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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Essential Electronics For PC Technicians (Electrical and Computer Engineering Series)

6780.00 руб.*

John W Farber

Essential Electronics For PC Technicians (Electrical and Computer Engineering Series)

Book Description As computer networks become more and more complex, the need for professionals with the skills to repair and maintain these networks increases. Essential Electronics for PC Technicians teaches readers the fundamental electrical and electronic concepts needed to work successfully with personal computers and networking equipment on an installation or maintenance level. Topics include electrical safety and ESD, the electric circuit, voltage sources, conventional current flow, basic DC and ACcircuits, basic electronic devices, types of grounds, shorts and opens, current, voltage, resistance, power, and impedance and the need to match impedances. The book also addresses typical circuits and devices encountered when installing, upgrading, or repairing PCs and network equipment, such as Ethernet cards, hubs, switches and routers, power supplies and power line-conditioners. The fundamentals of radio transmission and reception, as they apply to wireless PC devices, are also...
70-210 ALS Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Evaluation Software Package (Microsoft Official Academic Course Series)

6944.00 руб.*

Microsoft Official Academic Course

70-210 ALS Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Evaluation Software Package (Microsoft Official Academic Course Series)

Competency-based learning for the academic classroom. Developed for academic courses, MICROSOFTA® WINDOWSA® 2000 PROFESSIONAL WITH EVALUATION SOFTWARE helps students build the skills they need on the job and for MCP Exam 70-210—a core requirement on the Windows 2000 MCSE track. The textbook delivers Microsoft courseware adaptable for either a full 16-week semester or a 6-, 8-, or 10-week course. The book is filled with competency-based practice exercises that students complete on their own, while the companion lab manual features additional skill-building activities ideal for your classroom’s computer lab. Along with the textbook and lab manual, students get a Student CD-ROM containing study aids, simulation video clips that demonstrate common procedures, an electronic version of the textbook, and detailed information on how to begin a career in Information Technology. Plus they get a 120-day evaluation version of Windows 2000 Professional. ...
The Entrepreneurial Culture: Network Advantage Within Chinese And Irish Software Firms

12410.00 руб.*

Denise Tsang

The Entrepreneurial Culture: Network Advantage Within Chinese And Irish Software Firms

`This book is very entrepreneurial. Denise Tsang treads the difficult intellectual terrains of entrepreneurship studies and networks literature. And yet she has succeeded in developing a new theoretical idea, known as cultural capital, in explaining entrepreneurial activities and network advantages. The book is filled with very rich empirical illustrations of the complex behaviour, practices, and network activities of entrepreneurs in the software industry. By taking a case study approach, Tsang has provided us with immense insights into the cultural embeddedness of entrepreneurial networks that are often lost in quantitative survey-based studies of entrepreneurship and networks. Her comparative approach to Irish and Chinese software entrepreneurs is unparalleled and highly innovative. The book is a must read for researchers and policymakers interested in how contemporary entrepreneurs in high-tech industries get their acts together.' - Henry Wai-chung Yeung, National University of...
CCIE Practical Studies, Vol. 2 (CCIE Self-Study)

8941.00 руб.*

Karl Solie, Leah Lynch

CCIE Practical Studies, Vol. 2 (CCIE Self-Study)

Gain hands-on experience for the CCIE Lab Exam with volume two of the best-selling CCIE Practical Studies title from Cisco Press Experience putting concepts into practice with lab scenarios that guide you in applying what you know Learn how to build a practice lab for your CCIE lab exam preparation Take five full-blown practice labs that mimic the actual lab exam environment CCIE Practical Studies , Volume II leads CCIE candidates through the processof preparing for the CCIE lab exam by presenting them with a series of challenging laboratory exercises. A perfect companion to the best-selling first edition, this book provides coverage of CCIE lab exam topics not covered in Volume I, like the Cisco Catalyst 3550, route maps, BGP, Multicast, and QoS. Combined with Volume I, the CCIE candidate will get comprehensive coverage of the routing and switching portions of the Routing and Switching, Security, and Service Provider lab exams....
Cisco Networking Academy Program IT Essentials II: Network Operating Systems Companion Guide

5551.00 руб.*

Inc. Cisco Systems, Cisco Networking Academy Program, Cisco Systems Inc., Cisco Networking Academy Program, Aries Technology

Cisco Networking Academy Program IT Essentials II: Network Operating Systems Companion Guide

The only authorized companion textbook for the Cisco Networking Academy Program This Companion Guide maps to the current version of the web-based course and contains many advancements and extra learning aids, including the following: Close alignment with the online curriculum to provide step-by-step guidance for students Chapter objectives provide references to the concepts covered in each chapter, and an extensive glossary lists key terms and their definitions Review questions at the end of each chapter track progress and aid studying Accompanying CD-ROM includes exclusive enrichment materials such as 22 e-Lab activities, more than 500 practice exam questions, 11 PhotoZooms of networking equipment, and 10 instructional videos that prepare students for the CompTIA Server+ and Linux+ exams Additional resources on the CD-ROM include information on how to manage a network with HP Network Node Manager, as well as certification maps for...
Fundamentals of Wireless Networking

4459.00 руб.*

Ron Price

Fundamentals of Wireless Networking

Addressing a fast emerging curriculum, Fundamentals of Wireless Networking provides a fundamental introduction to wireless networking for students who have little experience working on local area networks. Providing a straightforward survey of wireless technologies, the book is designed to also provide practical, hands-on experience that will build skills required of wireless network technicians. Key wireless topics, such as radio frequency communications, wireless hardware devices, and IEEE standards are explained in a straightforward, easy-to-read style. Ron Price is a teacher who has extensive experience designing and implementing wireless networks.
MOUS Word 2000 Exam Prep

3818.00 руб.*

Jennifer A. Duffy, Marie L. Swanson, Carol M. Cram

MOUS Word 2000 Exam Prep

Explains all the fundamentals of getting started with Windows 2000, including creating and editing documents, working with larger documents, and collaborating with several documents. Demonstrates ways to program with Excel, and exchange data with other programs, and work with Internet applications. Enables reader to customize Word 2000, and share information with other programs.
Biometrics: Identity Verification in a Networked World

1265.00 руб.*

Samir Nanavati, Michael Thieme, Raj Nanavati

Biometrics: Identity Verification in a Networked World

An insight into the biometric industry and the steps for successful deployment Biometrics technologies verify identity through characteristics such as fingerprints, voices, and faces. By providing increased security and convenience, biometrics havebegun to see widespread deployment in network, e-commerce, and retail applications. This book provides in-depth analysis of biometrics as a solution for authenticating employees and customers. Leading authority, Samir Nanavati explores privacy, security,accuracy, system design, user perceptions, and lessons learned in biometric deployments. He also assesses the real-world strengths and weaknesses of leading biometric technologies: finger-scan, iris-scan, facial-scan, voice-scan, and signature-scan. Thisaccessible book is a necessary step in understanding and implementing biometrics. Demystifies the complex world of optical networks for IT and business managers Over the past few years, the cost of fiber optic networking has...
70-217: MCSE Guide to Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Certification Edition

1608.00 руб.*

Will Willis

70-217: MCSE Guide to Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Certification Edition

MCSE Guide to Microsoft Windows 2000 Active Directory Certification Edition provides you with the skills to plan, implement, and manage Microsofts Windows 2000 operating systemskills that are in high demand in todays business environment.
MCSE TBT for Windows 2000 Networking

3963.00 руб.*

Course Technology, Course Technology

MCSE TBT for Windows 2000 Networking

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ / Сертификаты и экзамены в ИТ



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