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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Мода

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Ma Ke Point One: A Designer And a Story About Chinese Fashion

7127.00 руб.*

Ma Ke

Ma Ke Point One: A Designer And a Story About Chinese Fashion

While many readers will associate Chinese textiles with low-end exports, some may already know that the new generation of Chinese young people, who have grown up with greater and greater exposure to luxury goods and the brands of the West and Japan, are beginning to make fashion. They are digesting an array of new influences and readying themselves to conquer the world. Ma Ke, who is considered the most important young fashion designer in China today, founded her brand, exception de mixmind, nine years ago. Point One, the first book about her work and the first book in English on Chinese fashion, is divided into two volumes: The first part presents a wide range of Ma Ke's creative work; the second part beautifully illustrates a fashion show held in Beijing last winter.
Fashion Body Cult

646.00 руб.*

Fashion Body Cult

The Vintage Workshop Art-to-Wear - The

3489.00 руб.*

Amy Barickman

The Vintage Workshop Art-to-Wear - The

Add vintage style to any project! * Includes CD with dozens of pieces of printable vintage art for transfer * Complete step-by-step directions and techniques Love the embellished vintage look? Now fun, funky style is within reach with Vintage Workshop's Art to Wear, the book-plus-CD that's packed with great ideas and images for transfer using commercial pretreated printable fabric sheets or photo transfer paper. Put these great images--ranging from sweet to exotic to bold--on jackets, totes, hats, jeans, belts, tops, T-shirts, baby and kids' clothes, almost anywhere. Easy step-by-step techniques plus dozens of complete projects mean any time is vintage time.
Fashion & Accessories

1091.00 руб.*

Fashion & Accessories

Why are accessories so important in the fashion world today? Ever since Prada Launched the Pocone backpack in 1987 and Tom Ford transformed the classical "Gucci" bag label into a luxury fashion brand, it's been impossible to imagine the collections of the major fashion houses without accessories and accessory campaigns. This live topic constitutes the basic theme of this book. What significance do accessories have in relation to fashion? How do accessories reflect the culture of our time? And in what ways do they represent or illustrate a cultural shift in the perception of fashion? This book will also sketch out of a number of developments in the history of the fashion accessory and its typologies, and will show that themes and design principles from schools such as Surrealism, Modernism, the carnivalesque and Postmodernism keep recurring in accessory design. Формат издания: 20,5 см х 27,5 см.
Zandra Rhodes And the Art of Textiles: A Life Long Love Affair

5845.00 руб.*

Zandra Rhodes And the Art of Textiles: A Life Long Love Affair

Book DescriptionThis stunning book celebrates the work of the British fashion icon Zandra Rhodes. Internationally recognized, Zandra?s designs have always been clear but creative, dramatic but graceful, bold but feminine, and her garments have a timeless quality, which makes them unmistakably a Rhodes creation. Published to coincide with an exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum, Zandra Rhodes and the Art of Textiles highlights classics from the Rhodes collection such as the famed "Dinosaur" coat, the Lily collections, Conceptual Chic, the Chinese series, and the rarely seen Spanish Impressions and Medieval collections. It also showcases contemporary work from Zandra?s studio, as well as examples of the great influence her style and work have had on fashion designers today. The book goes on to look at Zandra?s creative process, the textile printing process and the fantastic, romantic finished product. The book, like the exhibition, is split into seven sections:...
Fashion (Discovering Careers for Your Future)

1450.00 руб.*


Fashion (Discovering Careers for Your Future)

New From Old: How to Transform and Customize Your Clothes

2744.00 руб.*

Jayne Emerson

New From Old: How to Transform and Customize Your Clothes

The inspiration and the skills to create fabulous, personalized clothing. Any woman can transform and customize the clothes already in her closet, making them new, hip and utterly de rigueur. Drawing on technical skills and extensive experience designing for top fashion houses, Jayne Emerson offers inspiration to women who prefer personality in their fashion. Using bargain buys or closet orphans, women of any age can create updated designs by, for example, adding braid, over-dyeing a shirt or converting a sweater into a bolero. In addition to the specific 30 projects described in detail, the author reviews the necessary sewing fundamentals and provides expert guidance for: Transforming lingerie and shoes Dyeing, over-dyeing, tinting Adding decoration Making alterations and changing form Making jewelry Using non-clothing items. Throughout the book there are "Before You Start" sidebars,...
Costume Jewelry: Identification And Price Guide

3188.00 руб.*

Leigh Leshner

Costume Jewelry: Identification And Price Guide

Contemporary Dyecraft: Over 50 Tie-dye Projects for Scarves, Dresses, T-shirts and More

2428.00 руб.*

Melanie Brummer

Contemporary Dyecraft: Over 50 Tie-dye Projects for Scarves, Dresses, T-shirts and More

More than 50 stylish projects using the traditional tie-dye method. Tie-dye is an easy, rewarding and affordable craft that can turn silks, cottons and simple ready-made garments into dramatic fashion statements. Author Melanie Brummer is an expert at reviving clothes, linens and draperies with this creative craft skill. Contemporary Dyecraft features more than 50 resist-dyeing projects that are easy to do and yield beautiful one-of-a-kind results. Methods used are bucket-dyeing, dip dyeing and dyeing in a washing machine. The book begins with an introduction to suitable fabrics, types of dye, paints and an explanation of resist dyeing. The required equipment is largely household items that are inexpensive and readily available. The projects use eight dyeing styles: flat color, graded color, crazed patterns, circles, stripes and coils, geometric shapes, spirals and stitched patterns. The materials lists are minimal, such as fabric, string or rubber bands, a bucket and kettle, and...
The New English Dandy

900.00 руб.*

Alice Cicolini

The New English Dandy

At once a fashion handbook and a treasure trove of ideas tailored to the modern male or metrosexual, this book is destined to be the bible of men's dressy style, its accoutrements and lifestyle accompaniments. Six chapters define six takes on the 21st-century dandy, each featuring a specially commissioned 16-page fashion shoot, and eight pages of bespoke inspiration, instruction, interviews and insight. "The New English Dandy" sets the standard for today's new man about town. Формат: 23 см x 27,5 см.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография / Мода



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