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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Практика и инструментарий

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Hang in There! Inspirational Art of the 1970s

1597.00 руб.*

Jennifer McKnight-Trontz

Hang in There! Inspirational Art of the 1970s

Book DescriptionIs life driving you up a tree? Would a hug make your day? This aww-inspiring collection of beloved inspirational art from the 1970s recalls the happiest of times, when kittens told us that friendship was a special kind of love, and bassethounds advised us to hope for the best and cope with the rest. From the author of The Good Citizen's Handbook (100,000 copies in print), Hang in There! invites us to open our hearts once more to dew-covered roses, galloping colts, soaring seagulls, and statues that teach us the meaning of "wuv." A truly impressive array of critters determinedly "hang in there" (cats, chimps, raccoons, lions), along with other furry friends here to brighten a whole new day. The perfect gift for anyone who's feeling blue, this charming and funny little book is sure to lift the spirits and keep life in its right perspective.
Collecting Western Memorabilia

3851.00 руб.*

Tim Lasiuta

Collecting Western Memorabilia

Book DescriptionThe perfect guide for all collectors of Western film, television, radio and comics memorabilia, this book contains everything you need to know about getting your old Lone Ranger comic book signed by Clayton Moore or tracking down that Hopalong Cassidy lunchbox. Festivals and conventions in your area, the best museums (from art to Native American history to toys), which newsletters and magazines to subscribe to, which websites to check. The section on reference books includes biographies, genre histories (radio drama, mysteries, comedies), studios, music reference, serials and cliffhangers, locations and movie ranches, episode guides, cast listings, film listings, price and collectible guides, and a list of publishers. Each entry shows theauthor(s), publisher, format, length, and a brief summary. This book has it all: commemorative artwork, posters, production stills, lobby cards, autographs, books, costumes, newspaper strips, comic books, cups, plates, and...
Superhero Madness

2464.00 руб.*

David Okum

Superhero Madness

Book DescriptionThis guide gives comic book fans an easy way to render the action and excitement of dozens of unique characters. Packed with more than 40 step-by-step demonstrations, Superhero Madness: * Teaches basic superhero-style drawing with clear instruction and hundreds of appealing illustrations, completed with colored pencil and computer coloring * Shows readers how to create popular motifs--everything from villains, martial artists and mythic heroes to aliens, monsters and robots * Addresses such important drawing basics as perspective, proportions and page layout Whether they want to draw characters in cool poses or explore the world of visual storytelling, readers can't go wrong with this cutting-edge book!
Missing Masterpieces: Lost Works of Art 1450-1900

9130.00 руб.*

Gert-Rudolf Flick

Missing Masterpieces: Lost Works of Art 1450-1900

Book DescriptionIn this ground-breaking study of missing masterpieces, Gert-Rudolf Flick presents detailed case histories of great works of art that have simply vanished. None of them is known for certain to have been destroyed; all of them are recorded in the form of copies, drawings, studies, or engravings. Tantalizingly, any of them might turn up at any time ... . The fate of the masterpieces discussed in this book remains a mystery. Everyone knows of Michelangelo's David in Florence, but what happened to the famous bronze of the same subject? It was last heard of in a chateau in France, after its aristocratic owner went to the guillotine. Officials of the French Revolution identified it as worthy of inclusion in the national museum, but it has not been seen since. And what of Jacques-Louis David's Lepeletier on his death-bed, pendant to his famous Death of Marat? Nineteenth-century gossip suggested that it was burnt by Lepeletier's devoted daughter, but if so, how...
Illustrators 44 (Illustrators)

4412.00 руб.*

Jill Bossert

Illustrators 44 (Illustrators)

Book Description The Society of Illustrators Annual of American Illustration remains the original and most comprehensive compilation of illustration on the market. Innovative, exciting work by established illustrators and newcomers makes this book the best reference source for trends in an ever-changing industry. This edition presents over 400 examples (selected from over 6000 entries) of classic solutions and novel approaches to clients? needs for illustration that stimulates and informs the viewer. Illustration categories featured include "Editorial," "Book," "Advertising," "Institutional," and "Uncommissioned."Additionally, this year's annual features the Society's newest category for "Sequential" illustration which celebrates artwork that tells a story (i.e. comics, children?s books, and graphic novels.) Additionally, this annual notes the Gold and Silver medal award winners and profiles of the newly elected members of the Illustrators Hall of Fame: Milton Glaser,...
The Big Book of Design Ideas (Big Book (Collins Design))

3245.00 руб.*

David E. Carter

The Big Book of Design Ideas (Big Book (Collins Design))

This is a book that many have described as a must have for every designer's bookshelf. Finally available in paperback, this invaluable compendium offers more than 900 examples of graphic design projects of all kinds -- promotional materials, letterheads, editorial layouts, exhibits, packaging, posters, annual reports, T-shirts and more -- culled from the work of leading professionals in every area of the graphic design field.
Webcomics: Tools and Techniques for Digital Cartooning

3207.00 руб.*

Steven Withrow, John Barber

Webcomics: Tools and Techniques for Digital Cartooning

This instructive guide to an exciting new art medium was written for the cartoonist who knows a lot about drawing, color, and design, but doesn't know how to apply his talents to computer technology. Webcomics shows artists how to get into the fast-growig field of online comics. Created digitally and distributed on the Internet?some for free; others on subscription?webcomics range in style from traditional looking cartoon strips to innovative works that often integrate imagery from photography,video, and other visual arts. This book offers detailed advice on how to design, create, and publish online comics. It also showcases the best webcomics work being produced today. Interviews with leading artists walk readers through all the essential step in the various creative processes, starting with a story idea and developing it into a finished graphic narrative. More than 400 full-color illustrations, diagrams, and examples of webcomics works.
How To Draw Manga Volume 14: Colorful Costumes (How to Draw Manga)

1850.00 руб.*

Tadashi Ozawa

How To Draw Manga Volume 14: Colorful Costumes (How to Draw Manga)

Book DescriptionThis volume was inspired by the young women found working in cafes and restaurants clad in those absolutely charming uniforms. Snowy white aprons, and crisply starched dresses - haven't we all felt the urge at some time to try these costumes out on our own, characters? Most likely all artists involved in original character design have. This guide features various popular uniforms and costumes and offers explanations on details based on careful research on the actual dress. Select an interesting uniform or costume to try on one of your own characters.
Freaks!: How to Draw Fantastic Fantasy Creatures (Fantastic Fantasy Comics)

1434.00 руб.*

Steve Miller

Freaks!: How to Draw Fantastic Fantasy Creatures (Fantastic Fantasy Comics)

Devoted to the serious depictions of anthropomorphic characters, Freaks! covers the entire range of animal people and explores all its possibilities. Hundreds of illustrations depict subjects that include basic human and animal anatomies, cat people, dog people, wolf people, feathered freaks, bat people, reptilian creatures, predators of the deep, primates, insect people, elephant man, rhino man, hippo lady, and much more. This drawing guide demonstrates the wide range of this popular genre of illustrative art and the techniques needed to create these fantastic fantasy creatures. Artists will find inspiration for creating such characters as creatures from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh, C. S. Lewis' Narnia Chronicles, or the characters from Planet of the Apes and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Contributors Include Brett Booth (Spider-Man, X-Men, and Fantastic Four), Mitch Byrd (Green Lantern), and Todd Nauck (Teen Titans and...
Watercolor (The Painter's Corner Series)

1782.00 руб.*

Parramon's Editorial Team

Watercolor (The Painter's Corner Series)

Book Description The Painter?s Corner is a series of profusely illustrated art instruction manuals. They can be used as informal self-teaching courses by ambitious amateur artists or as textbooks and reference sources in art and design classes. Each book presents exercises intended to improve and refine students? proficiency in different art subjects and media. Each title recommends artists? tools and supplies as well as providing instruction in techniques. This book discusses colortheory as it applies to watercolor, and instructs on techniques that include painting on both wet and dry paper.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Практика и инструментарий



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