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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке

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The Preservationist

1423.00 руб.*

David Maine

The Preservationist

Book Description "Noe says, -I must build a boat. -A boat, she says. -A ship, more like. I'll need the boys to help, he adds as an afterthought. -We're leagues from the sea, she says, or any river big enough to warrant a boat. This conversation is making Noe impatient. -I've no need to explain myself to you. -And when you're done, she says carefully, we'll be taking this ship to the sea somehow? As usual, Noe's impatience fades quickly. -We'll not be going to the sea. The sea will be coming to us." In this brilliant debut novel, Noah's family (or Noe as he's called here)-his wife, sons, and daughters-in-law-tell what it's like to live with a man touched by God, while struggling against events that cannot be controlled or explained. When Noe orders his sons to build an ark, he can't tell them where the wood will come from. When he sends his daughters-in-law out to gather animals, he can offer no directions, money, or protection. And once the rain starts,...
The Great Book of Gaelic

4607.00 руб.*

The Great Book of Gaelic

Laughter in the Dark

790.00 руб.*

Владимир Набоков

Laughter in the Dark

These opening lines hurl the reader into a cruel but compelling account of lust and infatuation. In a series of vivid scenes, full of 'restless, unstoppable invention', which look ahead to Nabokov's masterpiece Lolita, the story draws inevitably to its tragic conclusion. Формат: 12,5 см х 19,5 см.
Who Cares? : Stories of Life and Love, or lack thereof

1879.00 руб.*

Cameron C. Duncan

Who Cares? : Stories of Life and Love, or lack thereof

Book Description Who Cares? is full of tales of life and experiences not only of the authors, but of the readers. Stories of violence, stories of hardship, stories of insecurity, strength, brilliance, stupidity, peace, war, imagination, music, romance, love, hate, and much more in poetic or musical form. Many of the stories are true-many are fiction. Written to make the reader laugh, cry, think, dream, but most of all relate. Read it with rhythm, and hear it with your heart. Divided into two sections: life and love. It feature blues songs ("Paper Bag"), rock ("Somwhere"), R&B ("When we were a two"), hip hop ("Who Will Be"), classic rock ("No place like home") and poems written in pain, desire, hope, happiness, misery.
A Piano in the Pyrenees: The Ups and Downs of an Englishman in the French Mountains

437.00 руб.*

Tony Hawks

A Piano in the Pyrenees: The Ups and Downs of an Englishman in the French Mountains

Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? (Loyola Classics)

1418.00 руб.*

John R. Powers

Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? (Loyola Classics)

Book DescriptionJohn Powersi classic comic novel of the 1960s Catholic subculture stars Eddie Ryan, a Chicago boy who learns about the important questions in life in his years at an all-boys Catholic school on Chicagois South Side. He views it all through the prism of his Catholic mentality, which often deepens the mystery but sometimes clarifies it.
Lion's Honey: The Myth of Samson (Myths, The)

2167.00 руб.*

David Grossman

Lion's Honey: The Myth of Samson (Myths, The)

Israel's most lauded contemporary writer retells the myth of Samson, one of the most tempestuous, charismatic, and colorful characters in the Hebrew Bible. There are few other Bible stories with so much drama and action, narrative fireworks and raw emotion, as we find in the tale of Samson: the battle with the lion; the three hundred burning foxes; the women he bedded and the one woman that he loved; his betrayal by all the women in his life, from his mother to Delilah; and, in the end, his murderous suicide, when he brought the house down on himself and three thousand Philistines. "Yet, beyond the wild impulsiveness, the chaos, the din, we can make out a life story that is, at bottom, the tortured journey of a single, lonely and turbulent soul who never found, anywhere, a true home in the world, whose very body was a harsh place of exile. For me, this discovery, this recognition, is the point at which the myth — for all its grand images, its larger-than-life...
A Mysterious Affair of Style

277.00 руб.*

Gilbert Adair

A Mysterious Affair of Style

London, 1946. An actress is murdered, not just on camera but in full view of a crowded film set. Only six people had an opportunity to administer the poison yet not one of them had a conceivable motive. Luckily, Evadne Mount, the irrepressible author of countless bestselling whodunits, is on the case, with the help of her loyal, long-suffering partner Chief Inspector Trubshawe. Together they discover that these same six people did, however, have a motive for committing another, earlier but still unsolved murder. And yet, on that occasion, not one of them had the opportunity ... Формат: 12,5 см х 20 см.
Right Ho, Jeeves

135.00 руб.*

P. G. Wodehouse

Right Ho, Jeeves

Главные герои романа - всемирно известные персонажи - простодушный и немного наивный потомок аристократического семейства Берти Вустер и его камердинер Дживс, чей незаурядный ум помогает героям выходить из самых непредвиденных ситуаций.
The Privilege of the Sword

1357.00 руб.*

Ellen Kushner

The Privilege of the Sword

Kushner's winning high fantasy with its sophisticated swordplay marks a welcome return to the romantic Riverside world she introduced in Swordspoint (1987). Coming-of-age gets complicated for winsome Lady Katherine Samantha Campion Talbert after she's shipped off to her uncle, the Mad Duke of Tremontaine (aka David Alexander "Alec" Tielman Campion), who reigns over a decadent world of erotic and political intrigue. At first Kate's frightened of becoming a swashbuckler, but after training with the duke's favorite lover, the dashing Richard St. Vier, and becoming friends with Marcus, Alec's devoted young assistant, she finds she's more than up for the task. Her skills are tested in her effort to avenge the rape of her best friend, Lady Artemesia Fitz-Levy,by one of her uncle's foes, Anthony Deverin (aka Lord Ferris, Crescent Chancellor of the Council of Lords). Kate's discovery that "Fear is enemy to the sword" and love is the key to triumph leads to surprising consequences.

Books in English / Художественная литература на английском языке



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