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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Intro to Math Finance Cases

6764.00 руб.*

Arthur D. Tennick

Intro to Math Finance Cases

There is a concise but thorough treatment of the basic compound interest functions, nominal rate of interest, and the yield (or internal rate of return) and there are many examples on discounted cash flow. Also discussed are applications of the theory tocapital redemption policies (with allowance for income tax, capital gains tax and index-linking), and consumer credit calculations. The final chapter provides a simple introduction to stochastic interest rate models.
Enron : The Rise and Fall

872.00 руб.*

Loren Fox

Enron : The Rise and Fall

Praise for Enrom The Rise and Fall "A sober and clear-eyed book . . . Fox places the unspooling of Enron in its market-history context, and his book has gravitas." ?Barron?s "Offers the most detailed explanation of Enron as a business." ?The New York Times "A solid, intelligent, and fair account of the hubris that made Enron famous and important, then crazy and crooked." ?Martin Mayer, author of The Fed and The Bankers "[Fox?s] candid, in-depth examination of Enron?s remarkable evolution, corporate culture, and ultimate downfall is in itself remarkable for being both scrupulously detailed while remaining a clear and enjoyable read." ?ERisk.com The word "Enron" has officially entered the American vocabulary?not as the symbol of excellence and innovation that Chairman Kenneth Lay envisioned but as the corporate embodiment of greed, excess, and unprecedented fraud. Never in history...
Peregrinations: A Man's Journey

2279.00 руб.*

Eric?Liston Grant, Eric Grant

Peregrinations: A Man's Journey

All author proceeds will go to the Geneva League Against Cancer Born in Portland, Oregon, during the Depression era, Cedric vows to leave and never return. But it takes a two-year trip around the world, and a plane crash that almost costs him his life, for him to fulfill his goal. A chance encounter throws him into a career with First National City BankA?a career that takes him to Liberia under President Tubman and to Saudi Arabia just before the oil crisis of 1973. Finally established as a private banker to wealthy Arab clients, he experiences the golden age of international banking as Walter Wriston transforms Citibank into the largest financial institution in the world. But internal strife and a profit-oriented mentality cost him his jobA?only to allow him to return and play a crucial role in saving Citibank from bankruptcy.
Technical analysis and the active trader (Mcgraw-Hill TraderA’s Edge Series)

4860.00 руб.*

Gary Norden

Technical analysis and the active trader (Mcgraw-Hill TraderA’s Edge Series)

Harness the power of technical analysis for trading success Technical analysis is a powerful trading tool, but for maximum success and profit it must be skillfully integrated with other key trading tools. Technical Analysis and the Active Trader explains how to seamlessly combine technical analysis with other elements to help you understand the context of price moves, eliminate representative bias, and more.
Stock Journal

801.00 руб.*

Jonathan Carter

Stock Journal

This is a stock writing journal where you can write and store all of your stock "finds" and information. It contains the following: General stock of interest pages, specific stock analysis pages, personal portfolio pages, and daily tracking pages. Thisjournal also includes basic definitions, online broker information, helpful research websites, address/correspondence pages, and convenient pockets for miscellaneous articles.
Doing the Business: Boost Your Companies Fortunes (Virgin Business Guides)

1099.00 руб.*

David Hall

Doing the Business: Boost Your Companies Fortunes (Virgin Business Guides)

How can you boost profits, services and efficiency in your business by using lessons from other entrepreneurs? Doing the Business is a workbook that entrepreneurs can dip into and use with their teams - giving them the confidence to grow, revitalise,reinvent and lead their businesses. Practical toolkits, tips and checklists, on problems such as system slippage, help you along the way and provide a systematic process supported by case examples for each issue, which inspire people to use the toolkits themselves. David Hall has taken his programme around the globe, and his book is based on the tacit wisdom of entrepreneurs the world over, particularly in the UK, Australia and the USA. A book for businesspeople by businesspeople, Doing the Busisnessis a first in supporting entrepreneurs in a very practical, proven manner.
Success: It?s a Beautiful Thing

2153.00 руб.*

Tony Conza

Success: It?s a Beautiful Thing

LESSONS ON LIFE AND BUSINESS FROM THE FOUNDER OF Blimpie (r) INTERNATIONAL "You?ll never achieve your greatest successes because you want to make more money. You?ll do it out of a love, a desire, and a passion for reaching a dream." –Tony Conza What is success? Tony Conza will tell you that it has nothing to do with running an international chain of sandwich stores. It has to do with setting goals and achieving them. Long before he became Blimpie International?s CEO, Conza was toiling away on Wall Street and dreaming of starting a business. With no money, no connections, and no mentors, Conza set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur. He worked hard. Took risks. He pursued opportunity with a passion. And no matter how grim the situation, Conza never, ever gave up. Conza says the Blimpie slogan–"It?s a Beautiful Thing"–appeals to the heart as well as to the mind. That?s what success must do. You must put your heart into your dream and be willing to do...
Stock-Market Psychology: How People Value and Trade Stocks

3822.00 руб.*

Karl-Erik Warneryd

Stock-Market Psychology: How People Value and Trade Stocks

The book focuses on the way in which investors process information and form expectations about future gains. It argues that humans fall short of the perfect information processing required by theory, and that their expectations are based on more than just future company earnings. Karl-Erik Warneryd discusses the psychology of investing, providing detailed coverage of how financial expectations are formed, how complex decisions are made and how emotions and influence from others affect the financial decisions of individuals. Empirical studies featured in the book suggest that many, if not most, stockholders have long-term goals, believe in certain stocks, and make few transactions - behavior which, argues the author, may have a stabilizing influence upon stock prices. As a unique overview of how investors process information and build up expectations of future gains on stocks, this fascinating book will be welcomed by students of, and researchers in, economic psychology...
The Money Coach's Guide to Your First Million

1715.00 руб.*

Lynnette Khalfani

The Money Coach's Guide to Your First Million

Run your financial life like a champion The author of the New York Times bestseller Zero Debt shows how you can become financially fit in as little as 30 days and begin to generate wealth Known across the nationas The Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani's experience as a former Wall Street Journal reporter for CNBC gives her first-hand knowledge of the best ways to manage money. But she also knows how to fight back from the brink of bankruptcy-at her lowest pont, Khalfani had $100,000 in credit card debt before she created a program to pay it off-and now she is a millionaire herself. Her phenomenal approach to debt elimination has helped tens of thousands to build financial fitness, often seeing real results i just 30 days. Getting to Your 1st Million unfolds her unique, seven step plan with strategies to help you manage money, pay off debt, build a great credit rating, and work towards growing and preserving wealth. Lynette also delivers methods to ind top-return...
The Conservative Investor's Guide to Trading Options (A Marketplace Book)

3560.00 руб.*

LeRoy Gross, Marketplace Books

The Conservative Investor's Guide to Trading Options (A Marketplace Book)

"Despite all the problems and oft-quoted risks in executing option transactions, I believe that there are enough benefits available to make option strategy a helpful tool for most investors."—from the Preface Originally published almost a decade ago, LeRoy Gross's authoritative, yet highly accessible book has been the only resource available for conservative investors looking to further their investment goals with options. Now, with a new Introduction by the bestselling author Larry McMillan,The Conservative Investor's Guide to Trading Options has been updated to help market practitioners of the present garner the same rewards reaped by investors of the past. Using the clear, balanced approach he used with his clients during a long career in the securities industry, Gross explores the various options strategies most frequently employed with individual stocks, examines the risk factors associated with each, and offers a unique perspective on how to use options as a...

Books in English / Бизнес и экономика / Финансы



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