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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Emagic Logic Tips and Tricks

2863.00 руб.*

Len Sasso

Emagic Logic Tips and Tricks

Book Description "Emagic Logic Tips and Tricks" is a down ?n dirty guide that jumps right into the core of this powerful and flexible digital audio workstation. You?ll get coverage of the specialized features of Logic that often go unnoticed and learn valuable shortcuts and time-saving tricks. You?ll also learn how to use Logic?s unique user interface and where to go to find exactly what you need for quick and easy music making. If you?re looking for a guide to the many hidden features of Logic that can make your Logic sessions faster, smoother, and more productive, then search no more! "Emagic Logic Tips and Tricks" will take you right to the key features that you need to master.
Dicho y hecho, Workbook Windows 2000 Professional Version : Beginning Spanish

1570.00 руб.*

Laila M. Dawson, Albert C. Dawson

Dicho y hecho, Workbook Windows 2000 Professional Version : Beginning Spanish

A unified, progressive and communicative approach to learning Spanish. This book features slices of Hispanic life which offer cultural insights and conversation sections to show how language and culture are interwoven. It features a chapter focusing on global problems and issues.
Security in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

4277.00 руб.*

Erdal Cayirci

Security in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

This book provides an in–depth guide to security in wireless ad hoc and sensor networks Security in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks introduces the reader to the fundamentals and key issues related to wireless ad hoc networking, with an emphasis on security. It discusses the security attacks and counter measures in wireless ad hoc, sensor and mesh networks, and briefly presents the standards on related topics. The authors offer a clear exposition of various challenges and solutions in this field including bootstrapping, key distribution and exchange, authentication issues, privacy, anonymity and tamper resilience. Key Features: •Introduces the fundamentals and key issues of the new technologies followed by comprehensive presentation on security attacks and counter measures •Covers Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, hardware aspects of secure wireless ad hoc and sensor networks and secure routing •Contains information on cryptographic...
Public Key Infrastructure: Building Trusted Applications and Web Services

4000.00 руб.*

John R. Vacca

Public Key Infrastructure: Building Trusted Applications and Web Services

With the recent Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, public key cryptography, digital signatures, and digital certificates are finally emerging as a ubiquitous part of the Information Technology landscape. Although these technologies have been around for over twenty years, this legislative move will surely boost e-commerce activity. Secure electronic business transactions, such as contracts, legal documents, insurance, and bank loans are now legally recognized. In order to adjust tothe realities of the marketplace, other services may be needed, such as a non-repudiation service, digital notary, or digital time-stamping service. The collection of these components, known as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), is paving the way for secure communications within organizations and on the public Internet.
ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy

6890.00 руб.*

Scott Spencer

ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy

Taking into account that many of today's digital artists -- particularly 3D character animators -- lack foundational artistic instruction, this book teaches anatomy in a coherent and succinct style. A clear writing style explains how to sculpt an accurate human figure, starting with the skeleton and working out to muscle, fat, and skin. Insightful explanations enable you to quickly and easily create and design characters that can be used in film, game, or print, and allows you to gain a strong understanding of the foundational artistic concepts.
Sleep, Pale Sister (P.S.)

1437.00 руб.*

Joanne Harris

Sleep, Pale Sister (P.S.)

Before the sweet delight of Chocolat , before the heady concoction that is Blackberry Wine , and before the tart pleasures of Five Quarters of the Orange , bestselling author Joanne Harris wrote Sleep, Pale Sister -- a gothic tourde-force that recalls the powerfully dark sensibility of her novel Holy Fools. Originally published in 1994 -- and never before available in the United States -- Sleep, Pale Sister is a hypnotically atmospheric story set in nineteenth century London. When puritanical artist Henry Chester sees delicate child beauty Effie, he makes her his favorite model and, before long, his bride. But Henry, volatile and repressed, is in love with an ideal. Passive, docile, and asexual, the woman he projects onto Effie is far from the woman she really is. And when Effie begins to discover the murderous depths of Henry's hypocrisy, her latent passion will rise to the surface. Sleep, Pale Sister combines the...
Programming Languages and Systems in Computational Economics and Finance (Advances in Computational Economics, 18)

13211.00 руб.*

Soren S. Nielsen

Programming Languages and Systems in Computational Economics and Finance (Advances in Computational Economics, 18)

The developments within the computationally and numerically oriented areas of Operations Research, Finance, Statistics and Economics have been significant over the past few decades. Each area has been developing its own computer systems and languages that suit its needs, but there is relatively little cross-fertilization among them yet. This volume contains a collection of invited, peer-reviewed papers that each highlights a particular system, language, model or paradigm from one of the computational disciplines, aimed at researchers and practitioners from the other fields. The 15 papers cover a wide range of relevant topics; Models and Modelling in Operations Research and Economic (Matt Saltzman; Pere Gomis-Porqueras and Alex Haro; Jerome Kruiser; Don Shobrys), novel High-level and Object-Oriented approaches to programming (Jurgen Doornik; Chris Birchenhall; Christopher Baum; Tim Hultberg), through advanced uses of Maple and MATLAB (Des Higham and Peter Kloeden; Ric Herbert, Jerzy...
A First Course in Finite Elements

4007.00 руб.*

Jacob Fish, Ted Belytschko

A First Course in Finite Elements

Developed from the authors, combined total of 50 years undergraduate and graduate teaching experience, this book presents the finite element method formulated as a general-purpose numerical procedure for solving engineering problems governed by partial differential equations.A Focusing on the formulation and application of the finite element method through the integration of finite element theory, code development, and software application, the book is both introductory and self-contained, as well as being a hands-on experience for any student. This authoritative text on Finite Elements: Adopts a generic approach to the subject, and is not application specific In conjunction with a web-based chapter, it integrates code development, theory, and application in one book Provides an accompanying Web site that includes ABAQUS Student Edition, Matlab data and programs, and instructor resources Contains a comprehensive set of homework...
Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 1

4015.00 руб.*

Dmitry Vostokov

Memory Dump Analysis Anthology, Volume 1

This is a revised, edited, cross-referenced and thematically organized volume of selected DumpAnalysis.org blog posts about crash dump analysis and debugging written in 2006 - 2007 for software engineers developing and maintaining products on Windows platforms, technical support and escalation engineers dealing with complex software issues and general Windows users.
Podcasting Now! Audio Your Way

2464.00 руб.*

Andrew J. Dagys

Podcasting Now! Audio Your Way

Ready to jump into the world of podcasting? Podcasting, one of the newest technological advances for the Internet, is growing in leaps and bounds. Progress is being made every day in this exciting medium. Initially, podcasting allowed you to broadcast audio programs on the Internet, as well as listen to other users' podcasts. As if that was not enough, podcasting is now highly interrelated with other technologies, such as vlogging, which enables you to integrate video with your podcasts for a true multimedia experience, and moblogging, which enables you to podcast on the go. That's where "Podcasting Now! Audio Your Way" enters the picture. Andrew J. Dagys and John Hedtke take you through the processes of listening to and creating podcasts with comprehensive discussions about podcasting hardware and software options, podcast subscriptions, and the podcast production process. But they don't stop there. The final chapters of the book take you to the leading edge of podcasting,...

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