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В этом разделе вы можете найти различные книги: художественную литературу и беллетристику на иностранных языках, пособия и методички, учебную и справочную литературу по изучающему языку. К вашему вниманию художественная литература на немецком и английском языке. Словари и энциклопедии. А понравившиеся издания вы можете заказать с доставкой.

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Opening Productive Partnerships: Concerted Efforts for Europe (Advances in Design and Manufacturing, 6)

10567.00 руб.*

K.R. Von Barisani, P.A. Macconaill, K. Tierney, K.R. Von Barisani, K. R. Von Barisani, P. Macconaill, Austria) Conference on Integration in Manufacturing 1995 Vienna

Opening Productive Partnerships: Concerted Efforts for Europe (Advances in Design and Manufacturing, 6)

Opening Productive Partnerships, captures the dimensions for productive partnerships between European industrialists and researchers, between information technology specialists and manufacturers. The book reports on the exchange of experiences, discussions and exploitations of results, and exploration of opportunities for collaboration.It also discusses the impact of RTD results on productivity, competitiveness and employment in European industry. It provides an overview of the current interplay of technological innovation, technology transfer and organisational and social issues.Topics are: The new Information Society, the interaction with manufacturing industry, Europe's common policies: Monetary, Economic, Social, Industrial and Research and Technological Development, Influence on and opportunities for the manufacturing and information industries, The global industrial society, and Cooperation opportunities.
Pro SQL Server 2008 Relational Database Design and Implementation (Pro)

6813.00 руб.*

Louis Davidson, Kevin Kline, Scott Klein, Kurt Windisch

Pro SQL Server 2008 Relational Database Design and Implementation (Pro)

Learn effective and scalable database design techniques in a SQL Server environment. Pro SQL Server 2008 Relational Database Design and Implementation covers everything from design logic that business users will understand all the way to the physical implementation of the design in a SQL Server database. Grounded in best practices and a solid understanding of the underlying theory, authors Louis Davidson, Kevin Kline, Scott Klein, and Kurt Windisch show how to “get it right” in SQL Server database design and lay a solid groundwork for the future use of valuable business data. Solid foundation in best practices and relational theory Maximize SQL Server features to enhance security, performance, scalability Thorough treatment from conceptual design to an effective, physical implementation What you’ll learn Develop conceptual models of client data using interviews and client documentation. Normalize data models to enhance scalability and the long term use of valuable data....
Functional Programming and Input/Output (Distinguished Dissertations in Computer Science)

7547.00 руб.*

Andrew D. Gordon

Functional Programming and Input/Output (Distinguished Dissertations in Computer Science)

A common attraction to functional programming is the ease with which proofs can be given of program properties. A common disappointment with functional programming is the difficulty of expressing input/output (I/O) while at the same time being able to verify programs. Here, the author shows how a theory of functional programming can be smoothly extended to admit both an operational semantics for functional I/O and verification of programs engaged in I/O. He obtains, for the first time, operational semantics for the three most widely implemented I/O mechanisms for lazy languages, and proves that the three are equivalent in expressive power. He also develops semantics for a form of monadic I/O and verifies a simple programming example. These theories of functional I/O are based on an entirely operational theory of functional programming, developed using Abramsky's "applicative bisimulation." Graduate students and researchers will gain much from reading this book.
History of Semiconductor Engineering

14730.00 руб.*

Bo Lojek

History of Semiconductor Engineering

When basic researchers started working on semiconductors during the late nineteen thirties and on integrated circuits at the end of the nineteen fifties, they did not know that their work would change the lives of future generations. Very few people at that time recognized the significance of, perhaps, the most important invention of the century. Historians have assigned the invention of integrated circuits to Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce. In this book, the author argues that the group of inventors was much larger. This richly illustrated account is a personal recollection of the development of integrated circuits and personalities – such as Russell Ohl, Karl Lark-Horovitz, William Shockley, Carl Frosch, Lincoln Derick, Calvin Fuller, Kurt Lehovec. Jean Hoerni, Sheldon Roberts, Jay Last, Isy Haas, Bob Norman, Dave Allison, Jim Nall, Tom Longo, Bob Widlar, Dave Talbert, Frank Wanlass, and Federico Faggin. Here is the first comprehensive behind-the-scenes account of the history...
Writing for the Web

2225.00 руб.*

Crawford Kilian

Writing for the Web

Hundreds of books have appeared on how to design new web pages and jazz up existing websites with graphics, animation and sounds. But creating an effective website has much more to do with engaging text that people will want to read. This is what draws people to websites and ultimately keeps them coming back. This fourth edition of Writing for the Web includes chapters on blogs and other personal sites, portfolio sites and corporate webwriting. It also includes a CD-ROM with reference sites for webwriters and writing/editing exercises. This new edition is the complete solution for anyone wishing to write persuasive and interesting web content that will draw readers to a website and engage them enough that they will add the site to their bookmarks file. Writing for the Web will not teach you how to code in HTML or Java. Instead, it offers sound principles that web writers need to know, as well as exercises to strengthen writing skills and eliminate poor writing habits.
Digital Aesthetics (Theory, Culture and Society Series)

20613.00 руб.*

Sean Cubitt

Digital Aesthetics (Theory, Culture and Society Series)

The aesthetic nature and purposes of computer culture in the contemporary world are investigated in this book. Sean Cubitt casts a cool eye on the claims of cybertopians, tracing the globalization of the new medium and enquiring into its effects on subjectivity and sociality. Drawing on historical scholarship, philosophical aesthetics and the literature of cyberculture, the author argues for a genuine democracy beyond the limitations of the free market and the global corporation. Digital arts are identified as having a vital part to play in this process. Written in a balanced and penetrating style, the book both conveniently summarizes a huge literature and sets a new agenda for research and theory.
Software Engineering Handbook

5393.00 руб.*

Jessica Keyes

Software Engineering Handbook

Unfortunately, much of what has been written about software engineering comes from an academic perspective which does not always address the everyday concerns that software developers and managers face. With decreasing software budgets and increasing demands from users and senior management, technology directors need a complete guide to the subject of software engineering. The successor to the bestselling Software Engineering Productivity Handbook, this book fulfills that need.Written by an expert with over 25 years of practical experience in building systems, The Software Engineering Handbook covers the full spectrum of software engineering methodologies, techniques, and tools and provides details on how to reach the goals of quality management in a software-engineering environment. It includes a wide variety of information, from the guidelines for the Malcom Baldridge Quality Award to the IEEE measures for reliable software. 65 field-tested how-to chapters provide techniques,...
Microsoft Rising: ...and other tales of Silicon Valley

1587.00 руб.*

Ted G. Lewis

Microsoft Rising: ...and other tales of Silicon Valley

Ted Lewis delivers a first-hand account of the changing computer industry, a story of Microsoft and the Silicon Valley. Lewis maps the history of computing from 1990 to 2000, a tale of greed and emotion in the fastest growing, mainline industry of the world. In this compilation of columns from Computer, IEEE Internet Computing, and Scientific American, Lewis tries to predict and explain the chaos of Silicon Valley. This book reports the author's personal history through the early 1990's to the end of the decade. These stories often try to predict or explain the chaos of Silicon Valley. Lewis analyzes the high-technology industry and its constant change amid turmoil and upheaval. He also examines the art of software development and deals with innovation and the emergence of a techno-society. The book does not promise any answers, but rather concludes this short journey into the recent past with a number of provoking ideas about the future of hi-tech.
Human Factors in Information Systems

6507.00 руб.*

Edward J., Ph.D. Szewczak, Coral R., Ph.D. Snodgrass

Human Factors in Information Systems

Discussing the most recent research and development in the discipline, this book explores the complex and interdependent roles humans and computers play in information systems. It dispels the notion that information systems are based solely on automation; it additionally encourages those technologically shy to understand their integral roles in this system. This guide is also useful for businesses and organizations implementing information systems into their policies, procedures, and daily tasks.
How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS4: The Art of Design and Animation (+ CD-ROM)

942.00 руб.*

Chris Georgenes

How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS4: The Art of Design and Animation (+ CD-ROM)

Need to solve problems quickly to develop creative projects to time and to budget? Want to hone your Flash skills so you can concentrate on your animation? Then "How to Cheat in Flash" is for you! Chris Georgenes shows how to work from the problem to the solution - from the viewpoint of an animator who has been commissioned to create a job and is working to a deadline. With his in-depth knowledge of the little-known secrets used by the pros to produce creative, professional animations, Chris is the go-to guru for designers and animators who want to create great animation, applications or motion design with Flash. This accessible, practical book and CD package is such a goldmine of artistic inspiration, timesaving practical tips, tricks and step-by-step walkthroughs that you'll wonder how you survived without it. Bestselling How to Cheat coverage of Flash CS4 - a proven format for successful learning; Learn a myriad of tips and tricks based on real-life working...

Books in English / Компьютеры и ИТ



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