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Paris, capital de la France, est une de plus grandes et plus belle villes du monde. C’est le centre politique, administratif, culturel et scientifique du pays. C’est le siege du governement, des grand...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Французский язык


Participle II
Blokh: The PARTICIPLE II is the non-finite form of the verb, which combines the properties of the verb with those of the adjective, serving...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Теоретическая грамматика


Parts of Speech
Traditional classification of words (dating back to ancient times) – 8 parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections....
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Теоретическая грамматика


People Believe
Many religions exist on our planet. Among them there is Christianity, the Orthodox, Buddism, Islam, Judaism and others. But God is unique for every confession. The science...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Periodisation in the history of the English language, Old English written records
Periodisation The historical development of a language is a continuous uninterrupted process without sudden breaks or rapid transformations. The commonly accepted, traditional...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: История языка


Pets ( p.128-129 ): The Cat That Was In Jail
Read the text. The Cat That Was In Jail The police were called because of an abandoned car. The policeman came and saw the car...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Людмила Бали


The English people like animals very much. Pet: dogs, cats, horses, ducks, canaries, chickens and other friends of men have a much better life in Britain, than anywhere else. In Britain they have spec...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Phonology and spelling
Spelling. OE alphabet used two kinds of letters: the runes and the letters of the Latin alphabet. The bulk of the OE material is written in the Latin...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: History of English - Old English


R. M. Urojewa O. F. Kusnezowa PHONETIK UND GRAMMATIK DER DEUTSCHEN SPRACHE 3., VERBESSERTE AUFLAGE Допущено Министерством высшего и среднего специального образования...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Phonetik und Grammatik


Phonetic processes in Old English (the system of vowels)
Changes of stressed vowels in Early Old English The development of vowels in Early OE consisted of the modification of separate vowels, and also of the modification of entire sets...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: История языка


Phonetic processes in Old English (the system of consonants)
Treatment of fricatives. Hardening. Rhotacism. Voicing and Devoicing. After the changes under Grimm’s Law and Verner’s Law had PG had the following two sets of fricative consonants:...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: История языка


Phonetic processes in Middle English (the system of vowels)
Word Stress in ME and Early NE In OE stress usually fell on the first syllable of the word, rarely on its second syllable. Word stress in OE was fixed: it never moved in inflection...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: История языка


Phonetic processes in Middle English (system of consonants)
English consonants were on the whole far more stable than vowels. A large number of consonants have probably remained unchanged through all historical periods. Thus we can assume that the...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: История языка


Phrase. Classification of phrases
Classification of phrases according to their distribution:   ...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Теоретическая грамматика


Phrase. What is a phrase?
What is a phrase? e.g. red-haired, blue-eyed, long-legged - {red}+{hair}+{ed}, red hair +{ed}?, ٭haired Formal grammars...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Теоретическая грамматика


Phraseology. Types of phraseological units.
Phraseological unit / set expression / idiom – a complex word-equivalent in which the globality of nomination reigns supreme over the formal separability of elements....
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Лексикология


Planes of language. Polysemy, homonymy, synonymy.
For better understanding the nature of grammar it is important to discriminate the 2 planes of language: the plane of content and the plane of expression. The...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Теоретическая грамматика


Places of Interest of London
I'd like to start the tour of London with Trafalgar Square which is in the centre. There is a big monument called Nelson's column. Its pedestal is decorated with bas-reliefs of...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Poetic and Highly Literary Words
Poetic and Highly Literary Words. Poetic words form a rather insignificant layer of the special literary vocabulary. They are mostly archaic or very rarely used highly literary words which aim...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Стилистика


Politics, privacy, scandal and the media: Objectivity in Reporting
1.- Different papers have differing political outlooks, but none of the large newspapers is an organ of a political party. Many of them are often in favor or against of this or...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)

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