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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Маркетинг и продажи

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Passion Branding : Harnessing the Power of Emotion to Build Strong Brands

4524.00 руб.*

Neill Duffy

Passion Branding : Harnessing the Power of Emotion to Build Strong Brands

Book DescriptionIn a world of switched-off and disenchanted consumers, the time is right for a new approach to communicating with customers. Passion Branding is that approach. Centred on a passionate relationship between brand and consumer and the leverage of that passion in order to create value for all involved in the relationship, Passion Branding can be a great way to drive brand awareness at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, particularly for brands that don't enjoy high emotional affinity with customers. Drawing on major case studies from around the world (including Shell and Ferrari, Hyundai and the FIFA World Cup, and Guinness and the Rugby World Cup) as well as interviews with top practitioners, Neill Duffy introduces Passion Branding, shows why it is about much more than simple sponsorship, and details the many areas in which this versatile business tool can play a role. Download DescriptionIn a world of switched-off and disenchanted consumers, the time is...
Managing High-Tech Services Using a CRM Strategy

7160.00 руб.*

Donald F. Blumberg, Donald Blumberg

Managing High-Tech Services Using a CRM Strategy

As the service industry continues to grow more competitive and sophisticated, the need to develop a customer focused business strategy also continues to become more imperative. Managing High Tech Services Using a CRM Strategy explores how to manage and direct service organizations utilizing a high tech strategy supported by the Customer Service Management (CRM) infrastructure that will gain and retain your service organization's competitive edge. Donald Blumberg, an internationally recognized authority on service business strategy and the worldwide services market, with over 34 years of experience in consulting globally to a broad array of small, medium, and large corporations, provides a fresh and incisive look at how to successfully manage the service business. Mr. Blumberg shows you how to rethink the basic service business model and the key operational dynamics in order to optimize your service business, both strategically and tactically, generating significantly increased top...
CIM Coursebooks 2002-2003 Diploma Case Study Book: Analysis and Decision

2593.00 руб.*

Ashok Ranchhod

CIM Coursebooks 2002-2003 Diploma Case Study Book: Analysis and Decision

Butterworth-Heinemann's 2002-2003 CIM Coursebook series offers you the complete package for exam success. Comprising the fully updated coursebook texts and free online access to the MarketingOnline learning interface, it offers everything you need to keep you on course! THE COURSEBOOK: * Written by the CIM Senior Examiner for the Integrated Marketing Communications module * CIM approved content for this year's course * Approved by the CIM Chief Examiner * Updated material and cases to keep you up to speed with the latest developments Carefully structured to link information directly to the CIM syllabus, each coursebook text is crammed with a range of cases, questions, activities, definitions and study tips to support and test your understanding of the theory. Each coursebook includes access to MARKETINGONLINE, where you can: * Annotate, customise and create personally tailored notes using the electronic version of the coursebook ...
Sports Publicity: A Practical Approach

3358.00 руб.*

Joseph Favorito

Sports Publicity: A Practical Approach

Sports Publicity offers unique, practical insight to the oft-overlooked but vastly important aspect of effective public relations within a sport organization. Written by Joe Favorito, former Vice President of PR for the New York Knicks, this book offers a diverse look at the various genres of sport PR, and delves into the history of the field, as well as providing perspective on where it is going with the burgeoning popularity of various new media. Features chapters that emphasize and instruct regarding the importance of good writing and speaking, and also looks at how to effectively deal with international media- the expectations of non-American press with American athletes, how non-American athletes deal with American media, respecting traditions and avoiding stereotypes, and other important lessons.
Salesmanship and Business Efficiency

2606.00 руб.*

James Samuel Knox

Salesmanship and Business Efficiency

Book Description1926. This work teaches the study of salesmanship and business efficiency. It discusses the fundamentals of salesmanship and how the potential salesman must master the principles and learn to think from cause and effect. It teaches how toapply principles and that salesmanship is not a veneer or outside polish. Basically, there are four factors in salesmanship: the salesman, the customer, the goods, the mental process. Knox illustrates how the salesman must develop, know the goods he is selling, how to analyze customers and how to apprehend the mental process involved.
Top Telemarketing Techniques

1404.00 руб.*

Ellen Bendremer

Top Telemarketing Techniques

Top Telemarketing Techniques is an information-packed resource for all sales professionals. It offers expert insight and proven strategies for using the telephone as a powerful and effective sales tool. This book offers valuable information needed to develop, improve upon, and fully utilize your telephone sales skills, allowing you to close more sales over the telephone. Telemarketing is a highly cost-effective and timesaving alternative to most other forms of sales and marketing for any organization. Top Telemarketing Techniques offers solutions for utilizing the telephone to close more sales and generate higher revenues. If you're a salesperson, manager, entrepreneur, or business leader, this is the one sales training book you need to begin maximizingyour use of the telephone in order to vastly improve sales and customer relations.
Sales, Marketing, Business and Finance (Great Careers With a High School Diploma)

2571.00 руб.*

Paul Stinson

Sales, Marketing, Business and Finance (Great Careers With a High School Diploma)

Por Que Deseamos Lo Que Deseamos?

2023.00 руб.*

Melinda Davis

Por Que Deseamos Lo Que Deseamos?

Book Description?Por que deseamos lo que deseamos? es fruto de un experimento curioso e interesante, el Proyecto Deseo Humano, un estudio de seis anos realizado por el gabinete think-tank de la autora. El objetivo de tan inusitada iniciativa fue bien sencillo: descubrir las motivaciones del siglo XXI o, dicho en otras palabras, analizar el estado actual de las necesidades y deseos humanos para ayudar a las empresas a conectar mejor con sus clientes y a los individuos a ser mas felices. Durante esta investigacion el grupo realizo descubrimientos sorprendentes que mostraban una transformacion radical en los deseos de los ciudadanos: las preocupaciones principales de los habitantes del siglo XXI ya no tienen que ver unicamente con las necesidades fisicas; nuestra vida esta dirigida en estos momentos por deseos metafisicos y no buscamos solamente la satisfaccion de las necesidades materiales sino una especie de...
Making Contact : The Therapist's Guide to Conducting a Successful First Interview

2921.00 руб.*

Leah M. DeSole

Making Contact : The Therapist's Guide to Conducting a Successful First Interview

Guerrilla Marketing Research: Marketing Research Techniques That Can Help Any Business Make More Money

2023.00 руб.*

Robert J Kaden

Guerrilla Marketing Research: Marketing Research Techniques That Can Help Any Business Make More Money

Thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses suffer from not understanding their customers. They don't what they are doing right that causes customers to come to them. And, importantly, they don't know why customers choose to shop a competitor instead. Essentially, they lack a clear understanding of the needs of their customers and prospects which, if exploited, would assuredly grow their business. Often ego or downright stubbornness prevents entrepreneurs or small-business executives from using market research. They think they know the needs of their customers better than the customers themselves. Frequently, they feel that marketing research is too expensive, complex or just won't provide new answers. Guerrilla Marketing Research extends the well-known Guerrilla Marketing franchise to explain how to use marketing research as a tool for more effectively developing marketing, sales promotion or new product. It illustrates how big companies use market research to make money and how...

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Маркетинг и продажи



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