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Bank holidays and British Summer Time
Bank holidays are holidays when banks and many other businesses are closed for the day. Public holidays are holidays which have been observed through custom and practice. Find out about the bank and...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Разное


Barbarisms. In the vocabulary of the English language there is a considerable layer of words called barbarisms. These are words of foreign origin, which have not entirely been assimilated into...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Стилистика


Describe a situation in which you were able to use persuasion to successfully convince someone to change things your way.    Describe an instance when you had to think on your feet...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


Behavioral vs. Traditional Interviews
If you have training or experience with traditional interviewing techniques, you may find the behavioral interview quite different in several ways: Instead of asking how you...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


Belorußland / Weißrussland
Weißrussland liegt im Osten Europas. Ihr  Territorium beträgt 207000 Quadratkilometer. Sie grenzt an die Ukraine, an Russland, an Lettland und Litauen, an Polen. Die Bevölkerung...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на немецком языке


Bier und Appelkorn
Bier und Appelkorn scha-la-la-la-la, Bier und Appelkorn scha-la-la-la-la.  Bier und Appelkorn scha-la-la-la-la. Ein Schluck und der Appelkorn ist weg! Kommst...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Немецкий язык


Body image research alarming
A new study released in the well-respected American Journal of Health Behaviour documents new research that suggests poor body image contributes to a range dangerous health...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Topics advanced (ПУПР)


BOOKS  An English author once wrote: some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested. This quotation tells us how to read books of different...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Books and Reading
Books can fit almost every need, temper, or interest. Books can be read when you are in the mood; they don't have to be taken in periodic doses. Books are more personal and more impersonal...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Books... I think that we can't live without them.  I consider that books are with us during all our life. When I was a child my parents read them to me. I was pleased to listen to the...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


Business Trips
Never before in the history of the world have businessmen traveled so much as they do today. It is not surprising because we are living in a world of growing international trade and expanding...
Добавил(а): Ranez.Ru Раздел: Темы на английском языке


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