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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Искусство и фотография

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Textile Designs: 200 Years of Patterns for Printed Fabrics Arranged by Motif, Colour, Period and Design

1864.00 руб.*

Susan Meller, Joost Elffers, Ted Croner

Textile Designs: 200 Years of Patterns for Printed Fabrics Arranged by Motif, Colour, Period and Design

Newly available in paperback, this volume remains unsurpassed as the biggest and most lavish survey of printed textiles ever published. Textile Designs presents a comprehensive selection of the colourful patterned fabrics used for clothing and interior decoration over the last 200 years. Here are the bright and hugely enjoyable materials of everyday life - the printed calicos and cottons, the flowered cretonnes and chintzes, the polka-dot silks and foulards. These are presented by motif and pattern under flye separate headings: Floral, Geometric, Conversational, Ethnic, and Art Movements and Period Styles, and illustrated in nearly 2,000 colour reproductions. Textile Designs is not only indispensable to professionals in the fashion and decoration fields everywhere, but will also be an inspiration to designers in the graphic and visual arts, a reference book for collectors and a delight for aesthetes everywhere.
Dreams and Diversions: Essays on Japanese Woodblock Prints

4812.00 руб.*

Dreams and Diversions: Essays on Japanese Woodblock Prints

With the advent of ukiyo-e woodblock prints, art became accessible to Japan's burgeoning merchant classes. Though a uniquely Japanese art form, the prints reveal interests in celebrity, fashion, entertainment, and travel that have a universal human appeal, regardless of time or place.Dreams and Diversions celebrates Japanese woodblock prints with a collection of ten original essays by an international team of scholars. They draw attention to the unique and longstanding relationship between the port city of San Diego, its collectors, and the nation of Japan. The essays not only advance the field of art history with new research and discussions of rare prints but also tell engaging stories for all readers interested in Japanese art and culture from the 17th to the early 20th centuries. The contributors to Dreams and Diversions include Michael S.Inoue, Hiroko Johnson, Andreas Marks, Junichi Okubo, and Sonya Rhie Quintanilla.
American Self-Taught Art: An Illustrated Analysis of 20th Century Artists and Trends With 1,319 Capsule Biographies

5058.00 руб.*

Florence Laffal

American Self-Taught Art: An Illustrated Analysis of 20th Century Artists and Trends With 1,319 Capsule Biographies

Book DescriptionSelf-taught art (sometimes called outsider art or folk art) is made up of paintings, drawings, sculptures, assemblages, outdoor constructions and other items created by people who have had little or no formal training in art and who produce (or at least began by producing) art without regard to mainstream recognition or the marketplace. Interest in the field has increased tremendously since the beginning of the 1990s, and there are now several major periodicals, numerous large yearly auctions, and dozens of museums and galleries devoted to the field. This important analysis of the art form in twentieth century America begins by explaining the emergence of self-taught art, and introducing the reader to key aspects. The second chapter gives comparative studies of trends in self-taught art divided by gender, race and region. It further examines such issues as education, employment, and the circumstances under which artists became active. The main body of the work...
The Fashion Retail Industry and its Branding Strategies for Success: A French Connection Case Study

6880.00 руб.*

Nathalie Iltis

The Fashion Retail Industry and its Branding Strategies for Success: A French Connection Case Study

The fashion industry is a dominant market within popular culture. Successful clothing labels relate to a branding strategy including marketing, management and advertising. Graphic design is also an important factor in the development of this strategy. This book describes and analyses the process of developing and selling a fashion brand to the public, from the first designer label created, to the contemporary high street brands, and the different steps that make a brand popular. What are the key elements for a successful brand? And what is the relationship that is built between the brand and the customer? To finish, this essay covers a detailed case study of French Connection and its FCUK sub-brand, which shows a relevant example of a successful reversal of image. The brand went from dull to youthful and provocative thanks to a remarkable branding strategy.
Jan van Eyck: The Ince Hall Virgin and Child and the Scientific Examination of Early Netherlandish Painting

11776.00 руб.*

Hugh Hudson

Jan van Eyck: The Ince Hall Virgin and Child and the Scientific Examination of Early Netherlandish Painting

The Ince Hall Virgin and Child is a small painting that was acquired by the Felton Bequest for the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne in 1922. Since its discovery by Gustav Friedrich Waagen in 1850 it had been attributed to the leading Renaissance artist Jan van Eyck, and was regarded around the world as a gem of early Netherlandish painting. However, between 1956 and 1959 it was subject to a technical and art historical re-appraisal by European experts in the re-classification of the work as a copy after a lost original by Van Eyck, and possibly a forgery. This is the first comprehensive review of the scientific and art historical analysis to be published since the 1950s. It re-examines the autograph status of the work, to correct the inaccuracies and inconsistencies of its analysis, to emphasise the ambiguous nature of much of the evidence cited to sustain the de-attribution, and to present material that can be used to argue for the authenticity of the painting. More broadly,...
The Spectacular in and Around Shakespeare

5625.00 руб.*

The Spectacular in and Around Shakespeare

This volume addresses the economy of the spectacular in and around Shakespeare's plays, both in early modern England and in late-twentieth/twenty-first-century adaptations and appropriations. Apart from addressing issues such as (im)plausibility, tours de force arousing amazement, and excess for the sake of entertainment, it raises the question of intentionality - what is behind the spectacular? Is there always a manipulative purpose? How far-reaching are the political and ideological stakes? The contributors to this volume investigate a broad spectrum of particular phenomena: the spectacular sound effects and pyrotechnics displayed for the opening of the Globe theatre with Julius Caesar on performance; George Gascoigne's lavish 1575 pageant commissioned by the Earl of Leicester for the queen at Kenilworth ("The Princely Pleasures"); the relationship between the spectacular and scientific discoveries, as well as their dialectics of appropriation; the impact of Mannerist art on "The...
Writings on Art

2395.00 руб.*

Mark Rothko

Writings on Art

"Rothko's multiform and abstract expressionist paintings make him one of the most important artists of the 20th century. Gathering all of the artist's writings held in public collections as well as texts in Rothko's descendants' hands, this book brings to light many of his theoretical stances, practical considerations and personal revelations. Arranged chronologically from 1934, the year after his first solo show, to 1969, the year before his suicide, the approximately 100 texts consist of letters to curators and to artists like Barnett Newman, Herbert Ferber and Robert Motherwell; notes about his approach to the teaching of art; and writings that explore art as a means of communication. Editor Lopez-Remiro's introduction contextualizes the writings and doubles as a handy chronology of Rothko's life and career. As he notes, these texts by the renowned abstract expressionist "form a sort of intellectual and emotional self-portrait of Mark Rothko." This book will change the way...
Gammer Gurton's Needle: A Medieval Play

851.00 руб.*


Gammer Gurton's Needle: A Medieval Play

New Poster Art

1652.00 руб.*

Cees W. De Jong, Stefanie Burger, Jorre Both

New Poster Art

This book contains some of the best posters created world-wide in the past fifteen years, forming an enormously eclectic collection of political, commercial and purely artistic specimens. The introduction, co-written by Burger and Both, identify elements of the medium-typography, color, image-and locate the creative action in their manipulation, but also in the medium's repurposing; before the information age explosion, the poster was most commonly used for advertising or announcements. As Burger and Both note, there are "so many possibilities that one can no longer speak of a clear trend." One can, however, easily find the power and immediacy of these examples, like Alejandro Magallanes's straightforward political backhand Behind the American Dream (a view of Mickey Mouse's backside with a long rat's tail), and Fons Hickman's series of skewed, ghostly photographic portraits When Eyes Could Still Speak, playing with focus, lighting and negatives while advertising a silent film...
Wide Open: Meredith Bingham & Kathleeen Ritter

1723.00 руб.*

Linda Jansma

Wide Open: Meredith Bingham & Kathleeen Ritter


Books in English / Искусство и фотография



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