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Stress and Students

Ranez.Ru > Помощь в учебе абитуриентам и студентам > Студенту > Английский язык > Topics advanced (ПУПР) >

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Having been through the Victorian Certificate of Education myself, I know the pressures placed on students completing either their VCE or HSC.

It wasn't something I looked forward to, and in year 10 I had no idea how much importance would be place on it.

In retrospect, I think it was not exponentially more difficult than year 10, but the importance placed on exams, essays and so forth made things a bit scarier and, in turn, stress levels were elevated.

At the same time, it would be folly to jump to the conclusion that years 11 and 12 will be one of the most stressful times of your life. Granted, there will be pressure, and the simple fact of competing with the rest of the state/nation for top scores will have an effect, but it's far from doom and gloom.

Firstly, let's define stress and what it does to you:

Ranez.Ru: Stress and Students

Don't get bogged down with stress - prioritise and survive

In a roundabout way, stress happens to those who study when they are tasked (whether by oneself or something/someone else) with something or have burdens that appear to be greater than your available time and resources.

It's Wednesday after school, for instance, and you have a 1600 word essay due on Friday morning that you haven't even glanced at, and in your last class today you have been charged with another assignment in biology, also due on the Friday, and one that requres plenty of research and footnotes.

This or many other scenarios like this will often lead to increased stress levels, and while everyone has individual coping mechanisms (mine was to cry a lot) the best way to deal with increased pressure and seemingly impossible demands is to prioritise.

Find out what is most important to you, and concentrate on that, and also figure out what things can wait - your brain needs its downtime too. Having access to a number of resources is good way of reducing stress as well, because if you can't put your point across properly or have nothing to back up your claims, you'll potentially become frustrated, which can again lead to stress.

Experts on stress and psychologists also espouse the virtues of eating correctly to keep your brain "in the zone", if you like. You're brain eats up a lot of sugar or glucose and keeping sugar levels up is something to be aware of, but in general as long as your protein and fluid (i.e. water) levels are kept constant, you'll be able to fight off fatigue and stress more effectively.

Other factors that can reduce stress, apart from planning and prioritising your workload, include getting a good nights sleep and thinking positively. It's of no use thinking you're going to fail, or that you will not get into a class or Uni course. Positive thinking, though sometimes easier said than done, can be a brilliant way to avoid stress.

Student Stress Survival Pack
Student Stress: Recovery Group 



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