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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Elle Decor's Country Homes: Elegant Weekend Retreats from Around the World

2871.00 руб.*

Jean Demachy

Elle Decor's Country Homes: Elegant Weekend Retreats from Around the World

Book DescriptionThe elegant dwellings featured in Elle Decor Country Homes are not decorated with stenciled geese and gingham slipcovers; rather, they illustrate a more sophisticated type of country, from rustic traditional to romantic European as well as striking contemporary interpretations of the farmhouse. Among the homes featured are those belonging to Calvin Klein, Richard Meier, John Frieda, and Charlie Rose. Exploring six distinct variations - Mediterranean, cottage, grand style, contemporary, family home, and cabin - the book offers informative commentary and 250 beautiful color photos that trace the evolution of each style, and provides specific suggestions for creating a particular look.
Hamptons Havens : The Best of Hamptons Cottages and Gardens

451.00 руб.*

The Editors of Hamptons Cottages and Gardens

Hamptons Havens : The Best of Hamptons Cottages and Gardens

Book DescriptionA lavish look at the private homes of the storied Hamptons, with gorgeous photographs and engaging text that discusses the history, decor, and architecture from an insider's perspective.HAMPTONS HAVENS offers readers a glimpse behind the hedgerows of the Hamptons on Long Island, New York. The photographs are drawn from the archives of Hamptons Cottages and Gardens magazine and feature 24 homes and gardens that vary greatly in architecture and interior design. Every home in the book, from cozy cottage to grand estate, is a testament to the enormous breadth and natural beauty of the seaside region.
Interior Design Illustrated

4902.00 руб.*

Francis D. K. Ching

Interior Design Illustrated

Book DescriptionChing's signature approach - improved in an updated bestseller Francis D.K.Ching's illustrated introduction to interior design is now completely revised to be even more clear and accessible than the previous bestselling edition. Ching's unique approach is more useful than ever, with a reformatted, larger trim size for easy reading and an all - new section presented in full color! It includes new and updated material on finishes, furnishings and textiles, lighting, sustainability, acoustics, workstations, and much more.
Maine Living

4574.00 руб.*

Carol Bass

Maine Living

Maine's beauty has always captured hearts, but has never been for the faint of heart. Its severe climate and geographical remoteness have no use for fussy, high-design and big-city styles. Maine Country is about living with pragmatic grace. But grace doesn't preclude bold colors and striking forms! In the sumptuous pictures throughout this book, which cover the diversity of Maine's landscape-from inland lakes to the salty coast, from rural landscapes to city dwelling, from architecture in snow to Maine's celebrations of summer-Carol Bass proves that Maine style goes far beyond stereotyped lobster traps. And because Mainers highly prize self-reliance and authenticity, all of the designs you'll find here are products of the real people wholive real lives. When the summer folks have gone home, the subtly-nuanced individuality of life in Maine, shines out like a lighthouse beacon. Carol Bass is the owner of Cottage Style Furniture, and also the author of The Cottage Book.
Club Culture (Architectural Design)

3921.00 руб.*

Eleanor Curtis

Club Culture (Architectural Design)

Book DescriptionClubs by their definition offer exclusivity. They are not global - they are placed. They are not open - they are closed. They do not offer everything - they specialise. In becoming a member, you also become special. The image ofa club is as important as the spatial layout itself; and it is the job of the architect or designer to reflect an exclusive image in the physical spaces of the club. Club Culture features: the new club class offered by airlines and the transit its members enjoy through exclusive spaces before and after boarding the new members clubs of London and other major cities that have replaced the traditional 'gentleman's the impressive technology and design behindthe new breed of specialist sports clubs such as Ove Arup's design for the International Tennis Centre in Sydney the slick contemporary architecture of golf clubs tailored to the business executive such as the Yangsan Adonis...
Before & After Kitchen Makeovers

1329.00 руб.*

Christine E. Barnes

Before & After Kitchen Makeovers

Book DescriptionWelcome to Sunset's all-new tell-all, in which a multitude of decorating secrets are revealed as one kitchen after another goes from dull and dysfunctional to dynamite. Whether your taste runs to French country or cutting-edge contemporary, you'll marvel at the transformations these kitchens undergo. But this beauty is more than skin deep-designers and homeowners share the why and how behind the sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic before-and-after changes in kitchens large and small.
The Fireplace Design Sourcebook

3176.00 руб.*

Melissa Cardona

The Fireplace Design Sourcebook

Book DescriptionFeast your eyes on some of the hottest fireplace designs and hearth products available today. This book is a must for people who already own a fireplace and seek design inspiration, people who want to retrofit an existing fireplace, and people who are installing a new fireplace in their home. An inspiring guide to today's vast assortment of hearth products, it features over 225 gorgeous color photographs of dressed-up fireplaces and stoves, and helpful tips to help you design a fireplace environment. These wonderful gas and woodburning fireplaces are attractively adorned to spark your imagination. Whether your style is classic, traditional, or contemporary, you'll be sure to find designs that suit you. This is an invaluable resource that no current or future fireplace owner or designer should be without.
Nest for Two: Creating a Harmonious Home

493.00 руб.*

Allison Serrell

Nest for Two: Creating a Harmonious Home

For couples, home is truly where the heart is. It is here where our characters and our styles meet and merge, where we engage in the daily rituals that bring meaning to our lives and to our relationships. "Nest for Two" celebrates home and the very personal ways in which couples make room for one another. The rooms in "Nest for Two" offer surprising and wonderful ideas for bringing two personal styles together in way that is both comforting for the couple and welcoming to family and friends. In the living room, art and ephemera collections mingle, and intimately arranged seating areas make for pleasant relaxing and entertaining. In the kitchen, complementary dishware merges for an eclectic effect, and a well-organized work area turns cooking into a satisfying ritual. And in the bedroom, the finest sheets and soft lighting create the perfect sanctuary. With 200 gorgeous color photographs, plus helpful advice on a variety of topics from sharing closet space to the very best...
Gwathmey Siegel : Apartments

7239.00 руб.*

Gwathmey Siegel : Apartments

Book Description Gwathmey Siegel, the award-winning New York-based firm, is acclaimed for its extraordinary houses as well as its high-profile cultural, corporate, and educational work. In the tradition of the highly successful Gwathmey Siegel: Buildings and Projects (Vols. 1 & 2), Rizzoli now presents Gwathmey Siegel: Apartments. Gwathmey Siegel has long been the architect of choice for clients who want to combine extravagance with an intellectually rigorous, well-crafted modernism. While the houses for which they are so justly renowned often exceed 20,000 square feet, the apartments they have designed are frequently one-tenth that size. The work, however, does not suffer from this reduction in scale, rather it takes on a stunning intensity-as if the ideas encompassed in the bigger houses are in the apartments compressed into tight, concentrated forms. Expressing an unsurpassed level of detail and craftsmanship, the 17 apartments featured in this monograph document the...
Beautiful Windows: The Ultimate Window Treatment Design Book

547.00 руб.*

Beautiful Windows: The Ultimate Window Treatment Design Book

When it comes to home decorating, creating the right window treatments can be the most challenging task of all. Now, Beautiful Windows provides the essential guide for adding just the right personal touch to your decor. Whether you are redecorating the whole house or just want to add instant flair to a room this is the only book you'll need. Издание на английском языке.

Books in English / Дом и сад / Дизайн интерьера



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