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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Здоровье и семья / Стиль и красота

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The Man-ual : The Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man

1605.00 руб.*

Hunter S. Fulghum

The Man-ual : The Guy's Guide to Being a Man's Man

Book Description Amaze friends. Intimidate enemies. Charm women. A real man would know: The difference between beer glasses and beer goggles. How to kick a hangover. Why beer steins have lids. How to measure a woman’s cup size. What each of the NASCAR flags means. Which baseball team has changed stadiums more than any other MLB team. Why the NFL is sometimes referred to as the “no fun league.” How to win a tractor pull, demolition derby, and lawn mower race. Which poker hand “Wild Bill” Hickock was holding when he was shot in the head. Why golf balls have dimples. How to play baccarat, James’s Bond’s game of choice. Which of the Three Stooges was both a violin player and a successful lightweight boxer. How to cook a rattlesnake. The final resting places of Jimi Hendrix, Ty Cobb, and John Belushi. How toilets work in space. The nicknames of the most notorious serial killers. How to...
Bodywork: Dress As Cultural Tool (African Social Studies Series)

10094.00 руб.*

Janet Andrewes

Bodywork: Dress As Cultural Tool (African Social Studies Series)

Old Clothes, New Looks : Second-Hand Fashion (Dress, Body, Culture)

12700.00 руб.*

Old Clothes, New Looks : Second-Hand Fashion (Dress, Body, Culture)

Book Description Second-hand fashion has a history as old as the production of clothing itself, but until recently it was given little consideration. Used clothes represent the largest numbers of existing garments but until recently they were not perceived as serious fashion items. However, this has changed dramatically with the rise of vintage web sites, value clothing chains, and the fashion media's perpetuation of the idea that secondhand clothes can be recycled into avant-garde "cool". This book not only shows how important used clothing has become but also what role it plays in culture and history. The Japanese, for example, traditionally salvage sections of kimonos, while in India garments are inexhaustibly recycled. This cross-cultural and historical perspective fills a major gap by offering fresh insights into the innovative use of secondhand dress and age-old traditions of recycling fashion.
Basic Hairdressing - A Coursebook for Level 2

2370.00 руб.*

Stephanie Henderson

Basic Hairdressing - A Coursebook for Level 2

Book DescriptionThis best-selling text has been fully revised and updated to incorporate the 2003 NVQ Level 2 specifications. The new edition has been completely redesigned to provide a full color layout and stunning step-by-step salon photographs, takenat Haringtons hair salon. Each chapter covers a complete NVQ unit, providing all necessary knowledge and a clear explanation of the skills required in today's employment market. Gives guidance on the preparation of portfolio evidence. Revised full color text design Full color, step-by-step photos throughout Accessible, user friendly writing style, which aids the understanding of the more technical areas. Contains regular 'To Do' activities and 'Test Yourself' questions to reinforce learning.
Living Beauty: Feel Great, Look Fabulous and Live Well

2157.00 руб.*

Lisa Petty

Living Beauty: Feel Great, Look Fabulous and Live Well

Everyone wants to look good, but appearance is much more important than simple vanity, says a leading Canadian health advocate, nutrition consultant and frequent writer on anti-aging and dietary concerns. In fact, writes Lisa Petty, our looks speak volumes about our health, and ignoring some of the issues that confront us daily in the mirror is turning a blind eye to a wide variety of potential health concerns. A skin condition, she explains, may not be a simple skin condition, but frequently the body_s way of indicating that something else is wrong. In Living Beauty , readers will discover that skin, hair and many other beauty concerns are often the telltale signs of larger issues and might indicate dietary deficiencies or nutrient absorption problems that should be dealt with. Using the whole beauty approach, Living Beauty helps the reader to improve the quality of his or her life, by taking those telltale signs seriously. Chapter-by-chapter,...
Peculiar Beauty : Three Centuries of Charmingly Absurd Advice

1436.00 руб.*

Bonnie Downing

Peculiar Beauty : Three Centuries of Charmingly Absurd Advice

Book DescriptionBonnie Downing has assembled these and hundreds of other absurdly misguided real-life beauty secrets into a comical collection aimed at every woman who has experienced the occasional pain and agony of trying to look her best. Culled from over fifty different manuals dating from as far back as 1890 to Morgan Fairchild's recent guide Super Looks, Peculiar Beauty is for anyone who's ever been subjected to the tyranny of an Epilady or had an unfortunate run-in with Sun-In. Filled not only with hilarious beauty advice, but insightful glances into beauty zeitgeists throughout the ages, Peculiar Beauty is a refreshing reminder to us all that despite incessant claims to the contrary, there is no easy path to the fountain of youth.
Dirty Girl: on the go (Blue Q Mega Mini Kits)

955.00 руб.*

Blue Q.

Dirty Girl: on the go (Blue Q Mega Mini Kits)

Book DescriptionThe award-winning brand that never repeats itself, every Dirty Girl item is tailored to a T. Teens connect with her confident quirkiness, but so do their classy, fun loving mums. Kit features non-petroleum SPF 18 lip balm in get-ready raspberry flavor, illustrated travel log, three rugged luggage tags, and a handy lily-scented towelette for the glove box.
Little Indulgences: More Than 400 Ways to Be Good to Yourself

1752.00 руб.*

Cynthia MacGregor

Little Indulgences: More Than 400 Ways to Be Good to Yourself

The Eighteenth Century (History of Costume and Fashion)

3159.00 руб.*

Anne Rooney

The Eighteenth Century (History of Costume and Fashion)

InStyle Getting Gorgeous (Hardcover)

2029.00 руб.*

Jennifer Tung

InStyle Getting Gorgeous (Hardcover)

Book DescriptionWouldn?t you love it if your hair always looked as if it had just been perfectly cut and styled? Have you ever wished you could figure out the most flattering makeup look for your features? Getting Gorgeous: The Step-by-Step Guide toYour Best Hair, Makeup and Skin has the answers. The experts at In Style will take you every step of the way to finding the best looks and products for your skin, eyes, lips, hair, body, nails and more. Filled with famous faces, illustrated charts and step-by-step makeup application techniques, Getting Gorgeous provides quick, easy and comprehensive advice for every face shape and type. The book also features hundreds of classic beauty products that have appeared in the magazine?s highly regarded annual "Best Beauty Buys" survey, which enlists more than 100 Hollywood beauty experts- including dermatologists who?ve tested the products on themselves- to determine the best goods on the market. But the real power of Getting...

Books in English / Здоровье и семья / Стиль и красота



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