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How to Get a Pay Rise

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Now it is a fair bet 99% of Australian workers do not think they are being paid what they are worth. Everyone deserves more money, better conditions and is working far too hard.

But the path to getting a fatter pay packet (the average Australian one is just under $800 a week) is not an easy one and depends upon the size of your company, the ability of the employer to pay or - a strong union to force more out of them.

More importantly it requires hard work, common sense and an unbiased look at your real worth.

What do you actually do within the company? Are you dependable, productive, helpful and do you complete the tasks set for you on time?

While many would say yes to the above, one question that needs to be asked is have you ever been criticised for anything at work.

Being late, having to be reminded about doing small jobs that you may consider beneath you, poor work, bad habits, or rudeness.

If so then maybe you are not as well looked upon as you think you should be.

And length of time at a company does not automatically entitle you to bid for extra money. It is unrealistic to think that a raise is warranted just by you doing the job - that is, after all, what the current pay level covers.

One of the key things to remember when applying for a pay rise is that it is very much like a job interview. You will be assessed on performance, presentation and how you ask for more money.

You must present a case to your boss stating why you think you should earn more.

Have you taken on more duties, or a more responsible position, have you completed a training course, or are your sales figures better than everyone else's?

Know what you've done and sell it.

Now it should be said that bosses seem to have long memories for things that have annoyed them.

When you start at a firm the key thing is to work hard, show willingness and always present yourself to do more work. This stays in the mind of employers and you will be marked down as being keen - this is handy when asking for a raise. The same is true for early slackers who face much bigger hurdles when it comes to getting more money.

Being reasonable in your demands is important and more likely to be successful. If your boss says she can't afford a five per cent increase at the moment, but will give you three per cent now and another two per cent when things look up for your company - accept it. It shows you are a responsible company person and are willing to be flexible. Next time around this could well be remembered and you receive a better reward than you expect.

Mind you, some firms will not give workers extra money - or just cannot. It is then you need to make a decision on whether you stay there or not.

Journalists in Melbourne often have to move between the rival major publishers to gain extra grades or money. They also know that their starting grade may be the one they remain on for many years and so, after that time, they then switch back to their former employers (at a new higher grade).

It doesn't make for much loyalty, but that is a two-way street.

What to Do

  •  Have a good work record for dependability
  •  Show initiative
  •  Pick the right time to ask
  •  Be prepared
  •  Know the market value of your job
  •  Check against advertised jobs at a career board such as CareerOne
  •  Sell yourself

What Not to Do

  •  Overvalue your worth
  •  Be unreliable
  •  Threaten to quit


By James Anthony.



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