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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Карьера и MBA / Поиск работы

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Arco 7 Minute Resumes: Build the Perfect Resume One 7-Minute Lesson at a Time

2219.00 руб.*

Dana Morgan

Arco 7 Minute Resumes: Build the Perfect Resume One 7-Minute Lesson at a Time

7 Minute Resumes offers a quick, simple, step-by-step guide to the frustrating task of preparing a winning resume. Easy to follow lessons provide simple instructions for choosing the best style and format, highlighting specific job skills and work experiences, making any job history look its best, and targeting a resume to a specific career or industry.
Your Services Are No Longer Required: The Complete Job-Loss Recovery Book

9398.00 руб.*

Christopher Kirkwood

Your Services Are No Longer Required: The Complete Job-Loss Recovery Book

“Your services are no longer required” can be the most chilling words you will ever hear. They can also be the invitation to take permanent charge of your career. No matter how prosperous the times, downsizing and outplacements are now a permanent part of the corporate landscape. Your Services are No Longer Required will show you step-by-step how to cope, compete, and come out on top; how to spot danger signals, the pros and cons of networking, present yourself in resumes and interviews, and how to put a financial floor under your recovery. This essential guide offers hope and comfort on the road to re-employment and shows how to get on the career road you want to travel.
Kick Start Your Job Search, Now! How to Outperform Your Competition and Win the Job You Want

1127.00 руб.*

Carla-Krystin Andrade

Kick Start Your Job Search, Now! How to Outperform Your Competition and Win the Job You Want

This unique peak performance program for job hunters goes beyond traditional job search skill training to teach job hunters the essential skills they need to be winners in a competitive job market, in which job searches last longer and there are numerouswell-qualified applicants for a position. In this 5-stage program, job hunters learn about potential negative effects of a demanding job search and how to become organized, confident, energetic and successful winners in the "job search game." This comprehensive program consists of 53 structured "Control Builder" exercises, case studies, Quick Tips, down-to-earth explanations, and practical strategies. It takes readers through the 5-Stage program that spans the initiation of a job search to the start of a new job. Practical, motivating and accessible to a wide range of readers, this workbook is intended to be the job hunter's personal coach throughout his or her job search and complement information on job search skills and career...
How to Get a Better Job Quicker

2925.00 руб.*

Richard A. Payne

How to Get a Better Job Quicker

Real-Resumes for Sales

2095.00 руб.*

Anne McKinney

Real-Resumes for Sales

Real-Resumes for Sales is based on the philosophy that the resumes and cover letters of sales professionals must be "a cut above" the ordinary job hunter's documents. The Table of Contents is designed to show individuals in numerous types of sales activities including advertising, consumer products sales, financial services sales, food industry sales, furniture industry sales, medical sales, real estate sales, retail sales, and many more. In many instances, the job hunter is seeking a career change such as a change from sales to sales management. The book is designed to be of the most value to people already in sales or to people who want to be in a sales career. The book illustrates how to make one's resume and cover letter versatile and "all purpose," so that one can explore opportunities in various industries. Each resume and its companion cover letter shown is a "picture" of a successful job hunt, and the theory behind the book is that "a picture is worth a thousand words."...
The Job Zone

1396.00 руб.*

Joe Kane Carroll

The Job Zone

A book for job hunters and business professionals. It can energize your career and company and bring it to new levels as we speed towards the coming millennium. You will discover unique, practical ways to find a great company, write a terrific resume, land the interview and clinch the job offer. Discover how to transform your company into a God-centered organization. Learn how to climb out of a failure chain and achieve success through the time-tested principles revealed by Jesus. Read about the author's growing up in Pomonok, a city-housing project in Queens, New York and the road that led him to success. Learn how Martin Sheen, the actor, inspired the author to take the narrow road in life. The book is not "religious" or a scholarly interpretation of the Bible. It is a down-to-earth, light-hearted, often humorous story of living in the projects to achieving success through raw determination and a deep sense of spirituality.
Knock 'Em Dead Business Presentations (Knock 'Em Dead)

1242.00 руб.*

Martin John Yate, Peter J. Sander

Knock 'Em Dead Business Presentations (Knock 'Em Dead)

Take Your Career to the Next Level with the New York Times bestselling Knock ?em Dead series! For more than a decade, Knock ?em Dead has been the first, middle, and last word for job seekers on navigating a competitive, and often cutthroat,job market. Praised by BusinessWeek for its comprehensive content and "fast-paced, upbeat" style, the Knock ?em Dead series has helped over 3 million readers ace the interview and seal the deal. However, Knock ?em Dead knows it?s not just about getting the job?it?s about managing a career. The ability to present authoritatively is critical?and often required?to succeed in the career arena. In today?s business environment, a "presentation" is not limited to a speech at the annual meeting?trade shows, product launches, media inquiries, phone calls, interviews, and even performance appraisals are all considered business presentations. Knock ?em Dead Business Presentations...
Cover Letters (National Business Employment Weekly Career Guides)

2061.00 руб.*

Taunee S. Besson

Cover Letters (National Business Employment Weekly Career Guides)

Expert guidance on creating powerful, persuasive cover letters! The majority of hiring managers will tell you that a well-crafted, polished cover letter is still the key to making a good first impression and winning an interview. This invaluable resource, fully revised and updated, offers sound advice on writing a memorable letter that stands out from the crowd. Written by an award-winning columnist for the National Business Employment Weekly, today?s leading career resource, this guide is packed with the practical tips and techniques you need to develop an effective letter that will grab a potential employer?s attention. Helpful examples from real job seekers will show you what letters work and why for specific audiences?from employers torecruiters. This new edition also features largely expanded information on conducting a job search via the Internet. This essential reference will show you how to: Compose the basic elements of a successful letter Write...
How to Impress for Success at Job Interviews

2129.00 руб.*

Vaughan Vandenberg

How to Impress for Success at Job Interviews

Real-Resumes for Restaurant, Food Service & Hotel Jobs: Including Real Resumes Used to Change Careers and Transfer Skills to Other Industries (Real-Resumes Series)

643.00 руб.*

Anne McKinney

Real-Resumes for Restaurant, Food Service & Hotel Jobs: Including Real Resumes Used to Change Careers and Transfer Skills to Other Industries (Real-Resumes Series)

Here is a book showing real experience of real people. Experience shown on the resumes includes Bartender, Waiter, Brewer, Chef, Dining Facility Supervisor, Hotel Manager, Multi-Unit Director of Operations, Shift Leader, Training Manager, Kitchen Manager, Convention Manager, Catering and Banquet Manager, Fast Food Server, Front of the House Manager, and many other jobs. This book will provide career-enriching advice to those who wish to land a job or advance in the food and hospitality industry.

Books in English / Карьера и MBA / Поиск работы



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