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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / История и личности ИТ

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Plunkett's Infotech Industry Almanac 2003

1832.00 руб.*

Jack W. Plunkett

Plunkett's Infotech Industry Almanac 2003

Plunkett?s InfoTech Industry Almanac presents a complete analysis of the technology business, including the convergence of hardware, software, entertainment and telecommunications. This market research tool includes our analysis of the 15 major trends affecting the industry, from the saturation of the PC market, to Wi-Fi and ultrawideband, to open systems, web services and supercomputing. In addition, we provide 17 major statistical tables covering the industry, from computer sector revenues to broadband subscribers to semiconductor industry production. No other source provides this book?s easy-to-understand comparisons of growth, expenditures, technologies, imports/exports, corporations, research and other vital subjects. The corporate profile section provides in-depth, one-page profiles on each of the top 500 InfoTech companies. We have used our massive databases to provide you with unique, objective analysis of the largest and most exciting companies in: Computer...
Turing and the Computer (The Big Idea)

10118.00 руб.*

Paul Strathern

Turing and the Computer (The Big Idea)

Few concepts in the history of 20th-century thought are as rich with both philosophical and practical implications as the computer. And few people in the history of computing are as intellectually and personally complex as Alan Turing, the man whose brilliant mathematical imagination laid the foundation for computers as we know them. You could easily spend the rest of the millennium reading up on Turing and his ideas, but if you've only got an afternoon, this engaging, pamphlet-length summary of the man's life and work should get you nicely up to speed. Author Paul Strathern sets Turing's accomplishments in their historical context. He starts with the long prehistory of the computer--its roots in devices such as the abacus, the slide rule, and CharlesBabbage's remarkably sophisticated 19th-century "difference engine." Strathern then moves deftly through the great mathematical debates that led to Turing's formulation of the abstract "universal computing machine" in the mid-1930s....

3264.00 руб.*

Curtis Roads


Below the level of the musical note lies the realm of microsound, of sound particles lasting less than one-tenth of a second. Recent technological advances allow us to probe and manipulate these pinpoints of sound, dissolving the traditional building blocks of music - notes and their intervals - into a more fluid and supple medium. The sensations of point, pulse (series of points), line (tone), and surface (texture) emerge as particle density increases. Sounds coalesce, evaporate, and mutate into other sounds. Composers have used theories of microsound in computer music since the 1950s. Distinguished practitioners include Karlheinz Stockhausen and Iannis Xenakis. Today, with the increased interest in computer and electronic music, many young composers and software synthesis developers are exploring its advantages. Covering all aspects of composition with sound particles, Microsound offers composition theory, historical accounts, technical overviews, acoustical experiments,...
The First Electronic Computer: The Atanasoff Story

11395.00 руб.*

Alice R. Burks, Arthur W. Burks

The First Electronic Computer: The Atanasoff Story

Tells of the design, construction, and subsequent controversy over the first special-purpose electronic computer.
Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Method

5454.00 руб.*

Donald Gillies

Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Method

Artificial Intelligence and Scientific Method examines the remarkable advances made in the field of AI over the past twenty years, discussing their profound implications for philosophy. Taking a clear, non-technical approach, Donald Gillies focuses on two key topics within AI: machine learning in the Turing tradition and the development of logic programming and its connection with non-monotonic logic. Demonstrating how current views on scientific method are challenged by this recent research, he goes on to suggest a new framework for the study of logic. He draws on work by such seminal thinkers as Bacon, Godel, Popper, Penrose, and Lucas to address the hotly contested question of whether computers might become intellectually superior to human beings. These topics will attract a wide readership from followers of advances in artificial intelligence, to students and scholars of the history and philosophy of science.
Liberation: One Writer's Adventures and Misadventures on the Digital Playground

2858.00 руб.*

Sarah Mankowski, William Alan Rieser, John D. Mankowski

Liberation: One Writer's Adventures and Misadventures on the Digital Playground

Internet Publishing/Biography This is the true story of a legally blind writer?s journey from a Florida housing project to attaining fulfillment as a web designer and publisher. "To understand a technology, perhaps one should not only hear from the inventors, but also from the individuals whose lives are forever altered."
Indian Software Industry: Business Strategy and Dynamic Co-ordination

8428.00 руб.*

Parthasarathi Banerjee

Indian Software Industry: Business Strategy and Dynamic Co-ordination

Book Description The Indian software industry has rapidly grown over the past decade, and most of this growth has been derived from exports to the US market. This book deals with business models, particularly the way the unique software model in India has evolved. It focuses on manpower resources in the software industry and knowledge diffusion through job switching, and the resulting impacts on business strategy.
Silicon Valley, Women, and the California Dream: Gender, Class, and Opportunity in the Twentieth Century

2119.00 руб.*

Glenna Matthews

Silicon Valley, Women, and the California Dream: Gender, Class, and Opportunity in the Twentieth Century

The Highwaymen: Updated and Expanded

1876.00 руб.*

Ken Auletta

The Highwaymen: Updated and Expanded

A titanic struggle is taking place - not just among corporate titans, but among entire industries across the globe. At stake is control of the world's fastest-growing industry: communications. The contestants are the huge Hollywood studios, the television networks, and telephone, publishing, and computer companies. The prize is not only vast wealth, but a virtual lock on the dissemination of information worldwide. The Highwaymen is a riveting and compelling look behind the scenes at the vanities and visions of such chief players as Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner, Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, and Microsoft. An astounding tale of greed, enterprise, and corporate achievement, The Highwaymen is an account of the explosive landscape of telecommunications, and as such provides an indispensable guide to today's world.
Mi Vida Con la IBM

3309.00 руб.*

Luis A. Lamassonne

Mi Vida Con la IBM

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / История и личности ИТ



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