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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Маркетинг и продажи

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How Much Can I Make? (How Much Can I Make?)

2613.00 руб.*

Robert Bond

How Much Can I Make? (How Much Can I Make?)

Book DescriptionThe single most important task for a prospective franchisee - or small-business person - is to prepare a realistic cash flow statement that accurately reflects the economic potential of a franchise. How Much Can I Make? is an insider's guide that provides historical sales, expense, and/or profit data on actual franchise operations to establish a solid basis for making these critical financial projections. The book contains more than 130 earnings claim statements, prepared by the franchisors themselves, for 45 major industry categories, and provides a detailed profile of each franchisor (including McDonald's and Burger King), its logo, and detailed worksheets.
Mission–Based Marketing

2338.00 руб.*

Peter C. Brinckerhoff

Mission–Based Marketing

Acquire the tools you need to become a market–driven organization With the increase in competition for government and private funding, volunteers, and ways of getting their message out to the people they serve, not–for–profits must adopt specific marketing strategies to achieve their goals. This practical, easy–to–use workbook provides key tools to help not–for–profits ensure that their organization pursues its mission, meets the changing needs of the community, and successfully competes for funding, clients, referral sources, staff, and board members. Both a companion to Peter Brinckerhoff’s Mission–Based Marketing, Second Edition as well as an independent resource, the workbook equips not–for–profit managers and other employees with the means to run their organizations and communicate with a broad range of professionals more efficiently and effectively. The book offers targeted checklists, worksheets, and self–assessment guides, and also includes a customizable CD–ROM that...
Heavy Hitter Selling: How Successful Salespeople Use Language and Intuition to Persuade Customers to Buy

1061.00 руб.*

Steve W. Martin

Heavy Hitter Selling: How Successful Salespeople Use Language and Intuition to Persuade Customers to Buy

What separates ordinary salespeople from Heavy Hitters? The best salespeople are those "Heavy Hitters" who are able to use human nature, language, and intuition to build trusting relationships with customers and persuade them to buy. Based on his proven and effective sales program, author Steve Martin's Heavy Hitter Selling explains how you too can achieve and maintain that high level of sales success. Using real-world case studies, examples, and exercises, Martin provides the psychological, physical, and language-based tactics you need to turn yourself into a Heavy Hitter. Inside, you'll find proven guidance and expert tips on: Understanding how people think and communicate Finding the right words at the right time Predicting a customer's behavior and influencing his thoughts Building customer rapport and understanding their motivations Persuading both the customer's rational mind and his emotional subconscious side ...
21st Century Selling: An Anthology of Advice from Top Sales Pros

1585.00 руб.*

Joe Cullinane

21st Century Selling: An Anthology of Advice from Top Sales Pros

Ask any ten sales pros what they think 21st Century Selling means. Chances are, you'll get ten very different answers. We asked more than a dozen sales leaders to share with you their thoughts on 21st Century Selling. Their answers and advice comprise this book. Although they don't agree on everything (and what a surprise it would be if they did), fortunately, you'll find a good deal of consistency in the contributors' perspectives. Much of that consistency is rooted in the importance of understanding and satisfying the buyer. You'll find that 21st Century Selling has many facets. We've tried to address as many of them as we can in chapters of this book: * It's a Buyer's Market! by Lewis A. Mitchell * Participative Planning: The Competitive Edge, by Russ and Leslie Knopp * To Partner or Not to Partner? by Liz Davidson * 21st Century Sales Odyssey, by Pete Droubay * Living in Your Niche, by Ernest F. Oriente * How Prospects Steal Your Brainpower,...
Dalrymple: Marketing Management – Text & Cases 2ed (cloth)

2634.00 руб.*


Dalrymple: Marketing Management – Text & Cases 2ed (cloth)

Dalrymple: Marketing Management – Text & Cases 2ed (cloth)
Managing Key Clients

3068.00 руб.*

Kevin Walker, Pauliff Denvir, Cliff Ferguson

Managing Key Clients

Critical Marketing

4006.00 руб.*

Mark Tadajewski

Critical Marketing

This intellectual bulldozer of a book attacks the all too prevalent mindset that views marketing as essentially a managerial function best studied from a logical positivist perspective. In its place the editors champion a far broader view of marketing’s c
Literary Publicity: The Final Chapter

1595.00 руб.*

Joseph, Jr. Marich

Literary Publicity: The Final Chapter

How do you go about promoting your book successfully after all the time and effort spent writing it? Literary Publicity: The Final Chapter offers solutions for new and established writers seeking to create and execute a publicity plan to obtain the desired media coverage. It explains the differences between media roles, and teaches readers how to view their product in the same manner as the media, then plan the most effective publicity plan accordingly. Tips on how to write for presentation, and how to create the necessary collateral material for all types of media outlets, are enjoyably presented. The book describes the publishing venues available to writers today, and how can get most from local, regional, and national media attention!
Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online

2067.00 руб.*

Yvonne Divita

Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online

Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments, 10th Edition

8636.00 руб.*

Roger Kerin, Robert Peterson

Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments, 10th Edition

This best-selling book is dedicated to the development of decision-making skills in marketing. It introduces concepts and tools useful in structuring and solving marketing problems, while extensive case studies provide an opportunity for those concepts and tools to be employed in practice. Consisting of 10 chapters and 43 cases that feature contemporary marketing perspectives and practices, this book covers the topics of marketing management: its foundations; financial aspects; decision-making and caseanalysis; opportunity analysis, market segmentation, and market targeting; product and service strategy and brand management; integrated marketing communication strategy and management; pricing strategy and management; the control process; and comprehensive marketing programs. For marketing executives and professionals.

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Маркетинг и продажи



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