepts, key reading and a range ofdiscussion points.
Facing Southwest: The Life and Houses of Jon Gaw Meem

3431.00 руб.*

Chris Wilson

Facing Southwest: The Life and Houses of Jon Gaw Meem

Book Description A colorful tour of the life and work of Santa Fe architect John Gaw Meem. Regarded as the leading southwest architect of his time, John Gaw Meem brought the Santa Fe style to its peak in the 1920s and 1930s. Including original drawings, floor plans, and stunning color photographs, this book explores Meem's signature design elements and numerous examples of his unique Spanish- and Pueblo-influenced residences. 176 color and 100 black-and-white illustrations.
The Capsular Civilization: On The City In The Age Of Fear (Reflect)

3669.00 руб.*

Lieven De Cauter

The Capsular Civilization: On The City In The Age Of Fear (Reflect)

Book DescriptionSince September 11, the War on Terrorism, and the war in Iraq, it has been almost impossible to dissociate architecture from its social context. Add to this the massive influence of capitalism on architecture, disturbing demographic developments, and associated political, social, and ecological catastrophes, and the result is a robotic snapshot of a society dominated by fear, exclusion, and simulation. Lieven De Cauter, a leading theoretician on the subject of capsularisation, has worked over the past six years on the essays and articles contained in this book, and has documented and analyzed our changing societies before and after 9/11. For the first time, the link between the global economy, demographic changes, world terror, and the role played by the United States under the Bush admisinstration, are examined in detail in a single publication. De Cauter sketches a realistic and alarming account of the new world order that is an everyday concern for the architects...
China's New Dawn: An Architectural Transformation

6045.00 руб.*

Layla Dawson

China's New Dawn: An Architectural Transformation

Book DescriptionThis incisive look at the historical, social, and economic forces that have shaped China?s modern architecture analyzes the country?s struggle to define its own architectural aesthetics. Since the early 1980s, when China opened its doors to international trade and tourism, the country?s economy has expanded at an incredible rate. Today, China is poised to be a testing ground for the world?s most innovative designers and engineers. Layla Dawson?s groundbreakingsurvey of architectural currents in China lays out not only the historical events that have brought the country to this unique position, but explores the challenges inherent in opening up the country to outside forces and ideas. She examines projects by Chinese and non-Chinese architects, including Zaha Hadid?s Soho City masterplan, Rem Koolhas?s CCTV Headquarters, Norman Foster?s Shanghai Tower and plans for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. As Dawson demonstrates how...

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