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Composite Sentence
N1V1 + N2V2 (+N3V3 +…+NnVn) e.g. When we had said good-bye, and I made my way up the street, I was thinking that he didn’t find his personality...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Теоретическая грамматика


Componential analysis of meaning
Componential analysis of meaning – linguistic analysis of the semantic structure of a word (a monosemantic word or a lexico-semantic variant of a polysemantic unit)...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Лексикология


Complicated sentences
Iliysh: sentences with homogeneous parts Homogeneous parts are parts of the same category standing in the same relation to other parts...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Теоретическая грамматика


Complex Sentence
There is much more to be said about the complex sentences than about the compound. The semantic relations which can be expressed by subordination are much more numerous...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Теоретическая грамматика


Common phonetic characteristics of the Germanic languages
All the Germanic languages of the past and present have common linguistic features; some of these features are shared by other groups in the IE family, others are specifically Germanic. Word...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: История языка


Comfortable & convenient
Comfortable & convenient. Comfortable is formed from the noun “comfort", which means "physical well-being, a state free from pain or irritation". Thus a...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


Combination Format of Resume
Combination Format of Resume   John...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


Conjunctions are used to express a connection between words. The most familiar conjunctions are and, but, and or:  ...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Английский язык


Coping With Stress
Book stores are filled with books that tell us how to cope with stress. Each of these books offers its own perspective on stress along with various coping techniques. To make the most...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Тексты для чтения (english)


COUNTRIES AND CULTURE --------------------- VAST DIFFERENCES One of the biggest shocks one has...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Неформальное: Творчество и Юмор. Как заработать деньги.


Cover Letter Example for On-Grounds Interviewing
Cover Letter Example for On-Grounds Interviewing:   i 776 Monticello Avenue, Apt. 74...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


Culture of the youth. Молодежная культура.
- What is implied under culture? - Culture is known to have many meanings. One of them refers to the spiritual and material achievements of humanity. On the whole it is possible to distinguish...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Customs and Traditions
There are many customs and traditions in England. And I would like to tell you some of them. First tradition is called "Wrong side of the bed". When people are bad tempered we...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке

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