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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Sound Advice on Digital Audio (Instantpro)

1738.00 руб.*

Bill A. Gibson

Sound Advice on Digital Audio (Instantpro)

Book DescriptionSound Advice on Digital Audio will give you the information and insight you need to get the most out of your equipment and make your own world-class recordings. This information-packed guide provides step-by-step instruction along with a CD of excellent audio examples, all aimed at showing you how to use these important tools and techniques like a pro.
Essential Dreamweaver 4.0 Fast

5428.00 руб.*

Fiaz Hussain

Essential Dreamweaver 4.0 Fast

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0 provides an exciting environment for creating and managing web-pages and web-sites. Fiaz Hussain gives a quick, but effective, introduction to the various key components and tools making up the development studio. Using a hands-on approach, with plenty of animated illustrations "Essential Dreamweaver 4.0 Fast:" * shows the simple and valuable steps necessary to designing, developing, evaluating and publishing a web-site * explains the essential components of building a web-site, through hand-coding HTML or JavaScript, or via the Visual Editor, or by means of both * discusses how to include text, images, links, forms, frames, layers, HTML, JavaScript and style sheets. "Essential Dreamweaver 4.0 Fast" gives an easy explanation of the basic tools needed to build and manage sophisticated web sites quickly.
Digital Video Pocket Guide (O'Reilly Digital Studio)

7024.00 руб.*

Derrick Story

Digital Video Pocket Guide (O'Reilly Digital Studio)

The Digital Video Pocket Guide is concise, easy to use, and is overflowing with the techniques you'll need to know to create great movies. The book is organized into three chapters: "What Is It?", "How Does It Work?", and "How Do I...Tips, Tricks,and Techniques". In the first chapter, "What Is It?", you're introduced to the ins and outs of your DV camcorder. Author Derrick Story builds the solid foundation that helps you better understand your camera. Chapter two maps out, step by step, a sure-fire approach to successful movie making. Next, you'll accelerate your prowess by learning the rock-solid techniques of video experts. Among the tips and tricks featured in chapter three are how the pros shoot action video, arrange lighting for an interview, and capture clean audio. Finally, the Appendix is packed with well-organized tables and charts on a myriad of topics. Completely indexed and beautifully illustrated in color, the Digital Video Pocket Guide is the ultimate shooting...
Flash 4 Bible

4822.00 руб.*

Robert Reinhardt, Jon Warren Lentz

Flash 4 Bible

If Flash 4 can do it, you can do it too Whether you're a Flash beginner or an old hand, this is the one guide you need to unleash the full potential of this state-of-the-art Web animation software. Packed with examples and illustrations ? including eight pages in full color ? as well as expert tutorials from animations pros, the Flash 4 Bible covers everything from creating graphics and building interactive effects to using Flash with other applications and deploying Flash animations on the Web. It's all you need to discover the secrets of great Flash animation ? and take any Web site to the next level! Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Flash 4 Create streaming animation and moving logos for any Web site Build pop-up menus and rollover buttons with ease Explore Flash drawing tools, animation controls, and file format support Use Flash with Dreamweaver, Photoshop, FreeHand, Illustrator, Premiere, and other design software ...
Learn Design with Flash MX

3789.00 руб.*

Kris Besley, Linda Goin

Learn Design with Flash MX

You are not alone. Learn Design with Flash MX employs a unique class-based approach to learning with the goal of establishing core, generic design skills. Each chapter represents a discrete lesson covering a distinct topic of design, and in each 'class' we smoothly blend theory and practice with plentiful practical examples, and a class project that runs through the book to reinforce the learning in an integrated, real-world context, using Flash MX as the illustrative vehicle. Written from the perspective of the design course's tutor, the context is that of a Design 101 course taught in a classroom environment, where the students act as mouthpieces to ask the common questions that beginner designers are sure to ask. You'll get to know the students in thebook and follow the development of these characters as your own skill and expertise evolves too. Learn Design with Flash MX covers the fundamental design principles and skills that every designer needs to master in order to create...
Macromedia Flash 5 Training for Macintosh By Keyko

17386.00 руб.*

Thierry Tonnellier

Macromedia Flash 5 Training for Macintosh By Keyko

New! Keyko Self-Paced Training ? Built for Mac OS X? for Macromedia Flash 5 With the Flash 5 Personal Training by Keyko, you will be able in no time at all to realize animation that you have ever dreamed to make. By this training you will express a new kind of creative freedom of using your computer. The Keyko?s Training mission is to demystify the Flash?s infinite options and let you create the kind of animation or webpages that other look at and say, ?Wow, How did you do that?? These interactive CD-ROMs are written to make your journey into Macromedia Flash flexible and self-paced. Keyko have created training CD-ROMs that can help anyone get comfortable with computer software. This new training is ?built for Mac OS X?, but the CD included a version to be use on Mac OS 7.6 through 9.2 4 CD-ROMs 12 Chapters 964 Steps Fully detailled 100 Quiz Tests
ActionScript : The Definitive Guide

4762.00 руб.*

Colin Moock

ActionScript : The Definitive Guide

Given its ability to deliver high-impact multimedia, Flash has become the de facto standard for multimedia web developers worldwide. Flash 5 includes a new full-fledged programming language, "ActionScript," that controls animation and multimedia, and includes all common programming constructs (such as variables, loops, conditionals, and functions). ActionScript for Flash 5 is a quantum leap from previous versions, and ActionScript: The Definitive Guide is the first book dedicated entirely to documenting and demonstrating the ActionScript programming language. ActionScript: The Definitive Guide is structured so both programmers and non-programmers can learn how to use ActionScript. This book will take you well beyond simple Flash animations so you can create your own enhanced Flash-driven sites.
Director 8 and Lingo Authorized (3rd Edition)

1653.00 руб.*

Phil Gross, Frank Elley, Karen Tucker, Macromedia Press

Director 8 and Lingo Authorized (3rd Edition)

The Web Wizard's Guide to Photoshop (Addison Wesley's Web Wizard Series)

3550.00 руб.*

Sherry Hutson

The Web Wizard's Guide to Photoshop (Addison Wesley's Web Wizard Series)

Since its creation, Photoshop has evolved into a full-featured Digital Imaging program that has revolutionized the way graphics and Web pages are created. The Web Wizard's Guide to Photoshop teaches readers with no previous experience howto create and edit images and graphics for the Web using Photoshop and ImageReady. From scanning pictures to applying filters this quick and easy-to-understand introduction to Photoshop will have readers spicing up their Web sites in no time. Edit, retouch, and resize scanned photographs, photos downloaded from your digital camera, or create images for Web site buttons and logos. Provides an understanding of the differences between GIF images and JPEG images; between raster and vector graphics; and the relationship between pixels, image size, and resolution. Learn to use layers, filters, effects, slice, and styles to create more interesting images. Create images you can use in Web editing programs like Go Live, Dreamweaver, and Front...
Flash MX 2004: Graphics, Animation & Interactivity

7941.00 руб.*

James L. Mohler

Flash MX 2004: Graphics, Animation & Interactivity

Through four releases of Macromedia's industry-standard web graphics software program, James Mohler has become the indispensable resource for those looking to master the power of Flash. Flash MX 2004: Graphics, Animation & Interactivity delivers Mohler's widely praised hands-on approach to learning the newest version of Macromedia Flash. Exercises and examples int he book and on the back-of-book CD, combined with the written material, provide the best of both worlds - not just telling you how Flash works, but showing you as well. For those new to Flash, there are plenty of exercises designed to get users up to speed quickly. Intermediate and advanced Flash users will find new exercises that demonstrate the latest features of MX 2004 as well as a valuable series of examples that illustrate some of the more complex elements of the software. The book features chapters on graphic techniques, bitmap graphic integration, typography and text, symbols, libraries, sound, animation, and...

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Цифровое аудио и видео



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