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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems, 2nd Edition

16541.00 руб.*

Henry Ott

Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems, 2nd Edition

This updated and expanded version of the very successful first edition offers new chapters on controlling the emission from electronic systems, especially digital systems, and on low-cost techniques for providing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for consumer products sold in a competitive market. There is also a new chapter on the susceptibility of electronic systems to electrostatic discharge. There is more material on FCC regulations, digital circuit noise and layout, and digital circuit radiation. Virtually all the material in the first edition has been retained. Contains a new appendix on FCC EMC test procedures.
Applied Electromagnetic Scattering Theory

14937.00 руб.*

Andrey Osipov, Sergei Tretyakov

Applied Electromagnetic Scattering Theory

Besides classical applications (radar and stealth, antennas, microwave engineering), scattering and diffraction are enabling phenomena for some emerging research fields (artificial electromagnetic materials or metamaterials, terahertz technologies, electromagnetic aspects of nano-science). This book is a tutorial for advanced students who need to study diffraction theory. The textbook gives fundamental knowledge about scattering and diffraction of electromagnetic waves and provides some working examples of solutions for practical high-frequency scattering and diffraction problems. The book focuses on the most important diffraction effects and mechanisms influencing the scattering process and describes efficient and physically justified simulation methods a?? physical optics (PO) and the physical theory of diffraction (PTD) a?? applicable in typical remote sensing scenarios. The material is presented in a comprehensible and logical form, which relates the presented...
Gas Phase Nanoparticle Synthesis

17471.00 руб.*

Gas Phase Nanoparticle Synthesis

This book deals with gas-phase nanoparticle synthesis and is intended for researchers and research students in nanomaterials science and engineering, condensed matter physics and chemistry, and aerosol science. Gas-phase nanoparticle synthesis is instrumental to nanotechnology?a field in current focus that raises hopes for environmentally benign, resource-lean manufacturing. Nanoparticles can be produced by many physical, chemical, and even biological routes. Gas-phase synthesis is particularly interesting since one can achieve accurate manufacturing control and hence industrial viability. Nanotechnology is popular today. However, basic scientific aspects of the relevant, underlying processes have not received sufficient attention. This book fills the gap in the current literature by addressing certain fundamentals of gas-phase nanoparticle synthesis. Chapters cover topics such as forces within and dynamics of nanoparticle systems, gas evaporation and deposition, laser assisted...
Nonlinear Filters for Image Processing

5263.00 руб.*

Edward R. Dougherty

Nonlinear Filters for Image Processing

Nonlinear Filters for Image Processing Editors: Edward R. Dougherty, Texas A&M University Jaakko T. Astola, Tampere University of Technology Part of the SPIE/IEEE Series on Imaging Science & Engineering This text covers key mathematical principles and algorithms for nonlinear filters used in image processing. Readers will gain an in–depth understanding of the underlying mathematical and filter design methodologies needed to construct and utilize nonlinear filters in a variety of applications. The 11 chapters, written by experts in the field, explore topics of contemporary interest as well as fundamentals drawn from nonlinear filtering’s historical roots in mathematical morphology and digital signal processing. Linear filtering has dominated image processing, partly because the mathematical analysis is much easier than for nonlinear operators. However, nonlinear filters often yield superior results. This book explains in depth various filter options and the types of applications for...
Murray Gell-mann: Selected Papers (World Scientific Series in 20th Century Physics)

5552.00 руб.*

Murray Gell-mann: Selected Papers (World Scientific Series in 20th Century Physics)

Murray Gell-Mann is one of the leading physicists in the world. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1969 for his work on the SU(3) symmetry. His list of publications, albeit relatively short, is highly impressive - he has written mainly papers, which have become landmarks in physics. In 1953, Gell-Mann introduced the strangeness quantum number. In 1954, he proposed, together with F Low, the idea of the renormalization group. In 1958, Gell-Mann wrote, together with R Feynman, an important paper on the V-A theory of weak interactions. In 1961, Gell-Mann published his ideas on the SU(3) symmetry. In 1964, he proposed the quark model for hadrons. In 1971, Gell-Mann, together with H Fritzsch, proposed the color quantum number; and in 1972, the theory of QCD. These major publications of Gell-Mann are collected in this volume, thus providing physicists with easy access to the important publications of Gell-Mann.
The Wigner Monte-Carlo Method for Nanoelectronic Devices: Particle Description of Quantum Transport and Decoherence

8953.00 руб.*

Damien Querlioz, Philippe Dollfus

The Wigner Monte-Carlo Method for Nanoelectronic Devices: Particle Description of Quantum Transport and Decoherence

The emergence of nanoelectronics has led us to renew the concepts of transport theory used in semiconductor device physics and the engineering community. It has become crucial to question the traditional semi-classical view of charge carrier transport and to adequately take into account the wave-like nature of electrons by considering not only their coherent evolution but also the out-of-equilibrium states and the scattering effects. This book gives an overview of the quantum transport approaches for nanodevices and focuses on the Wigner formalism. It details the implementation of a particle-based Monte Carlo solution of the Wigner transport equation and how the technique is applied to typical devices exhibiting quantum phenomena, such as the resonant tunnelling diode, the ultra-short silicon MOSFET and the carbon nanotube transistor. In the final part, decoherence theory is used to explain the emergence of the semi-classical transport in nanodevices.
Electromagnetic Fields in Unconventional Materials and Structures

6352.00 руб.*

Onkar N. Singh

Electromagnetic Fields in Unconventional Materials and Structures

This book will shape the course of electromagnetics research for decades to come. Fourteen leading researchers from five countries reveal their latest research results in detail and review parallel developments. The topics discussed, though unconventional today, are destined to attract great attention as shrinking device sizes make electromagnetic effects ever more important. These topics include the rotation of polarization of electric waves by a twisted structure; homogenization of linear bianistotropic composite materials; novel free–space techniques to characterize complex mediums; sculptured thin films; electrodynamic properties of carbon nanotubes; and more. Electromagnetic Fields in Unconventional Materials and Structures: ? Focuses on geometry in both large and small scales ? Provides a blueprint for electromagnetics research at the turn of the century ? Features new results, comments, and prognostications on 21st century research ? Includes...
Surface gravity: Astronomical Object, Gravitational Acceleration, Metre per Second Squared, Acceleration, Standard Gravity, Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation

4039.00 руб.*

Surface gravity: Astronomical Object, Gravitational Acceleration, Metre per Second Squared, Acceleration, Standard Gravity, Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The surface gravity, g, of an astronomical or other object is the gravitational acceleration experienced at its surface. The surface gravity may be thought of as the acceleration due to gravity experienced by a hypothetical test particle which is very close to the object's surface and which, in order not to disturb the system, has negligible mass.Surface gravity is measured in units of acceleration, which, in the SI system, are meters per second squared. It may also be expressed as a multiple of the Earth's standard surface gravity, g = 9.80665 m/s2. In astrophysics, the surface gravity may be expressed as log g, which is obtained by first expressing the gravity in cgs units, where the unit of acceleration is centimeters per second squared, and then taking the base 10 logarithm. To convert log g to g-force, use: 10'log g'/980.665.
Spins in Optically Active Quantum Dots: Concepts and Methods

8874.00 руб.*

Oliver Gywat, Hubert J. Krenner, Jesse Berezovsky

Spins in Optically Active Quantum Dots: Concepts and Methods

Filling a gap in the literature, this up-to-date introduction to the field provides an overview of current experimental techniques, basic theoretical concepts, and sample fabrication methods. Following an introduction, this monograph deals with optically active quantum dots and their integration into electro-optical devices, before looking at the theory of quantum confined states and quantum dots interacting with the radiation field. Final chapters cover spin-spin interaction in quantum dots as well as spin and charge states, showing how to use single spins for break-through quantum computation. A conclusion and outlook round off the volume. The result is a primer providing the essential basic knowledge necessary for young researchers entering the field, as well as semiconductor and theoretical physicists, PhD students in physics and material sciences, electrical engineers and materials scientists.
Side-Channel Attack: Cryptography, Cryptosystem, Brute Force Attack, Electromagnetic Radiation, Key (Cryptography), History of Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Rubber-Hose Cryptanalysis

3398.00 руб.*

Side-Channel Attack: Cryptography, Cryptosystem, Brute Force Attack, Electromagnetic Radiation, Key (Cryptography), History of Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Rubber-Hose Cryptanalysis

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In cryptography, a side channel attack is any attack based on information gained from the physical implementation of a cryptosystem, rather than brute force or theoretical weaknesses in the algorithms (compare cryptanalysis). For example, timing information, power consumption, electromagnetic leaks or even sound can provide an extra source of information which can be exploited to break the system. Many side-channel attacks require considerable technical knowledge of the internal operation of the system on which the cryptography is implemented.

Books in English / Все науки... / Физика



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