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Hard Work on Shift Work
If you are in a 9.00am to 5.00pm job and think life is tough for you or your glide-time colleagues then spare a thought for the more than one million Australian workers who have to do shift...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Тексты рождественских песен на английском языке. Рождественские песни. Текст песни "Hark the Herald Angels Sing".   Hark! the...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Рождественские песни. Christmas songs.


Heinrich Heine
In den Deutschstunden haben wir viel über D-d gelesen und gesprochen. Wir haben viele Sitten und Bräuche, Traditionen, bewies R.Koch, Dürer, Goethe, Schiller, H.Heine, Bertolt Brecht...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на немецком языке


Hemingway Ernest
I attended a two-day Hemingway conference at the JFK Library in Boston. One of the topics of discussion among the panelists was this question of Hemingway's timelessness both as writer...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Английский язык


Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Немецкий язык


Hierarchical structure of Language
Units of Language are divided into segmental and supra-segmental. Segmental units consist of phonemes, which forms (syllables,morphemes,words)...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Теоретическая грамматика


Higher Education in The U.K
There are more than 60 universities in the U.K. The leading universities are Cambridge, Oxford and London. English universities differ from each other in traditions, general organization,...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Historical background
Old English (449 - 1066 CE). Reliable evidence of that period is extremely scarce. The story of the invasion is told by Bede (673-735), a monastic scholar who wrote the first...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: History of English - Old English


Hobby (Travelling)
People on our planet can’t live without travel now. Tourism has become a highly developed business. There are express trains, cars and jet-air liners all of that provide you with comfort and security....
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Holidays, Travel and Tourism
For most people there is no problem in deciding how they are going to spend the money they earn - it all goes on housing, food, clothess, transport and, if they are lucky, leisure and some...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Holidays in Russia, Britain and the USA. Праздники.
Feasts and festivals serve to meet specific social and psychological needs of the people of the country. Holidays can be religious and secular, national and local, official and unofficial....
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Holidays in Russia and in English-speaking countries: MASLENITSA. THE 8th OF MARCH. MAY DAY.
MASLENITSA There are many holidays and traditions in Russia. One of them is Maslenitsa. This holiday lasts for a week. Russian people celebrate it at the end of February or at...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Holidays in Russia and in English-speaking countries: CHRISTMAS DAY. NEW YEAR'S DAY. APRIL FOOL'S DAY
CHRISTMAS DAY Every country has its own customs and traditions. English people are proud of their traditions and they keep them up. It is difficult to speak...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Homonymy & polysemy.
Polysemy Most of lex. items in English are polysemantic. Michael Breat: “Polysemy is a semantic universal”. “The alternative to it is quite...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Лексикология


Hounded by A Dog Attack
СRIME Hounded by A Dog Attack. The owners of a killer canine may face charges....
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


How to Cheat in Exams
Cheating in exams seems to be big business today and a quick tour of Internet sites will not only...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


How to Get a Pay Rise
Now it is a fair bet 99% of Australian workers do not think they are being paid what they are worth. Everyone deserves more money, better conditions and is working far too hard....
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


How To Prepare For A Behavioral Interview
Recall recent situations that show favorable behaviors or actions, especially involving coursework, work experience, leadership, teamwork, initiative, planning, and customer...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


Human rights. Права человека.
- What document guarantees international human rights? - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees international human rights. The United Nations General Assembly...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Hyperbole. Another SD which also has the function of intensifying one certain property of the object described is h y p e r b o I e. It can be defined as a deliberate overstatement or exaggeration...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Стилистика


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