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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Отрасли и Профессии

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Epa and Superfund, a Small Business Story

1302.00 руб.*

Robert M., Jr Cox

Epa and Superfund, a Small Business Story

Real Estate Dictionary, A Pocket Guide for Professionals

1686.00 руб.*

Charles J. Jacobus

Real Estate Dictionary, A Pocket Guide for Professionals

Book Description A small quick-reference dictionary with nearly 2000 terms in English covers all areas for real estate. Comprehensive coverage, easy to find, simple explanations, terminology used on licensing examinations, with several illustrations andmany useful appendices, including an English-Spanish key, make this book a must have for the practicing real estate agent, those preparing to become a real estate agent and consumers looking to become more knowledgeable in the real estate field.
Hotel Operations Management (2nd Edition)

5996.00 руб.*

David K. Hayes, Jack D. Ninemeier

Hotel Operations Management (2nd Edition)

Describing in great depth and detail all areas of hotel administration, this accurate book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive examination of the responsibilities of a hotel general manager. It shares with readers the procedures effective managers use to ensure their hotel's–and their own–ultimate success. KEY TOPICS This unique approach addresses all of the operating departments of a full-service hotel–Human Resources, Controller, The Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Safety and Property Security, Sales and Marketing, Facility Engineering and Maintenance–from the viewpoint of the General Manager. It also explores franchise agreements and management contracts, purchasing a hotel, and career opportunities. For current and future hotel general managers, and hotel department heads–i.e., executive housekeepers, directors of sales, controllers, and front office managers.
Tips, the Server's Guide to Bringing Home the Bacon

1268.00 руб.*

Tricia Spencer

Tips, the Server's Guide to Bringing Home the Bacon

Personality and Work: Reconsidering the Role of Personality in Organizations

5313.00 руб.*

Personality and Work: Reconsidering the Role of Personality in Organizations

Book DescriptionThe subject of personality has received increasing attention from industrial/organizational psychologists in both research and practice settings over the past decade. But while there is an overabundance of information related to the narrow area of personality testing and employee selection, there has been no definitive source offering a broader perspective on the overall topic of personality in the workplace. Personality and Work at last provides an in-depth examination of the roleof personality in work behavior. An array of expert authors discusses the connection of personality to a wide range of outcomes beyond performance, including counterproductive behaviors, contextual performance, retaliatory behaviors, retention, learning,knowledge creation, and the process of sharing that knowledge. Throughout the book, the authors present theoretical perspectives, introduce new models and frameworks, and integrate and synthesize prior studies in ways that will...
Who Should Pay for Medicare?

1641.00 руб.*

Daniel Shaviro

Who Should Pay for Medicare?

Good news first? The good news is that Americans today are living longer, in part because of continual advances in healthcare. But the bad news is that with our aging population larger than ever before, nothing is being done to ensure that we can continue to afford the increasing costs of care. How Medicare--with the Bush administration's reforms and a slumping economy--will meet the needs of its recipients without adequate financing is among the most pressing issues facing this country today. Daniel N. Shaviro sees the future of our national healthcare system as hinging on the issue of funding. The author of books on the economic issues surrounding Social Security and budget deficits, Shaviro is a skilled guide for anyone seeking to understand the financial aspects of government programs. Who Should Pay for Medicare? offers an accessible overview of how Medicare operates as a fiscal system. Discussions of Medicare reform often focus on the expansion of program treatment...
The Play Zone : Unlock Your Creative Genius and Connect with Consumers

1859.00 руб.*

Lewis Pinault

The Play Zone : Unlock Your Creative Genius and Connect with Consumers

Book DescriptionLEGO#174; building bricks and toys. Intricate treasure maps with color markers. Creative imagination run riot. Play. Not your usual bag of tools for puzzling through the serious management challenges, demanding client values and the growing complex of technologies, which make up the new consumer experience. In this groundbreaking new book, Lewis Pinault -- author of the infamous expos#233; Consulting Demons -- again draws back the curtain on the professional services industry. This time he reveals the latest cutting-edge findings set to revolutionize the consumer experience: the amazing relationship between innocent play and complex technologies and how the growing importance of our creative power as consumers is redefining the multitrillion-dollar consumer industry. Pinault turns from exposing the pitfalls of the "old-guard" consulting industry to highlighting the best professional services and technology firms and exploring the emerging developments and...
The Home-Based Business Kit: From Hobby To Profit

1502.00 руб.*

Diana Brodman Summers

The Home-Based Business Kit: From Hobby To Profit

Book DescriptionThis book is designed to help the reader identify the information needed to start a home business based on a hobby or special interest. It helps the reader think through all aspects of what is needed and the practical steps to take in order to get underway. These resources include financial as well as promotional assistance, at both the state and federal levels. The book covers such diverse topics as: what is special about a home-based business; a discussion of ethics in business (one of the hottest topics on the national scene today); financial and managerial issues; legal requirements and protections; business plans; and federal and state tax considerations. Appendices include the following: sample articles of incorporation andbylaws; budget worksheets; lists of activities that could become small businesses; sample business plans; sample marketing plans; and state-by-state business filing information.
Michigan Real Estate Basics (Real Estate Basics)

5492.00 руб.*

Michigan Real Estate Basics (Real Estate Basics)

Talent Balancing: Staffing Your Company for Long-Term Success

2793.00 руб.*

Jim Stedt

Talent Balancing: Staffing Your Company for Long-Term Success

When the economy was booming, it was hard to find good people. "winning the talent war" was a popular phrase, and those individuals with the right stuff could command hefty salaries and perks. When the economy crumbled, the headhunters were sent packing. Today, companies are starting to hire again, but instead of recruiting a group of fifty, they're hiring five. They're outsourcing and hiring temps. They're replacing staff due to turnovers, retirements, and areas that were downsized, rather than expanding. They're relying on reduced HR departments and in-house managers and staff to make critical staffing decisions. Surprisingly, in this environment, good people are hard to find; the top performers are staying where they are, and it's the weak and marginal performers that make up most of the available talent pool. Talent Balancing draws from the author's 35 years in the field to present a fresh and practical approach to recruiting in today's volatile and uncertain environment. In...

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Отрасли и Профессии



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