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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Компьютерные сети

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Syngress IT Security Project Management Handbook

3421.00 руб.*

Susan Snedaker

Syngress IT Security Project Management Handbook

The First and Last Word on Managing IT Security Projects As the late management guru Peter Drucker once said, "Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work." The intent of this book is not to lead you through long, arduous planning processes while hackers are stealing your network out from under you. The intent is to provide you with effective network security planning tools so that you can "degenerate into hard work" as quickly as possible to keep your network secure with the least amount of effort. Rather than losing sleep at night wondering who's wandering around your network in the dark, you can create a comprehensive security solution for your company that will meet your security needs today and will allow you to address new security requirements in the future. This book is designed to help you do exactly that. Analyze the Cost of Prevention Versus Remediation How to...
Teen Cyberbullying Investigated: Where Do Your Rights End and Consequences Begin?

1866.00 руб.*

Thomas A. Jacobs J.D.

Teen Cyberbullying Investigated: Where Do Your Rights End and Consequences Begin?

How do teens know when they might be “one click away from the clink”? In Teen Cyberbullying Investigated, Judge Tom Jacobs presents a powerful collection of landmark court cases involving teens and charges of cyberbullying, which includes: sending insulting or threatening emails, text, or instant messages directly to someone; spreading hateful comments about someone through emails, blogs, or chat rooms; stealing passwords and sending out threatening messages using a false identity; and building a Web site to target specific people. Each chapter features the seminal case and resulting decision, asks readers whether they agree with the decision, and urges them to think about how the decision affects their lives. Chapters also include related cases, important facts and statistics, and suggestions for further reading. With an ever-increasing number of serious cases of cyberbullying and school violence, this book is needed more urgently than ever.
Master VISUALLY Quicken 2006 (Master Visually)

1968.00 руб.*

Elaine Marmel, Nancy Stevenson

Master VISUALLY Quicken 2006 (Master Visually)

"One picture is worth a thousand words." If you prefer instructions that show you how rather than tell youwhy, then this intermediate to advanced reference is for you. Hundreds of succinctly captioned, step-by-step screen shots reveal how to accomplish more than 175 Quicken 2006 tasks, including: * Creating, hiding, and rearranging accounts * Setting up repeating online bill payment * Using the debt reduction planner * Updating estimated property value * Protecting personal and financial information * Estimating home mortgage tax savings * Generating tax schedule reports * "Master It" sidebars answer questions and present shortcuts * High-resolution screen shots demonstrate each task * Succinct explanations walk you through step by step * Two-page lessons break big topics into bite-sized modules
Optical Switching

6724.00 руб.*

Tarek S. El-Bawab

Optical Switching

Optical Switching is the most comprehensive and up to date reference book on its subject. After three decades of research and development efforts, optical switching has started to be deployed in cutting-edge networking initiatives. The optical devices, optical networks, and telecommunications/data networking communities are in need of a reference book that compiles diverse optical switching research, from device technologies to system and network architectures, into one properly structured volume. This book provides such a service to these communities. The book is structured into three parts. The first part provides the foundation for understanding the potential role of optical switching in communication networks. The second part is focused on optical switching technologies and on devices based upon them. Theories, operation principles, and fabrication techniques are discussed. The third part covers optical-switching fabrics, systems, and networks. Applications of optical switching...
MS SQL Server 2005: Developing Client/Server Applications

2706.00 руб.*

Vlad Pirogov

MS SQL Server 2005: Developing Client/Server Applications

Showing database programmers how to take advantage of the features of SQL Server 2005, this guide covers the use of .NET technology, TRY/CATCH construction in the Transact SQL programming language, new triggers, SQL Server Management Studio, and Business Intelligence Development Studio. Programming questions from both the server and the client side are addressed—such as the technologies for client access to SQL Server 2005 and basic access to ODBC data sources—and overviews of configuring, programming, ODBC API, and DAO technology are included. Using the ADO and ADO.NET technologies, integrating SQL Server 2005 into the Internet, and generating HTML pages and XML requests is considered; and an accompanying CD-ROM contains ready-to-use SQL Server 2005 code samples and listings from the book.
Mobile, Wireless, and Sensor Networks: Technology, Applications, and Future Directions

5667.00 руб.*

Rajeev Shorey, A. Ananda, Mun Choon Chan, Wei Tsang Ooi

Mobile, Wireless, and Sensor Networks: Technology, Applications, and Future Directions

This publication represents the best thinking and solutions to a myriad of contemporary issues in wireless networks. Coverage includes wireless LANs, multihop wireless networks, and sensor networks. Readers are provided with insightful guidance in tackling such issues as architecture, protocols, modeling, analysis, and solutions. The book also highlights economic issues, market trends, emerging, cutting-edge applications, and new paradigms, such as middleware for RFID, smart home design, and "on-demand business" in the context of pervasive computing. Mobile, Wireless, and Sensor Networks is divided into three distinct parts: * Recent Advances in Wireless LANs and Multihop Wireless Networks * Recent Advances and Research in Sensor Networks * Middleware, Applications, and New Paradigms In developing this collected work, the editors have emphasized two objectives: * Helping readers bridge the gap and understand the relationship between...
IP Telephony Using CallManager Express Lab Portfolio

3658.00 руб.*

Cheryl Schmidt, Ernie Friend

IP Telephony Using CallManager Express Lab Portfolio

IP Telephony Using CallManager Express Lab Portfolio Cheryl A. Schmidt Ernie Friend IP Telephony Using CallManager Express Lab Portfolio provides a hands-on approach to learning the basic principles of voice over IP (VoIP) to build a voice-enabled network for the small to medium-sized business. As you work through the 51 labs in the book, you learn how to deploy a basic phone system using a CallManager Express-capable router. You install, configure, and customize CiscoA® IP Phones to work in an IP Telephony environment as well as with traditional analog telephony devices. Each chapter begins with an explanation of the converging technology used within that...
Decoding the Universe: How the New Science of Information Is Explaining Everything in the Cosmos, from Our Brains to Black Holes

1413.00 руб.*

Charles Seife

Decoding the Universe: How the New Science of Information Is Explaining Everything in the Cosmos, from Our Brains to Black Holes

As Charles Seife reveals in this energetic new book, information theory, once the province of philosophers and linguists, has emerged as the crucial science of our time, shedding new light on the mysteries of physics, the nature of space and time and the creation and destruction of the universe itself. With his gift for making cutting-edge science accessible and entertaining, Seife explains how theorists came to understand that information is not a construct of the mind but a fundamental element of the physical world, something that sits inside every living cell and surrounds every black hole in the cosmos. It exists, like energy, even if there is no life to observe it. Starting with the breaking of the Enigma code during World War II and building momentum with the computer revolution, information theory has taken its place at the forefront of theoretical physics as scientists begin to use it to reconcile the paradoxes of relativity and quantum mechanics that have...
Digital Defense: What You Should Know About Protecting Your Company's Assets

2080.00 руб.*

Thomas J. Parenty

Digital Defense: What You Should Know About Protecting Your Company's Assets

Protect and Maximize Your Company's Digital Assets>P> Security is a critical concern for every company, organization, and institution, regardless of their size or activity. In this timely book, leading security and privacy expert Thomas J. Parenty demystifies computer and network security for non-technical managers-taking them beyond hackers, firewalls, and virus protection to outline a holistic approach to information security that promotes business growth. Drawing from more than twenty years ofexperience in the computer security and cryptography fields, Parenty introduces the "Trust Framework," a unique and straightforward approach to developing and implementing a corporate security process. The Trust Framework is based on two core principles: 1) every technology choice must be closely linked to a company's overall mission and specific business activities; and 2) a company needs to show its partners and customers why they should have trust in their electronic business...
GMP/ISO Quality Audit Manual for Healthcare Manufacturers and their Suppliers, Sixth Edition, (Volume 1 - With Checklis

959.00 руб.*

Leonard Steinborn

GMP/ISO Quality Audit Manual for Healthcare Manufacturers and their Suppliers, Sixth Edition, (Volume 1 - With Checklis

Volume 1 of this two-part package provides a complete set of checklists for internal and contract device and drug manufacturers and developers, contract software developers, and suppliers of chemical, printed material, electronic component, and general supplies. It also includes a simulated QSIT audit, and a new-product market launch. All of these are referenced to the relevant relevant FDA regulations, EC and IPEC guidelines, and ISO/BSI standards. The text also explains various audit types, do's and don'ts for auditors, and guidance for audit preparation, performance, conclusion, report derivation, and follow up activities. A CD-ROM packaged with the book contains all of the checklists in a customizable electronic format.

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Компьютерные сети



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